The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter

The Miss Education of Dr Exeter From steam powered bunkers to steamy boudoirs paranormal detective Phaeton Black knows his way around Victorian London But sometimes when you slip down a rabbit hole there s no turning backIf The P

  • Title: The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter
  • Author: Jillian Stone
  • ISBN: 9780758269003
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • From steam powered bunkers to steamy boudoirs, paranormal detective Phaeton Black knows his way around Victorian London But sometimes, when you slip down a rabbit hole, there s no turning backIf The Portal s A Rockin Phaeton Black is missing Sucked into an alternative universe courtesy of Professor Lovecraft s Trans Dimensional Injection Portal the illustrious investiFrom steam powered bunkers to steamy boudoirs, paranormal detective Phaeton Black knows his way around Victorian London But sometimes, when you slip down a rabbit hole, there s no turning backIf The Portal s A Rockin Phaeton Black is missing Sucked into an alternative universe courtesy of Professor Lovecraft s Trans Dimensional Injection Portal the illustrious investigator is nowhere to be found Even the bewitching Miss America Jones, who s pregnant with Phaeton s child, has no clue to his whereabouts But when a spy fly s microphone picks up Phaeton s voice in the parlors of Paris, she enlists his dearest friends to track him down before his deadliest enemies find him first.Don t Come A Knockin Accompanied by the dashing Dr Exeter, his delightful ward Mia, and a trusty duo of Nightshades, it s off to the City of Lights for the determined Miss Jones Unfortunately, there is something about Paris in the fall that brings out the devil in Dr Exeter and the beast in mild mannered Mia, whose animal urges transform her into a gorgeous panther With physical reality unraveling on both sides of the cosmic rift, the good doctor must extract Phaeton Black from the clutches of a diabolical techno wizard or both could lose the women they love to lover.

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    1. I'm just going to throw down 5 stars now.Save myself all the hassle of doing it later.Gads I'm nice to meIt's HERE!! WOOOOOOhoo!![image error]

    2. The Moonstone is creating havoc with space and time. Phaeton is trapped, leaving America alone and very pregnant. Phaeton is being held captive by Domina Valour and all the stops are pulled out to discover his where a bouts and form a rescue plan but Domina seems to be one step ahead of the Investigators.Mia is having difficulties controlling her shifts and its causing wild sexual cravingsavings she is focusing all on Dr. Exeter.This is a highly erotic steampunkish story. To help control Mia's s [...]

    3. DNFThis book is not at all to my liking.I was expecting something different from a steampunk novel.Not a guardian and his ward becoming romantically involved. In this book, it felt equivalent to a father-daughter relationship and it grossed me out.He is not only 12 years older than her, but very very experienced to the heroine's virginal innocence. Of course, there is a brothel scene where the madame of the place has intimate knowledge of him. Of course the heroine is jealous.What I wanted to kn [...]

    4. I have to begin with saying that this will not be a review, this will be a book rant. If I had not received this book from NetGalley I would not have finished it.The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter is like a crazy dream after especially hard day. The story jumps from place to place, one scene ends without any easing out of it and new one starts with next passage. There where many times I had to reread some pages, since I did not understand, what was going on, who was who and where were they. True, [...]

    5. This review is going to be short and to the point, since I don't really have much to say about it either positively or negatively.First, the positives:+I really liked the language used within this novel. It was pleasantly descriptive, and did a great job sucking the reader into the world that Jillian Stone re-imagined. It made me want to run alongside the characters and see what they saw.+The cover is gorgeous. I'm a sucker for most steampunk works, and this cover would definitely catch my atten [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars!Pick up any book in Jillian Stone’s Paranormal Investigator series and you will be transported into a Sherlock Holmes movie. Be prepared for mind boggling inventions, humor, mystery and hot flash inducing sex scenes. The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter continues on from book two without missing a beat. Phaeton is missing his sidekicks, being led by Dr. Exeter, are on the hunt. The missing Moonstone is on everyone’s mindwell, perhaps Dr. Exeter’s mind which is occupied more on his se [...]

    7. Review Courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyWhile I wasn’t familiar with any of the characters or the overarching series storyline, THE MISS EDUCATION OF DR. EXETER’S plot was easy to get invested in and the characters were interesting and complex. Not having read the previous two books, I was pleased at how quickly I understood everything happening in this this super intricate plot. THE MISS EDUCATION OF DR. EXETER mixes steampunk with a fast paced sci-fi adventure story, and an intense roma [...]

