Happy Marriage ?!, volume 7

Happy Marriage volume D cid e comprendre le monde dans lequel vit Hokuto Chiwa se met tudier l conomie Ainsi elle passe des moments privil gi s avec son mari Mais si les choses s arrangent dans sa vie de couple il n en

  • Title: Happy Marriage ?!, volume 7
  • Author: Maki Enjoji
  • ISBN: 9782820302809
  • Page: 408
  • Format: Paperback
  • D cid e comprendre le monde dans lequel vit Hokuto, Chiwa se met tudier l conomie Ainsi, elle passe des moments privil gi s avec son mari Mais si les choses s arrangent dans sa vie de couple, il n en est pas de m me au travail, comme en t moignent ses altercations r currentes avec son sup rieur et ancien petit ami, Asahina De plus, Hokuto, d j tr s accapar par sD cid e comprendre le monde dans lequel vit Hokuto, Chiwa se met tudier l conomie Ainsi, elle passe des moments privil gi s avec son mari Mais si les choses s arrangent dans sa vie de couple, il n en est pas de m me au travail, comme en t moignent ses altercations r currentes avec son sup rieur et ancien petit ami, Asahina De plus, Hokuto, d j tr s accapar par ses fonctions de directeur, entame une collaboration avec Misaki Shitara, une femme d affaire qui semble tr s proche de la famille Mamiya

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    1. Kaname Asahina seems like a problem as well, he still loves Chiwa! I can't stand how much Hokuto harms and abuses Chiwa!

    2. Bukan mudah sebenarnya nak hidup dengan adanya sejarah lama. Lebih tepat lagi kalau ianya berkaitan dengan cinta hati.Episod kali ni makin mendebarkan dengan konflik antara Chiwa dan Hokuto bila mana Hokuto menyedari yang sebenarnya Chiwa sekarang bekerja di bawah satu bumbung dengan bekas kekasihnya; Asahina.Jeng jeng jeng apa yang bakal terjadi dengan dua sejoli ini?

    3. hokuto. what the frik? he slapped chiwa! she suspected him of cheating on her and he slapped her and the story just moved on like that was normal and didn't merit an apology and WHATWHAT THE FRICK FRACK PADDY WHACK HOKUTOlook i will put up with melodrama and questionable gender dynamics because apparently that's the price of getting to read any josei these days but when we start edging into abuse territory i am not going to be feeling it. happy marriage, you are officially on notice1.5 stars

    4. Okay So this was my second manga. It was worth it. I was able to recover from the mortifying memos from the previous manga I read. I loved everything. Although I could see some flaws, it was still wonderful in its own way! 40 chapters is crazy. Phew. Finally. I'm. Done.

    5. Love this series , i know as a human being i should have a problem with how Hokuto treats Chiwa and stop reading this series , i do have issues with the theme of their relationship but i can't stop reading or loving this series . It's funny and you know that they both do love each other and that neither of them is perfect .

    6. Up untill now I fully thought that they had an amazing love and a sadist-masochist like relationship, but with actual violence it has gone a bit too far. Pressing on wounds, slaps in the face. I just hope the series will return to how it was.

    7. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/In this volume 7 (of the 10 volume series), Chiwa and Hokuto's problems building their marriage are now about miscommunication and assumptions. As such, this far into the series it is becoming a bit more "problem of the week" rather than a continuing storyline. Chiwa remains charming and it is fun to watch her tame her Hokuto. But at the same time, we're really veering more into the melodrama for the point of melodrama at this point. [...]

    8. review for entire series v1-10For a josei title, HM is pretty tame IMO, not in a bad way but if you like the more adult themes, "naughtiness" or darker aspects of other josei titles, HM will probably come off as more of a shoujo work to you.One thing that I enjoy about it is that the male main character (Hokuto) isn't shortsighted in various emotions nor is he a total cardboard cutout figure. In the beginning of the story he completely comes off that way and I really started to wonder if he was [...]

    9. This series was recommended to me by someone on MangaUpdates, I think, when I asked for "classic" Josei.I'll copypaste the following part to all my reviews of this manga, because my main point of critic remains the same: It's annoyingly sexist, to the point where the male MC tells the heroine to shut up or else he rapes her. It was said jokingly, while they were both lying in bed, but seriously, while there are most certainly a lot of words to express what I think of it, I decide to just keep it [...]

