The Lavender House Murder

The Lavender House Murder An intriguing sexy mystery set in P town starring Black investigator Virginia Kelly

  • Title: The Lavender House Murder
  • Author: Nikki Baker
  • ISBN: 9781562800123
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • An intriguing, sexy mystery set in P town, starring Black investigator Virginia Kelly.

    One thought on “The Lavender House Murder”

    1. A lot of my recent reading material has been murder mysteries, and I was hoping to mix up the usual formula with this one that promised to include women, lesbianism and racial discussions. Unfortunately, this book is TERRIBLE. It's 75% sexual/relationship drama, filled with boring or obnoxious characters who treat each other like crap and then wonder about the sad state of the world. The narrator drifts aimlessly between motivations and emotions and I never really cared for her at all. The murde [...]

    2. 202 pages of relationship processing, with barely a five minute breather for the murder. Oh sweet heavens no.

    3. The second installment of the Virginia Kelly mystery series finds Ginny and her friend Naomi vacationing in Provincetown. Both are having girlfriend problems and simply need a break from their daily grind. But soon after they arrive, a famous lesbian journalist is killed in an alley. Seems that the woman was a gay rights advocate that believed that outing other LGBT folk—especially white-collar ones—was for their own good and the good of the cause. Now who would want to murder her? Well, the [...]

    4. The one thing I dont like about the rating system here is that 1 star is didnt like. In my rating system that is a 2 and a 1 is hated it so this makes it look to me worse than it was.Now, there were some things I liked about this book. virginia kelly and her friend Naomi go to Provincetown for vacation to party it up. Only while out runnign one morning, she finds the body of one of the other guests in their B&B and cant let the crime go unsolved.The victim, Joan, I found to be the most inter [...]

    5. P-Town, the ones of us in the know know-Provincetown, Massachusetts, where we all want to go for a vacation BUT without Murder and Mayhem.Read how the story evolves around Ginny and Naomi.

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