Heller's Revenge

Heller s Revenge Tilly Chalmers sexy boss Heller has a talent for making enemies Not a forgive and forget kind of man he has a few scores to settle including one with Tilly s brother Tilly is kept busy juggling tha

  • Title: Heller's Revenge
  • Author: J.D. Nixon
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 214
  • Format: ebook
  • Tilly Chalmers sexy boss, Heller, has a talent for making enemies Not a forgive and forget kind of man, he has a few scores to settle including one with Tilly s brother Tilly is kept busy juggling that constant worry with managing three new assignments as a rookie security officer crowd control at a lingerie parade, babysitting an immature, sex starved IT billionairTilly Chalmers sexy boss, Heller, has a talent for making enemies Not a forgive and forget kind of man, he has a few scores to settle including one with Tilly s brother Tilly is kept busy juggling that constant worry with managing three new assignments as a rookie security officer crowd control at a lingerie parade, babysitting an immature, sex starved IT billionaire, and an unusual and emotional job with a famous environmental activist But as usual, Tilly s assignments don t go quite to plan All this, as well as trying to keep her vow not to sleep with her beautiful and enigmatic boss, no matter how much of a temptation he proves.

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    1. More More More!!!! I want More!!!!!!Just finished this last night, and I just can't seem to get enough of these characters!!!! So many things going on in their lives, and the sexual tension is building to excruciating levels of PISS ME OFF!!!! (view spoiler)[I mean REALLY, if these guys don't get on it soon, I'm going to effing EXPLODE!!!!!!! (hide spoiler)] They seem to be doing everybody else but each other! Not that I'm complaining, but WTF!!???Honestly, I'm really loving the story line of on [...]

    2. And I thought Tilly got into trouble before, it was nothing compared to this one. I grew to love the characters even more and the security aspect was MUCH more interesting and well done than in book one. There's a more serious feel at times when things got really intense and emotional for Tilly in her personal life and on one of her jobs. I'm going straight onto the next because I'm kind of addicted to Tilly and Heller's completely bizarre and dysfunctional dynamic. *I listened to the audio vers [...]

    3. I have a low tolerance for the whole "Alpha Male" thing at least as it is depicted in fiction. I'm not that type of person but I know quite a few very hard men. The thing is a lot of these fictional alpha males aren't hard men, they're just assholes. And honestly, in this book Heller is kind of an asshole and bordering on a sociopath. I didn't enjoy this nearly as much as book one, but I'll read book three and see if I want to continue.

    4. 4.5 starsI was so hooked on this series that I went into hibernation for 5 straight days.Highly, highly recommended for those who like stories about challenging, unconventional or quirky types of relationships with a dose of imbalanced power dynamics. The female lead lends most of the quirky to this series, but the whole thing is wonderfully odd.I am officially this author's b-word.

    5. (view spoiler)[ I might have a tiny problem when it comes to infidelity but the book is absolutely addicting. (hide spoiler)]

    6. This series was recommended by a friend. I really liked the first book. So I bought book 2. Same as the first book. The only characters I like are Daniel and Niq. Tilly is an immature slut with boobs that no man can resist (apparently). She has a boyfriend, Will, but lusts after Heller and sleeps beside him and gives him a hand job. Then she sleeps with a client but continues to tell her boyfriend she loves him. Heller isn't much better. He obviously has feelings for Tilly but continues to keep [...]

    7. I'm so frustrated with this book right now,I don't know if I'm able to write a review.Let me start by saying that I loved the first book.It was very funny,with both happy moments and sad ones.cally everything a good book needs.Also,the second book started out great,I was laughing at the very first line.But thendisaster struck!And I mean it,because the rest of the book was just thata fucking disaster!Matilda almost dying basically every week,and if it's not her than someone else is surely dying.A [...]

    8. No time for reviews!!! I'm onto the next one in this series. YAY!KayI made time- lol!Damn I am loving this series!!After reading Heller and being totally gobsmacked at the originality, hilarity, emotional shockers and general kick ass experience of book one, I sat back removed the toothpicks from my eye-lids at 4:35 AM and downloaded Heller’s Revenge.Without a thought… not even contemplating that I might want to read something else from my extensive list of must reads like I usually do… yo [...]

    9. EhI hate to give this book such a low rating since I loved book 1 so much. But I just got SO sick of Heller in this book. He has anger management issues >< and not in a sexy alpha way, I'm talking 'rip your face off with his bare hands kinda scarey.' He also sleeps with everything that moves and if I was Tilly, the thing he did to Brian would have me running for the hills (view spoiler)[ To get back at Tilly's brother Brian, Heller sleeps with his wife Gayle and takes naked pictures of her [...]

    10. This review is going to be for books 2, 3 & 4And be warned, this will be less of a review and more of a rant about how I HATE Heller.Let me start by saying that despite everything I'm about to write, I actually like reading these books. I think this author is a good writer and she's pretty creative in coming up with security job scenarios. What this author isn't good at is making me like the man who is supposed to be the hero and romantic interest of the heroine in this book. Oh, she writes [...]

    11. 2.5 stars. EDIT : Im knocking it down to 2 stars. After thinking about it more. Im just stunned. I dont understand why this book has high ratings! first book was amazing This one? No. Just No.That might be a little harsh, I know. I love this series, but this book left me so frustrated with a WTF DID I JUST READ?! look on my face.I'm not sure where the author is trying to go with this series. The most important relationship in this book, is Heller and Tilly. Nothing Everhappens. Ever. No progress [...]

