Just Like You

Just Like You Henry a deaf field mouse and his friend Boris a spider with one lame leg are teased by the other animals until a disaster causes them to realize they are not so different after all

  • Title: Just Like You
  • Author: Robert J. Kroupa Hannah E. Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780982550342
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Henry, a deaf field mouse, and his friend Boris, a spider with one lame leg, are teased by the other animals until a disaster causes them to realize they are not so different, after all.

    One thought on “Just Like You”

    1. What?: Henry (field mouse) and Boris (spider) each have a disability, are bullied because of it; but when fire threatens Piney Forest, Boris and Henry rise above their circumstances and do the honorable thing and gain acceptance. A wonderful story of doing the right thing—simply because it is the right thing to do—and the benefits that sometimes come with it. So What?: Children will learn valuable life lessons regarding individuals with disabilities, bullying, and the concept that one ought [...]

    2. Full review can be read at: wp/p2VHCR-ooI have never reviewed a children’s book before, but this was a special request from my mom. Not only that, but the message that is found in Just Like You is one that every person should remember: we are all just alike.It is when the characters, who previously had made fun of and excluded Henry and Boris, are in trouble that they all come together. Even though Robert Kroupa used forest animals, their actions were the same as ours would be. In the face of [...]

    3. Henry, a deaf mouse, and Boris, a seven legged spider, are the best of friends. They just want to show the other animals of the forest that they are no different. A sweet story about acceptance and belonging.

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