    10. ~4/5Hokuto and Chiwa are still having communication problems, including a fight where Hokuto goes to stay somewhere else for a few days. They’re having a hard time coming to a decision regarding Hokuto’s dad, but they finally decide to calm down on it.Then there’s some trouble regarding their previous lovers. Both of them are currently in the picture and causing problems, which are leading into the next volume. This is especially difficult for Chiwa, as she’s already having a hard time f [...]

    11. More a 3.5In order to help her father out of debt, Chiwa agrees to an arranged marriage with Hokuto, the president of the company she works at.Ahh, so much melodrama!! A lot of which could be avoided if the characters just communicated. Although, to be fair to Chiwa, she did try to communicate about Hokuto's father and he (view spoiler)[left home (hide spoiler)]. Seriously, dude? I get you hate your father, but come on. Chiwa is only trying to help. :(It's obvious that the two of them care a lot [...]

    12. First read Dec 2014 - This wasn't my favourite volume of the series.Re-read 2017 - “she said a wide had no right to impose her values on her husband. Maybe she’s right after all, we’re together. We aren’t strangers. We might be able to create something new without making one person change their fundamental beliefs.”I agree second time around this wasn’t my favourite volume. This is mostly because of the addition of an ex girlfriend of Hotoku’s that Chiwa is extremely wary of. She i [...]

    13. This series is very geared toward what it is like to be an abused and controlled spouse living in brainwashed love and fear of their partner. I will not finish this series this volume he hits her because she thinks that he may be cheating on her and that is where i draw the line. He is already so controlling over who Chiwa sees or where she works, he controls her home routine and what they do in the bedroom(that part i dont mind insofar as to say if Chiwa was giving more or better consent to her [...]

    14. There's always a section in a shoujo/yosei where the couple's troubles get dragged out and the couple starts to get annoying. For Chiwa and Hokuto, it started in volume 6 and then continues in volume 7. Chiwa, in particular, is very annoying about Hokuto's father. The issue is semi-resolved in this volume but it leaves a little bad aftertaste. That said, there are bits that I like. I like that Chiwa is working. I like that Hokuto gets that there could be two right answers. In all, Hokuto comes o [...]

    15. Eu estava gostando desse mangá, mesmo com todas as grosserias do Hokuto, mas eu estava gostando, com toda a falta de autoestima e subserviência da Chiwa (as preocupações dela em deixa e fazer tudo para que Hokuto a ache uma esposa boa), mas eu estava gostando. Se tem uma coisa que não admito em nada é bater em uma mulher, e pior ainda quando a certa é ela. Para mim, é inadmissível! Pode ser que lá no Japão a cultura aceite um "marido" bater na sua esposa, mas se fosse eu, "quebraria a [...]

    16. Cela faisait un moment que je n'avais pas lu un tome de cette série et j'ai été plus que ravie de retrouver Chiwa et Hokuto ! J'ai adoré ce volume qui m'a mis des papillons dans le ventre. Alors, c'est vrai, il n'y a pas une grande originalité, on reste dans la continuité des tomes précédents mais je me suis vraiment attachée à eux et à leur histoire suite est sur le blogleslecturesdeverbook.

    17. Ha egy szóval kellene jellemeznem a kötetet, akkor azt mondanám: Hisztis.Komolyan, ennyi hisztit, és drámát a nagy semmiértHokuto szétesett, Chiwa szétesett Hokuto se szó, se beszéd elköltözik, majd visszajön, de itt egy újabb dráma. Nagyon nem tetszett. Mindkét szereplő teljesen kifordult önmagából, és szinte elviselhetetlenek lettek. Chiwa, Hokuto Gyertek vissza!

    18. Definitely getting more sex - but it's not very sexy. I'm just in this to finish the series (even though it's still 3 books away). Legitimate complaint: the timeline doesn't make sense, and there seeme to be more translation issues as the books go on - just a few convos that don't make sense that I figure probably made sense in the original.

    19. It was good that they solved the issues in that happened in the past (ex boyfriend/girlfriend issues) but Hokuto didn't have to slap Chiwa, like really? Just so simply abusing his wife? He is a alpha male I get it but slapping his wife just because she is being jealous? I can't accept that.

    20. kurang menggigitg seru klo baca komik nyicil satu2udah hilang feelx.en baca no 1-6 x marathonjd emosi n segala2x dapetnggu the end aj bru baca lgi

    21. Ah, another volume of Hokuto and Chiwa drama/silliness. The sweetness of their lovey moments always outweigh the silliness, though. On to the next volume : D

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