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  1. बऱ्याच इंग्रजी कादंबर्या, ग्रंथ वगैरे वाचल्या नंतर एकादी मराठी कादंबरी वाचावी असा विचार चालू होता, पण नक्की कोणती वाचावी हे पक्के होत नव्हते. काही वर्ष्यांपुर्वी ‘कोसला’ या कादंबरीचे अर्ध [...]

  2. Hailed as one of the path breaking modern novel emerged from post independence Marathi literature, Kosla (Cocoon) is episodic first person narrative, rounded off with plot, it sketches the life of its disillusioned protagonist Pandurang Sangvikar, the man trapped in the huge dichotomy between urban and rural contrast of life and feels alienated and disillusioned in both. With fine inter textual anecdotes covering theme of existential absurdity, the book covers brilliant critical eye and wonderfu [...]

  3. कोसला वाचून संपलंपण मनात अस्वस्थता आणि डोकं भणभणतं सोडून! माझं वाचन तितकं पुरेसं नाही म्हणून की काय पण कोसला जड वाटलं.कोसला वाचल्यानंतर समाधान मिळण्याऐवजी अस्वस्थता अजून वाढली. मेंदू अजून [...]

  4. मराठी साहित्यातील मैलाचा दगड. नेमाडे यांनी वयाच्या पंचवीसाव्या वर्षी लिहीलेली. तरूणाईच्या अस्वस्थतेला व्यक्त करते. समाजापासुन तुटलेल्या वैफल्यग्रस्त तरुणाची ह्रदयद्रावक कहाणी. भाषा आण [...]

  5. नेमाडे ह्यांचे कोसला वाचायला सुरवात केली आणि बर्याच गोष्टी डोक्या वरून गेल्या. ही कादंबरी वाचायला बरीच जड आहे कारण ती तुम्हाला विचार करायला लावते. ती जड आहे कारण कि नेमाडे ह्यांनी पूर्णपणे [...]

  6. I found this a little bit heavy. I loved the start. It was comic, the language was giving a tint of my own language. And it was so damn funny, for a sentence or two, I laughed a lot, putting book aside. The end, I found useless - but at the same time, it was giving a serious face to this light self portrait of Sangvikar. Other little things are expressed very nice. But sincerely, I expected a lot from Kosla. Even though, finishing this book gave me a feeling of accomplishment, I am not so happy [...]

  7. I am so disappointed. Not only because I had heard so much about this book and the writer, but also because my expectations were raised by the first half of the book itself! So much so that, when it ended, I double checked to make sure I hadn't skipped a few pages!

  8. Have read Kosla 3 times till now. At different age. first one at the age of 16.Then somewhere in between at the age of 28 and now third time at 40.Every time it was as amusing as it was or rather more. Every time I could read things differently. Hats off to Nemade.

  9. i have read kosla in english . Loved the language throw . Manu's character , hostel scenes and the hills !! my fav part . i could actually imagine all of that for real .

  10. Outstanding, superb, terrific. No words to describe this book. The best book I have read so far. I keep coming to this every now and then and everytime it gives me something new

  11. सर्वात आधी या लेखकाचे कौतुक करावे तितक थोड असेल. वयाच्या अवघ्या पंचविसाव्या वर्षी इतकी प्रगल्भता, अगदी आपले स्वतःचे वाटावेत असे मांडलेले विचार, इतके सारे व्यक्तीवर्णन सगळं काही खरच अफलातू [...]

  12. This book is beyond my choice and I felt he deliberately used phrase udaharnarth. I really couldnt dare to read this book. I though I would learn from his struggle, however, mine is much more than his. Nothing special. I really doubt why some books are so highly rated,is there any mass rate bot working? :)

  13. अतंत्य विनोदी, पुन्हा-पुन्हा वाचविशी वाटणारी अशी हि कादंबरी. वाचत असताना प्रत्येकाला कॉलेज कट्टा आठवेल. कित्त्येक किस्से स्वतःच्या आयुष्यातही घडल्याचा योगायोग जाणवेल. पांड्या यू आर दि बे [...]

  14. I could not co-relate this. I did not like this . I struggled to finish book. I really do not know why people liked it.

  15. Writing style is like the book is divided into different time segments and within that there is aimless rambling.Content is of coming of age + college life in 60s in Pune.However the books shows the society that time (which is still the same in rural india.) and youngesters college life journey in the city - something rare in Indian literature at that time. Closest genre could be ya but India had no ya genre that time.

  16. Must read book. After 4 years i read Marathi book is fantastic I read almost every book of pu. Deshpande While reading this I found same logic of writing with different Marathi accent Best book I ever read

  17. I feel its my story while reading and yes as Nemade said Pandurag means today's student didnt changed. read it again and again and feel it.

  18. लेखनशैली .……अगदी मस्तच!तरी पण ५ पैकी ४…का?……काही दोष वाचकांचे पण असतात. उदाहरणार्थ काही वाचक थोर असतात. आपण पण थोर वाचक झाल पाहिजे.

  19. Whole time I was reading this book as a autobiography and I was literally convinced. I think that is the greatness of this book. Perfectly written in first person.!

  20. आजही पुण्यात शिकायला येणाऱ्या प्रत्येकाने कोसला वाचले पाहिजे

  21. I have the same feeling as I had for Catcher in the Rye (Kosla is 'inspired' by it). WTF did I just read?

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