    8. As usual with ALL of Jillian's characters I fall in love but Exeter was more so, "you are changing, Mia, from a precocious adorable girl into a most sultry beauty. From here on out, I will have to keep a close watch on myself." He's also a very blunt person, and so attractive, "he sipped his brandy and continued to stare over the rim of his glass. Finally, he lowered the snifter. "Oh, I'm not going to paddle you, Mia. I'm going to make you climax." Is it hot in here or just me? Like any typical [...]

    9. This was a decent addition to the series, and I liked having the main focus shift from the couple that the previous two books focused on to another couple that was just starting to happen. It made it more interesting than I think it otherwise would have been. However, the plot is getting more and more complicated, and there were times when I just skimmed through a few paragraphs because it didn't seem to make much sense. If you are a fan of the series then go ahead and read it, but it's not exac [...]

    10. Originally published at Reading RealityAny romance reader who loves the “when I kissed the teacher” trope, known slightly more formally as the “lessons in seduction” story, is going to adore The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter. This story, set in the paranormal, steampunkish, alternative universe invented by Jillian Stone of her Phaeton Black series, is firmly (pun definitely intended) of that vein.Dr. Exeter being the teacher who both educates and gets seduced by his student, Mia.Mia is le [...]

    11. 3.5/5Mon avis en FrançaisMy English review This is the third volume of the Phaeton Black adventures and I must admit that with the end of the second novel, I was curious to see how our beloved hero would cope in this alternate universe. But I was surprised to see that this time we did not follow our beloved couple as from the beginning of the series but Dr Exeter and Mia.It was strange to change of characters, but as we knew them from the beginning, it was also quite interesting to find out mor [...]

    12. This is book three in the Paranormal Investigator series by Jillian Stone. I haven't read the first two books, but I was quickly immersed in the characters and world that she has created. It was easy to tell what had happened prior to this book. I like it when an author can catch us up that way without an info dump.This one is is a mystery, suspense, erotica SteamPunk mixture. Dr. Exeter's ward has begun shape-shifting. This is hard on her and their bodyguards have discovered a way to help her g [...]

    13. The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter is a tantalizing mix of several genres: Steampunk, Fantasy, Paranormal, Time-Travel, Sci-Fi, and Romance.Please note that there may be spoilers for Books 1 & 2 in the review of Book 3. This is your only warning.In book 2 we were left with a very pregnant America, a missing Phaeton, and a Panther bursting at the seams.It is very important that Phaeton and the Moonstone are located before any sort of disaster occurs. This is easier said than done when the very [...]

    14. Originally published at The Rookie Romance Blog.This was the first steampunk romance that I've read, so I wasn't very sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed it!There's quite a lot going in on this book, which is the third in the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series. Whilst I did figure out what was going on, there were times I was a little lost. I was also playing catch up with anything steampunk related, so there was a lot to wrap my brain around, but I found my feet quickly.When I [...]

    15. Review from Backchatting BooksThis novel is a blend of steampunk and paranormal romance. I loved the cover and thought the blurb sounded intriguing. Unfortunately I very quickly realised that the romance in this novel tended towards the erotica which is not really my cup of tea. I wish the blurb made this clearer and acknowledged that the novel was more about Dr Exeter and his ward Mia rather than the absent Phaeton and his heavily pregnant beloved America.Mia is a were-panther who is experienci [...]

    16. I received this story from NetGalley for an honest review.I absolutely adore this series about America Jones and the illustrious Phaeton Black. This is what I call a Paranormal Romance with touches of the erotic. Phaeton, a womanizing black heart, and America, a feisty headstrong woman, make quite the pair in this steampunk inspired novel. Jillian Stone can certainly write an enchanting tale with a lighthearted Holmesesque feel to it. If you have yet to read the previous novels, do not start wit [...]

    17. In The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter, Jillian Stone takes us on an erotic steampunk adventure. This novel is the latest installment in the Phaeton Black series. The plot centers around the disappearance of said Phaeton Black, whose lover America Jones is about to give birth to his child, and his colleagues' attempts to retrieve him from the clutches of the evil wizard Prospero. Along the way, Dr. Exeter has to deal with his ward, Mia's, rather delicate condition. She is a shapeshifter, and her sh [...]

    18. This was possibly one of the most intricate plots I have ever read, mixing steampunk, science fiction, paranormals, dimensional travel and romance with several erotic scenes. Totally delightful, I did not find many places where I felt uninformed about characters or events that happened in the first two books, although it was apparent that connections were long standing and complex. Fortunately, much of the missing pieces filled in as the story progressed, with some tidbits of information supplie [...]

    19. I love this series; Ms Stone creates an intriguing world that is full of interesting characters and an inventive plot that has continued throughout the books.Phaeton has been missing for one hundred days, and with a very pregnant America worried, the group is working hard to find him. Mr. Ping has developed an iDIP (InterDimensional Injection Portal) that can send spy flies with cameras and listening devices to locate him. They believe he is in the Outremer, a parallel dimension that looks surpr [...]

