Hunting Ash Lenthard doesn t call herself a vigilante She s merely prone to random acts of derring do and occasional exhibitions of tomfoolery Her friends the Huntsmen have never stepped over the line whil

  • Title: Hunting
  • Author: Andrea K. Höst
  • ISBN: 9780987265104
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ash Lenthard doesn t call herself a vigilante She s merely prone to random acts of derring do, and occasional exhibitions of tomfoolery Her friends, the Huntsmen, have never stepped over the line while patrolling the streets of Luinhall.That was before the murder of Ash s beloved guardian, Genevieve.Now, Ash Lenthard is out for blood and even when the hunt sends her to tAsh Lenthard doesn t call herself a vigilante She s merely prone to random acts of derring do, and occasional exhibitions of tomfoolery Her friends, the Huntsmen, have never stepped over the line while patrolling the streets of Luinhall.That was before the murder of Ash s beloved guardian, Genevieve.Now, Ash Lenthard is out for blood and even when the hunt sends her to the palace, on a collision course with a past identity she would do anything to forget, Ash cannot, will not, back down.

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    1. "Hunting" was written in response to my extreme frustration with Georgette Heyer's Regency Buck. Much as I love Heyer's books, on occasion she takes a promising young lady, and just.s her at every turn. My need for a heroine capable of getting herself out of her own scrapes produced Ash Lenthard, who does not so much kick ass, as tap-dance across the heads of her enemies

    2. Host is one of the reasons I keep wading thru the sewers of self published fiction. Her stories are always original, decently written, culturally sensitive and sophisticated, feminist in an incidental way and have sweet romances.Hunted is about a girl who is investigating the cause of her mentor and care-givers murder. She is unwilling teamed up with a member of this world's nobility. I didn't enjoy this as much as Silence of Medair but I do think it is a better, more fully realised novel. The p [...]

    3. 4.5/5; 5 stars; AI loved this book. It was fun and interesting, well paced and unpredictable. I really like the way this author portrays young people as competent and resourceful in her books. I liked the main female character, Ash, very much. Her resolve to find her benefactor's murderer at the same time as hiding from her past, making a new life, not getting killed and saving all and sundry from harm, made her a very busy girl indeed. The addition of horses into any story always add an extra d [...]

    4. I used Google's 'read aloud' function to turn this into an oddly pronounced audiobook. Going to have to, one day, go through the three partial sequels and try to work them into something publishable. Lots of worldbuilding changes mean it's a big job.

    5. I wanted to love this book, and I still rather liked it. However, for all the build up and wonderful character interactions, the mystery felt a little disjointed, and both the resolution of the romance line and the final climax were somewhat anticlimactic. Not terribly so, but a little more page time, a little more uncertainty, and I would have loved it completely. For example, (view spoiler)[when your hidden identity is (inevitably) revealed, shouldn't you be just a bit nervous about how that's [...]

    6. I just finished my latest re-reading of Hunting tonight, so I thought I'd try to write a bit about why this is one of those books I can go back to time and time again. This book is such a comfort read for me. It features one of Host's completely enveloping worlds, a place I can sink into while I'm reading it. The people who live in this world are intelligent, subtle, witty, and civilized and the narrative is compassionate in that all characters' points of view are considered by the author. Thoug [...]

    7. Höst does it again. And makes it still harder to decide which of her novels is my favorite (if I were required to do so).The world building is characteristically cohesive. The religious background has an intriguing conflict where the prior deity of light attacked a fellow god out of jealousy and rage. As a result, that god was replaced by another and thrust out of the heavenly conclave. Since deities pretty much are the heavenly bodies, that means a former lunar satellite came crashing to earth [...]

    8. Not flawless, but a completely delicious read - masterful world building with an original cosmology, an extremely resourceful and likeable heroine, a magical murder mystery and a satisfying romance made my one or two minor quibbles feel quite negligible.

    9. Here we have a great protagonist, Ash, who is a girl disguised as a boy, a trope I always enjoy if it's well done. Except she's not a girl, really. She's young, but she's an adult woman. Ash is 21. She's passing herself off as an almost-17-year-old boy. Ash can pretend to be a teenage boy quite well, but then she can pretend to be practically anything -- she's a social chameleon, good at observing the social milieu and adjusting her own behavior to get everyone else to do what she needs them to [...]

