Mord nach Maß

Mord nach Ma Es beginnt wie ein M rchen die Geschichte von Mike Rogers der auszieht um das Gl ck zu erobern und den selbst die b se Fee nicht das F rchten lehren kann Und es geht weiter wie im M rchen seine W n

  • Title: Mord nach Maß
  • Author: Agatha Christie Manfred Fenner Jutta Wannenmacher
  • ISBN: 9783896143013
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Es beginnt wie ein M rchen die Geschichte von Mike Rogers, der auszieht, um das Gl ck zu erobern, und den selbst die b se Fee nicht das F rchten lehren kann Und es geht weiter wie im M rchen seine W nsche werden doppelt erf llt, kaum da er sie ausgesprochen hat Er gewinnt die sch ne, reiche Braut, er baut sich mit ihr ein Traumhaus, und sie leben gl cklich und zufriEs beginnt wie ein M rchen die Geschichte von Mike Rogers, der auszieht, um das Gl ck zu erobern, und den selbst die b se Fee nicht das F rchten lehren kann Und es geht weiter wie im M rchen seine W nsche werden doppelt erf llt, kaum da er sie ausgesprochen hat Er gewinnt die sch ne, reiche Braut, er baut sich mit ihr ein Traumhaus, und sie leben gl cklich und zufrieden bis zum bitteren Erwachen Denn M rchen gibt es nun einmal nur in B chern

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    1. In my end is just my beginningAfter reading A LOT of Agatha Christie novels in the past, ENDLESS NIGHT- I would have to say- is one of her best, and very different from her others[image error]The story is narrated by Michael Rogers- a charming attractive young man- who is a bit of a loner. Michael is unsure about quite a few things in his life, but there are two things he knows for certain. He wants to be rich, and he wants to find a lady and settle down. Out for a walk one day he spots a Sale B [...]

    2. I usually read Agatha Christie to unwind, and although they always guarantee a highly enjoyable hour filled with chuckles and gasps, there is an element of 'lightness' and dismissal involved. Well, that serves me right. This book smacked the patronizing smirk right off my face and I'm drooling on the floor, well and truly humbled. Written lightly, as always, but for the first time, the weight of evil - the kind of evil that wears perfume, goes shopping and is grumpy in the morning - makes its pr [...]

    3. Endless Night, Agatha ChristieEvery night and every morn, Some to misery are born, Every morn and every night, Some are born to sweet delight. Some are born to sweet delight, Some are born to endless night. WILLIAM BLAKEنخستین خوانش: ماه ژانویه سال 2001 میلادیعنوان: شب بی پایان؛ نویسنده: آگاتا کریستی (میلر)؛ مترجم: رکسانا یغمائی؛ شیراز، نوید شیراز، 1370؛ در 169 ص؛ موضوع: داستانه [...]

    4. Endless Night was one of Agatha Christie's own favourite novels, and one which received the most critical acclaim on its publication in 1967. It is her 58th detective novel. The title is a reference to William Blake's "Auguries of Innocence","Every night and every morn,Some to misery are born,Every morn and every night,Some are born to sweet delight.Some are born to sweet delight,Some are born to endless night."One of the characters sings and plays this at pertinent points during the book, and i [...]

    5. My thoughts on my re-read: crimebythebook/blog/2017/8Absolutely loved my re-read of this book!!! I've considered it my favorite Christie read for years now, but was long overdue for a re-read. Happy to report it's just as brilliant (and chilling) as I remember it.

    6. This is a chilling stand alone novel by Agatha Christie. Endless Night is quite different than Agatha Christie's Poirot or Marple series. The story is narrated by the main character, Micheal Rogers, a young man with grandeur ideas but with no obvious means of attaining it. He is fascinated with Gipsy's Acre - a plot of land in rural England that is said to be cursed by the Gypsies who once lived there and who were driven away.While walking around the property that has come up for sale, he meets [...]

    7. 3.5/5 stars! (view spoiler)[I did really enjoy this book, but I felt like Christie was just recycling plot twists from her former books. The love triangle situation reminded me of the one in "Death on the Nile" and the whole unreliable narrator thing was so similar to "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd". (hide spoiler)]

    8. Every morn and every night,Some are born to sweet delight.Every morn and every night,Some are born to endless night.When people mention Agatha Christie to me, I always think about a woman writing murder mysteries. You know those: Someone is killed and another someone wants to figure out who's the responsible for that death. Getting into gothic passages, though, is not something I imagined her to do.More than 60% of this book consists on getting to know our narrator Michael - Mike - Rogers. He's [...]

    9. "I’d no real idea that that wasn’t all there was to it. I suppose it happens to everyone sooner or later and it happens suddenly. You don’t think as you imagine you’re going to think: ‘This might be the girl for me… This is the girl who is going to be mine.’ At least, I didn’t feel it that way. I didn’t know that when it happened it would happen quite suddenly. That I would say: ‘That’s the girl I belong to. I’m hers. I belong to her, utterly, for always.’ No. I never d [...]

    10. The last fifth of Endless Night was really good! The other fifths? Not so good.This novel reads like a gothic romance horror soap opera, a little like the old Dark Shadows tv show. Only the gothic horror isn't particularly scary. Hell, it's not really even spooky. Soap Opera though? Yeah, I'm feeling that!Here's the deal. This lacks the razor-sharp writing of Agatha Christie's earlier work, where a premium was placed on word economy. It meanders. For instance, the narrator is very chatty. Dialog [...]