    12. I don't know what kind of right mind I had to be able to finish this book. It might sound harsh, but god, this book was incredibly stupid. I can't believe I had finished this book! Perhaps I wanted to punish myself, and reading this book only made that happen. Despite all my rants so far, I actually liked the first book. I felt the "slow burn" from the first, but in Heller's Revenge, it just became annoying. Everything was a fucking mess. And how many times does our heroine have to cheat with he [...]

    13. I didn't like this second book as much as the first but it was still a good read. Some of Tilly's assignment adventures in this book are so far fetched that they detracted from the overall book for me. If Heller really felt for her what the author leads you to believe he would of never sent her off to do some of these things! I still love the characters and will continue on with the series though!

    14. This book was just downright nasty and horrible. I despise Heller because he’s turning out to be not just an alpha asshole but just a terrible person all around. I mentioned in my review of the first book how much I hated the situation with Tilly’s brother. Well in this book that particular situation gets so much worse and Heller’s actions in that regard make him unredeemable for me as a character. Tilly’s brother had something coming to him without a doubt but this was way over the top. [...]

    15. Let me start by saying that could I give this book zero stars I would!Yes, it was that bad. This review is going to contain spoilers so if you don't want any I suggest you don't go on. Unfortunately, I can't describe all the things that are wrong with this book without doing spoilers. So this is your last chance to look away. No? Well so be it. You've been warned. Let me say that the first book wasn't great to begin with but I had some hope for a number of matters to be resolved in book 2 and ge [...]

    16. Tillie Chalmers is now officially a personal security officer. Her first assignments are a strange mix; in the first one she is stuck with guarding and living with a leader of a fundamentalist religious sect and several of his wives. The experience is exasperating, hilarious and a little uplifting. The second job is just irritating as she was warned they could be, but I love the way Heller "protects" Tilly. The third assignment is to guard a man she comes to regard as truly special. His high ide [...]

    17. Those weird sounds that you heard recently was me yelling while reading this book. I found myself getting so frustrated with this book. I thought that Tilly did a good job on the jobs that she worked, loved the quiet times that Tilly spent with Niq learning his past and what he really thought about Tilly. What frustrated me was the relationship between Tilly and Heller!! I hardly know where to start with them because calling it dysfunctional is only the tip of the iceberg with them. At times the [...]

    18. 2 stars I really like the first book and I expected more in this book buth is really annoying andut!! (view spoiler)[She has a boyfriend, Will, but keeps making out and cuddling with the H and one time she even jerk H off!!! ugh! Then the first time she felt guilty and grew conscience was when she was with her client (which was in 70-80% of the book) and never with H! And when she discovered that her "boyfriend" had some casual fling when they are in a "relationship", she got mad!! REALLY?!?!?! [...]

    19. This is the second book of the Heller series and I dove right into it after devouring the first one. This book covered revenge against Tilly's brother after he enraged Heller with his arrogance as well as revenge against the rival security firm for endangering the lives of Heller employees especially Tilly and Niq. The book also covered three assignments of Tilly's and they were a nice mixture of frivolous, perversion and emotional. Continuing with their flirtations, Heller seemed to care a lot [...]

    20. Here is the thing: storywise it has wit charm amazing character and interesting storyplots. however it is obvious that Hellers and Tillys relationship is the main aspect, but there never is a change. I truly cannot stand the idea of kissing each other but going out to f*** other people despite the obvious attraction on both sidesey love each other and dont have a valid enough reason not to be together. Tilly and her lover? please sure this situation IS more realistic than insta-love but it doesn [...]

    21. DNF @ 59%. I know I am in the minority here because I found Heller so disrespectful and assholish I just could not stomach anymore of this 2nd book. That was just really sad because I liked the first book quite a bit.(view spoiler)[When he slept with Tilly's SIL and took photos and made Tilly deliver them to her brother I wanted to kill him. I seriously found that one of the most disrespectful things I have ever read. Heller "supposedly" cares about Tilly but he flat out said he didn't care that [...]

    22. This book was awesome. Just as good as book 1. It was funny, sweet, sexy and not to angsty.The good1) The side characters are great. Even better in book 2 than book 1 2) tilly was still as funny as ever. 3) it was interesting seeing more of Heller. He is one of the most intriguing characters I have ever read in a book. The bad1) Tilly & heller were so frustrating in there romantic relationship. They need to get there shit together!

    23. I don't know what the hell happened here. I like Heller and Tilly, at least I did, but on this book everything got messed up and Tilly seemed SO stupid and unfunny. I don't know. She cheated on Will with the guy-that-got-killed kept having sex with him. AND HELLER she just went to sleep with him almost every night, some after she just had sex with Will. Didn't liked this book very much. Too messed up to be good. Hope the next is better.

    24. I feel this series has such potentiald yet, it doesn't feel like it's ever going to get there. The push-pull between Heller and Tilly, crosses that line between bittersweet angst and ridiculously frustrating. on the side of ridiculously frustrating. I just don't think I can continue with this series. At this point, I just don't see how Nixon can bring them together in a way I'd find satisfying.

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