    20. Controlling her cat is extremely important if Mia ever wants to live anything close to a normal life. Her only real hope in doing so lies with a man she has loved forever. One who still sees her as a child. With Phaeton and the Moonstone missing, Dr. Exeter has plenty to keep him busy. Yet, it is not what absorbs his thoughts. His gorgeous young ward needs help in a very intimate way, which means he needs to make a decision. And he better do it soon. Even as powerful as he is, Exeter is failing [...]

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    22. The Miss Education Of Dr. Exeter is the 3rd book in the Paranormal Investigators series. I have to say, it probably shouldn't be read as a stand alone, however I did read it that way, only I wish I hadn't. There were a lot of characters that I really didn't know well.That didn't stop me from really loving Exeter and Mia and their smoking hot relationship.Truthfully Mia and Dr. Exeter kept my attention through the whole book and when it was done, I pretty much needed a cold shower.Mia is a shapes [...]

    23. In this series, book three is the breaker for me. As much as I thought I was interested in the character of Dr. Exeter, his story did nothing for me. I was really enjoying the ongoing story of the paranormal problems of London in two different universes. The plot continues in book three. The hunt for Phaeton Black is on, with all the usual characters - America, Dr. Exeter, Mia, Edvard and the Nightshades. The addition of Prospero as the Outremer wizard who is holding Phaeton captive adds another [...]

    24. Rating: 3.5 StarsPosted on What I'm ReadingAll right today I finished The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter by Jillian Stone. Which happens to be book three in the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator. First off, I haven't gotten to the first two books, but now I really want to. The great thing about this story is you don't have to be worry about being to lost. I did enjoyed this story. I must say that it was feisty romp of a read. The most important thing to remember is they are looking for Phaeto [...]

    25. The world Ms. Stone has created in this book was an amalgamation of some of my favorite elements in ficiton: steampunk, erotic romance, and PNR. This wonderful blending, along with a fast paced wit, made for a quick and entertaining read. In a way, this story reminded me of the BBC version of Sherlock (you know I love me some Cumberbatch); the back and forth banter, the esoteric references to people and events, and the intelligence of the main characters. However, as much as I enjoyed the story, [...]

    26. THE MISS EDUCATION OF DR. EXETER by Jillian Stone is an exciting Paranormal Romance. Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator #3,but can be read as a stand alone. See" The Seduction of Phaeton Black" and "The Moonstone and Miss Jones"(may not be in order). "The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter" is a mixture steampunk with Sci-Fi high adventure,romance and paranormal investigators Victorian England style. Follow, Phaeton Black,Miss America Jones,Dr. Exeter, Mia and Nightshades. Mia, turns into a beauti [...]

    27. Read my review at Booklist: booklistonlineStone (The Moonstone and Miss Jones, 2012) enriches the mix of clever fun and excitement with a large dollop of erotica in the latest foray into her steampunk world. While the conjoined worlds of 1889 and the present are unraveling, Phaeton Black and the Moonstone are missing, and America Jones is about to give birth to Phaeton’s child. Dr. Exeter and Mia, the orphan he raised, join forces with Phaeton’s scientific friends to find Jones and the stone [...]

    28. I just loved this book.Not normally the the type of book I would normally read.The last book I read in this category was Fifty Shades of Grey and I only made it to chapter 13 because it just disgusted me so much there was no story to it.Thanks for restoring my love for this category.This book revolved around three main objects.1. A special baby (Luna)2. Mai Dr. Exeter's charge3. MoonstoneThis book is X men meets Dr. Who with a little bit of Harry Potter and Nightshade throwing into the mix.I lov [...]

    29. I admit that I did not expect that in the third book there were other main characters instead of Phaeton and America, that somehow I also missed The focus of the story should revolve around looking for Phaeton, the reality is that involves the relationship between Dr.Exeter and Mia, that we can say change the terms of their bond. At this point the trilogy might end up here or maybe continue, so we'll see.Ammetto che non mi aspettavo che il terzo libro avesse altri personaggi rispetto a Phaeton [...]

    30. Having not begun this series from book one it was very difficult to work out the different concepts and themes in the book, while following the storyline. Maybe a prologue with a brief overview of what has already happened would help new readers. This book is of the paranormal/steampunk genre set in the 1800’s. It had unbelievable invention, futuristic ideas, humour, mystery and hot sex scenes much like the Sherlock Holmes or, Wild Wild West movies. Although I found the book difficult to under [...]

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