    11. Choose Your Own Adventure!You: know a place!Where the grass is really greener!Warm, wet, and wildThere must be something in the water!You: could travel the world!But nuthin’ comes closeTo the golden coast!Once you party with herYou’ll be fallin’ in love!Oh-oh-oh oh oh ohhhIf you decide to follow love to its logical conclusion, choose /review/show/If you decide that it is time to give up on love and just get out there and start partying, choose /review/show/

    12. 2.5 stars - A Strange taleI want to start by saying I love Agatha Christie, I have read pretty much all of her books and Poirot is on my list of fictional characters I would love to have dinner with.But I have to say that I really did not enjoy this story nearly as much as I hoped I would. The story is told by Michael, a young man with little money and big expectations who marries Ellie (an innocent young rich girl). The story surrounds 'Gipsy Acre', a large house and plot of land in the English [...]

    13. Well, this is an interesting little oddity. If I’d picked this novel up blind, not knowing who the author was, then I think I could have got through the first few chapters without being able to guess. Here is a narrator who is just so un-Christie. For a start he’s very much working class, your callow and unpolished drifter. A good looking and smooth-talking boy, who at points seemed to me like he’d strayed in from a Joe Orton play. The tone is very un-Christie too, and Michael Roberts – [...]

    14. This is a stand -alone novel by Agatha Christie and is one that I had not read before. I have to admit that Christie is undoubtedly my favourite author of all time and, whether re-visiting favourite characters such as Poirot, or coming to one of her books for the first time, it always feels as though you are reading something familiar. In fact, immersing yourself in a Christie novel is rather like slipping into a warm pool and being taken effortlessly on a journey – she is the most capable plo [...]

    15. Had I never read Agatha Christie's other works, I might well be giving Endless Night 5 stars--genuinely creepy atmosphere, a challenging narrative voice for her to carry off (that of a young working-class man), and a breathtaking twist at the endwhat's not to love? Well, in my case, the trouble is that she's done the best elements of this novel before, and done them better earlier in her long career. She's taken one of her all-time most brilliant and shocking ideas (the narrator from The Murder [...]

    16. Well I think I just hit a new personal record. I needed to re-read this. Every bit as horrifically devastating as the first read. Yet I'm all the more horrified that I found myself to still have a teeny tiny crush on our horrid narrator. Ugh. Poor Ellie. :(

    17. Oh. My. Goodness. This book was amazing!!!!! It was definitely Agatha Christie at her best. The ending was completely shocking. I never would've guessed it. Complete and total genius!

    18. Unfortunately, after coming off the high of And Then There Were None, this book fell short. Way short. I probably should've given it a rest before picking up another Agatha Christie, but I was very excited and keen to immerse myself in another mystery. Sadly, this one didn't do it for me, and although it was an easy read and I finished it relatively quickly, I was not interested in what was happening and could not involve myself in any of the events taking place - which I must say, were little t [...]

    19. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. A stand alone novel that is more psychological study than mystery. This is one of Agatha Christie's favorites and I can see why. What starts out as a sort of analysis of class dynamics and the psychology of privilege turns into a very chilling exploration of madness.5 stars.

    20. Read for The Century Project - 1967.Full review on my blog here.Reread in 2017 for Halloween Bingo - square "In the Dark, Dark Woods."

    21. Dimulakan dengan sajak mudah dari William Blake. buku ini dibaca sewaktu percutian di Bali. Teknik penceritaan yang berbeza Agatha Christie penulis prolifik di zamannya. Bayangkan menulis menggunakan mesin taip dan mampu kekal berada di reruai buku sehingga kini. Kata bual pilihan Agatha sangat mudah dan senang difahami. Kali ini berkisah tentang keinginan Micheal Rogers yang terpesona dengan rumah di Gypsy Acre maka bermulalah segalanya penemuan demi penemuan. Sedap dibaca, untuk naskah vintaj [...]

    22. Agatha Christie's virtuoso for investigator fiction is unparalleled. Her overall notoriety is remarkable, her characters drawing in, her plots hypnotizing. Nobody knows the human heart- - or the dull interests that can stop it- - superior to Agatha Christie. She is really the unrivaled Queen of Crime. Unending Night Michael Rogers longs for a rich, wonderful spouse and a consummately outlined house. He finds the lady, and they fabricate the house. At that point sudden demise strikes.“Some are [...]

    23. Christie goes Gothic.The final great murder mystery Christie wrote (since Curtain was written in the 1940's) I enjoyed Hallowe'en Party, but it wasn't one of her brilliant stories - more of a 3* read. Mike Rogers wants money but he is too lazy & too impatient to work for it. So he is fortunate that wealthy, innocent Ellie comes into his life. She loves the piece of land Mike loves & the architect he admires builds a stunning mansion on it. They could have been so happy(view spoiler)[ You [...]

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    25. I picked it up, with some expectations and wasn't left disappointed. A very comfortable read, indeed. Mike Rogers is a man who is too restless to settle in a job and all he wants is a house, 'Gipsy's Acre' for himself with a girl he loved. At one point, it seems all his dreams come true but then the mystery begins.This novel's strength lies in its prose, which is extremely impressive. Christie worked with a great deal of ideas and metaphors in Endless Night. Plot mysterious, taut, and narrated i [...]

    26. This book has to be one of my least favorite Agatha Christie novels. The story is narrated by Michael Rogers, a young man from a humble background, who marries a rich American heiress and has a house built for them on land called "Gipsy's Acre". Of course, tragedy ensues, but it takes 17 chapters before anyone dies! I felt that this novel's pace was just too slow and the atmosphere of the story was far too melodramatic and forced. There was so much foreboding of what was to come in the first 17 [...]

    27. March 1967 Birthday Read(read early)A gothic home, a young married couple, and a gypsy who predicts danger, what could possibly go wrong? A standalone Christie mystery, per usual, twists and turns I wasn't expecting. A quick, fun read!

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