    10. I really ought to give this book four stars because I think it has a few problems. But it was so intensely, viscerally satisfying I just can't bring myself to. Höst writes books that are exactly the kind of fantasy I love, and while I think I liked Medair better, it's a really close call.Ash has been pretending to be a boy for eight years, "adopted" by an herbalist named Genevieve. Now, someone is murdering herbalists, and when Genevieve is killed, Ash takes up with a nobleman named Thornaster [...]

    11. After letting this simmer for awhile I decided that I was a little critical of this story. I still have some of the same complaints but still, this book is so much better that most of the tripe I've been reading lately, and Host is my author! I can't leave her out to dry with a three star review. So I upped it. I liked Hunting, I really did.I loved Ash, she was strong, funny and smart. I liked Thornaster. He was a good hero, and I enjoyed their back and forth banter the whole way through.I don't [...]

    12. This book opens up when Ash Lenthard's guardian, Genevieve (a herbalist living in Luinhall), has been brutally murdered. Ash finds herself in a predicament, by wanting to find her murderer and being forced to move into the palace to train as a seruilis -a sort of squire- for the foreigner and investigator Thornaster. Her life is even more complicated, as she has been disguising as a boy for the past 9 years. What an interesting treat. I have been eagerly waiting to read a new story from Andrea. [...]

    13. Summary: When Ash (our Sweet Polly Oliver protagonist) finds her guardian dead, possibly as a result of a larger conspiracy, she makes it her mission to find the killer.Thoughts: This book is a great, fun mystery fantasy with a side of romance and plenty of snarky dialogue. Ash is a wonderful heroine: complicated, smart, brave, and a little reckless when she needs to be.Unfortunately, there were moments where I was a little confused. Neologisms and characters are introduced at breakneck speed wi [...]

    14. I love love Host's writing. I just love it. So when I found myself in a reading slump, yet again, I decided to pick up one of her books in the hope that it would help me get out of this slump. And it did. I adored Ash, just adored. Major girl crush going on. She was just so awesome and kick ass. We aren't told that she is smart and can kick ass, like so many books out there and then just left wondering when this supposed genius and kickassery comes in. No, we are shown steadily throughout the wh [...]

    15. Originally posted at Novel Idea ReviewsRATING: 4/5 StarsThis isn’t just a fantasy book. It’s a fantasy murder mystery. How do you resist?? I mean, it has roof running, tree climbing, strategic gossip, undetectable poisons, shapeshifting mages, secret identities, and VENGEANCE. I can’t imagine what else you might want, except maybe an amazing female lead… WHICH IT ALSO HAS. If you’re not sold yet, I have no idea why. Hunting contains everything I love about Andrea K. Höst’s fantasy n [...]

    16. Now here’s a thing: a book by Andrea K Höst that doesn’t set me on fire. It’s a perfectly fine, entertaining read, you understand, a solid YA fantasy with a little romance, but it just doesn’t quite have that extra something that normally lifts the author’s writing out of the ‘good’ column and into the ‘awesome’. That makes me sad.It starts badly. The first few chapters are a blizzard of names and titles and nicknames and throwaway references to customs and ideas that the aver [...]

    17. "A ribbon so you know I'm here"What the summary doesn't tell you is that along the way Ash saves half the cast from dire straits at various points (in person's case twice!) because she can not because anyone particularly tells her to. Seriously, she even says she can't help herself it just kind of happens. A lot. (to be fair she also is laboring under a pretty intense case of regret because of Genevieve's death).Höst says that Hunting was in response to Regency Buck by Georgette Heyer, a story [...]

    18. I couldn't give five star, as the beginning left me utterly confused. As with all her work, I love the worlds she creates and her stories are utterly fascinating, but I am always a bit baffled by this author's apparent lack of 'will' in writing adult heroines. I can't really understand why all her heroines are either teens or barely out of it. Always so young or young-sounding. :)A bit detracting to a grown woman *grin*Her name is on my recommend list nonetheless.

