AOKI Meet Aoki She may be the smallest Kokeshi but Aoki s infectious enthusiasm can make anyone laugh On her whirlwind trip to Tokyo she will ride a high speed train dance under cherry blossom trees an

  • Title: AOKI
  • Author: Annelore Parot
  • ISBN: 9781452108094
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Meet Aoki She may be the smallest Kokeshi, but Aoki s infectious enthusiasm can make anyone laugh On her whirlwind trip to Tokyo, she will ride a high speed train, dance under cherry blossom trees, and visit a zen garden With sneak peek flaps, fun die cuts, and lavish gatefolds, this interactive exploration will enchant Kokeshi fans of all sizes

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    1. My husband and I visited a sweet independent bookshop yesterday on our anniversary outing and when he found me cooing over this book, he very kindly bought it for me as a sweet memento of our day. It is truly an absolutely darling, sweet and "kawaii" ("super-cute") book! The writing is nothing remarkable, but the design and artistry of the book easily skyrocket the story to five stars in my view. Little Aoki (who happens to be a kokeshi, the little wooden Japanese dolls you may be acquainted wit [...]

    2. Kokeshi, mała drewniana laleczka o imieniu Aoki, mieszka w Japonii. Wybiera się w odwiedziny do swojej przyjaciółki Yoko i razem spacerują po Tokio, podziwiając pejzaże miasta przetykanego kapsułkowymi ogrodami. Mimochodem poznajemy z nimi japońskie słowa i elementy kultury japońskiej w pigułce.Książeczka opiera się na prostym tekście i obrazkach z odkrywanymi okienkami, za którymi czekają kolejne niespodzianki.

    3. My kids get such a kick out of these mini glimpses into Japanese culture. Taking a trip through Tokyo with Aoki and her friend Yoko was an eye opening journey.

    4. (reviewed w/ 'Kimonos')I love these interactive books. And well, I do love pretty things. Kimonos is pretty. Annelore Parot, is not afraid of color and patterns. Her choices alone recommend a lingering look, but most of the activities require an attention to details.There are games of differentiation and matching and memory. There are lifting flaps and turning of pages that engage the reader/listener interact in the layering of the story. The educational quality includes translations of Japanese [...]

    5. From the review at [url=perogiesandgyoza/2012/ & Gyoza[/url].Originally published in France in 2010, it was published in English by Chronicle Books along with companion books Yumi, Amigos, and Kimono.This picture book is aimed at young children but could easily do double duty as a coffee table book. The texture is fantastic. The cover features a pleather print kokeshi (wooden bridal gift doll) and that is just the start. My daughter loved the flaps to lift and adorable bentos. My son loved t [...]

    6. Annelore Parot, Kokeshi: Aoki (Chronicle Books, 2012)Full disclosure: this book was provided to me free of charge by Vine.This showed up on my doorstep last week, and after I pulled it out and looked at it, I figured I'd probably put it away until my kid (six months old as of this writing) was a little older; while it's kind of silly to discuss reading level for the preliterate set (after all, I read the kid poems and the like), I wasn't sure he'd be into it until he could grasp some of the con [...]

    7. Lovely book! The artwork is just as lovely as the first book and it still has those interactive elements and language/cultural teaching as well. This book had more of a story plot then the first which was a nice change.

    8. Giving myself something fun to read as a break from the horrible Haruki Murakami book I'm reading. This one and Yumi and Kimonos were a nice distraction.

    9. This was a really cute, interactive book. There was lots to look at, and of course it was all kawaii ;) I think kids would love this book!

    10. I totally loved this book! It was the first book I tried to read in Finnish! Loved it and it helped me want to learn the words in Finnish.

    11. Beautiful book. Pages fold out. Kids loved it and easy to read out loud. The main character visits Japan.

    12. Lovely illustrations; very stylized, clothing all kinds of amazing patterns; lots of lift-flaps; die-cut holes; cute story, short enough for a pre-school crowd.

    13. Tosi hieno kurkistuskirja, jossa japanilaista kuvitusta mielenkiintoisella tavalla. Poitsu tykkäsi paljon ja aikuisellekin hienolla tavalla erilainen.

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