    19. I really like the world building -- but it's a bit hard to follow on the first pass. I appreciate more of it as I continue with the re-reads. (Think this may be the 10th?)Murder mystery with a scrappy, can do heroine, unique world and magic system.Last read: Seriously I've read this multiple times but it went with today's date?

    20. This is certainly up there with my favourite YA fantasy stories - I have a soft spot for the girl-in-disguise plot and am always up for a sprinkle of romance in my fantasy. I loved the underlying theme of female empowerment (and yay for a female BFF who is really a BFF). Minor niggle: the various titles used for the aristocracy had me confused at the start, but I eventually got there

    21. Good fun read, would like to see more in this universe.Strong main leads, interesting plot -- world was intricate (although could use a bit more detail on how it worked -- but that's a personal preference). Would recommend.

    22. "Ash Lenthard doesn't call herself a vigilante. She's merely prone to random acts of derring-do, and occasional exhibitions of tomfoolery. "SIGN ME UP.Gimme!

    23. Hunting is Andrea K Höst's latest release. Unlike the earlier books of hers that I've reviewed in the past (And All the Stars, The Touchstone Trilogy), Hunting is definitely fantasy, not science fiction. The blurb was what really got me keen to read this one.I have to say, when I first started reading, I was a little bit disappointed. Not because it was bad, but because it wasn't as funny as the blurb sounded like it would be. Mostly, this is because things start on a sombre note, with Ash's au [...]

    24. Hunting is actually more of a two star book for me, but I just can't bear giving such a low rating to this author. I think Andrea Host is such a talented Indie author, and I'm totally rooting for her and her million dollar movie deal, but unfortunately I thought this book was a fumble instead of a touchdown. Bummer!First, some good: Once again AH has created interesting, quirky characters. The dialogue is clever. The world building is decent. I liked the bit about how people and rulers are magic [...]

    25. I'm giving this 3.5 stars. Sadly I couldn't give it 4 stars because I felt the ending was far too abrupt and easily come by to be a truly satisfying conclusion to the build-up involving dark forces and the resurrection of dead gods the rest of the book was.Despite the sucky way the plot unfolded I truly did enjoy reading this. I liked getting glimpses of the world the story took place in and how the society worked. The characters were all people with interesting, or at least understandable, moti [...]

    26. From my comment to AJH:This a great romp, with mystery and palace and intrigue and excellent snarky dialogue, but it's one of her earliest books (freshly rewritten admittedly) and the pacing and scene changes are off a bit and the number of neologisms threw me a bit because they didn't have as much time for me to see them in everyday use as they did in the Touchstone Trilogy - and while I appreciate the heroine falling in lust with the love interest at that point, the falling into love-realisati [...]

    27. Hunting is a standalone young adult fantasy novel by Andrea K. Höst [1]. Ash Lenthard is the street-smart young heroine who has disguised herself as a (slightly younger) boy and apprenticed herself to a herbalist in order to escape from an unfortunate previous life. When her guardian is murdered, she finds her desire to return to life on the streets thwarted when she is warded to the Investigator appointed by the king to look into the serial killing of herbalists. With no choice but to maintain [...]

    28. The StoryThe story is about a last named Ash. She ran away when she was younger, and Genevieve took her in, becoming her guardian. Right before Ash turns twenty-one, her guardian is killed. Since Ash is hiding from her past, everyone thinks she is a seventeen year old boy. So, a foreign, handsome, investigator named Thornaster takes her in to be his…servant. He knows she's out for blood, and he'll help her get it. But of course, he doesn't know she's a girl. Someone is killing the herbalists, [...]

    29. This was a fun mash up of fantasy and mystery. 4.5 stars is a more accurate rating for me, but with this being a self-pub that surprised me with its quality and originality, I'm rounding up. The highlight of this book was the world building. It was so intricate and imaginative, it charmed my pants right off. I liked how the celestial Gods influenced the structure of government and the disbursement of magic. The magic wasn't cartoonishly portrayed and stayed secondary to the characters regular sk [...]

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