Book Lover

Book Lover One woman s passion for books and search for romance lie at the heart of this touching and funny novel about literature and longing in Los Angeles

  • Title: Book Lover
  • Author: Jennifer Kaufman Karen Mack
  • ISBN: 9780007227259
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback
  • One woman s passion for books and search for romance lie at the heart of this touching and funny novel about literature and longing in Los Angeles.

    One thought on “Book Lover”

    1. I bought this book because I recently discovered that I enjoy chicklit. It looked promising - a woman who likes reading, and hides in reading binges when she is low! It was bad.I kept reading it, trying to find when the heroine becomes likeable. She likes pizza, she enjoys buying books, her favourite shop is a book-shop. But no. She doesn't become likeable.She is a snob. She's biased against people who are not as rich as she is, who enjoy books differently than she does, who are not her. She tal [...]

    2. When life gets rough some girls shop, some girls drink, some get chatty with their girlfriends, and some girls do all of the above, and also grab a stack of novels and soak in the tub until their toes turn to raisins. I’ve been known to turn to a narrative or two when real life gets overwhelming, so I thought this title might be a nice way to ease myself in slowly to the world of chick lit. But nope. Turns out habitually reading books does not make you smarter or more insightful or more intere [...]

    3. what the fuck? this book started out pretty good and then just completely fizzled. then ending is absolutely ridiculous. the main character sells out. the love interest falls into an plot scenario that has been written way too many times. i was so disappointed by this book i had to go out and buy several others just to make up for my lapse in judgement in buying this one fact, i am now writing an update to this review because i am still upset over this book. i can't believe what a let-down it wa [...]

    4. Books about book lovers always seem a bit tricky to me - 'book lovers' aren't necessarily 'readers' and vice versa, and what do those terms mean anyway? etc. And if your 'book lover' heroine doesn't enjoy the same sort of books or have the same attitude to them as the reader, then what? I found the title character's (frankly snobbish) attitude to books annoying, though I envied her articulateness :) It probably says a great deal about me that the part of the book I really liked showed the heroin [...]

    5. Ugg. Awful. I did like the quotations at the beginning of each chapter, and the all the literary references, but the writing finally won out. I find it unimaginable that the authors (yes, there are two authors) have read anywhere near the books they allude to their character having read in the book. It's almost like they just went to the quotations page and plugged in, "quotes about reading and books" to gain their literary references-it just feels fake. If the protagonist actually had read all [...]

    6. This book took me forever to readterally almost a because it was so annoying, I kept putting it down and starting other books and only reading it when I was done with my new books and before I'd find something more interesting to read. It was often incredibly ignorant too and very narrowly indicitive of the women who wrote it. Long story short, the last 1/3 of the book was pretty good and I enjoyed FINISHING it finally. I do not recommend it at all, EXCEPT for all of the very cool quotes [...]

    7. Ok, I only read the first few chapters, but that's all I needed to read to determine this was a trite, snotty, manifesto of the stereotypical "L.A. mentality". Now, the authors may have been shooting for this in an ironic, tongue-in-cheek mannerbut it fell flat for me. And for some it could've been amusing, but it really just grated on my nerves.I'm a bit because I'm a geeky bibliophile and can relate, completely, to escaping for days on end in a pile of books!

    8. Sigh. I had such high hopes for this book. I got it because I was intrigued by the idea of a character who used books an escape from real life. I expected some thoughtful explorations of that topic from someone who loved literature. What I got was a pedestrian, chick-lit novel with a lot of lot of literary name dropping. A real missed opportunity.

    9. If you actually like reading real literature, this is one of those books that you're slightly embarassed to admit that you've read. It's okay --- I'd classify it as even slightly trashy --- it goes quickly, I would only recommend it if you need a little relief after a really intense novel, or you enjoy reading stories about the superficial L.A. living of spoiled women. I'm only on page 100 and I'm already anxious for it to end --- it kind of feels like when one of your friends goes up to do kara [...]

    10. "I collect new books the way my girlfriends buy designer handbags."Despite a main character who could be construed as a kindred spirit, this book disappointed me. The blurb on the back described the plot as that of a woman who deals with the problems of her life by going on a book reading binge. Okay. Excellent strategy. And the authors (Why are there two? Two authors concerns me.) tossed into the story every wonderful book title, every wonderful book quote, every wonderful authorbut it wasn't e [...]

    11. I REALLY wanted to like this book. It unfortunately felt pretentious, snobbish and like it was trying too hard. :(

    12. Book Lover is a painfully inconsistent depiction of a self-absorbed and largely unsympathetic heroine, Dora, whose best feature is her adoration of books. All book lovers will enjoy all the quotes and literary references the novel makes and admire Dora's dedication to books - except even that doesn't last.There isn't really anything driving the plot; instead Dora's life meanders on past the reader's eyes, without any direction or tension. There's romance without tension, life challenges that are [...]

    13. Ho comprato questo libro, come molte Anobiiane, attratta dalla copertina e dalla trama. La protagonista è una giovane donna divorziata, appassionata lettrice, quando qualcosa nella sua vita non va si chiude in casa e legge, legge, legge, legge. Praticamente il mio sogno (se solo non ci fosse il "problemino" del lavoro). Quando ho letto "Colleziono nuovi libri allo stesso modo in cui le mie amiche comprano borse firmate. A volte mi basta sapere di averli e non mi pongo il problema se riuscirò a [...]

    14. A beach read with greater aspirations. I'm always skeptical of people who just "looooooove books so much" and the heroine of this otherwise fairly standard chick-lit entry does just that. Separated from her second (wealthy and charming husband) and with a designer-wear addiction, whenever Dora goes into a funk she lies in her marble bath for hours and devours books. She falls for a rakish bookstore clerk, and rather abruptly finds herself enmeshed in the life of his family -- his earthy mother a [...]

    15. I had very high hopes for this book - it seemed to have all of the good chick lit ingredients, along with intelligent writing and fun literary touches. Unfortunately, it just didn't live up to the hype.As with many others, I loved the idea of book binges as a coping device and could completely relate to Dora’s desire to shut out world and lose herself in books. I also really enjoyed the part of the book that centered on Dora’s relationship with Bea and Harper. However, despite those aspects, [...]

    16. Another book that left me somewhat confuddled. On the one hand, it's hard to resist a book that wallows in reading, and I enjoyed Kaufman & Mack's navigation of the L.A. book scene, including a little ode to the now sadly-deceased Dutton's Brentwood Books. (How wrong is it that that's gone? VERY.) Some of the narrative twists were surprising and well done, as well—I really liked how Dora, the protagonist, becomes involved in the lives of her boyfriend's mother and niece, and how those rela [...]

    17. Questo libro racconta la storia di Dora e di come affronti ogni problema e difficolta' della vita aiutandosi con i libri. Stupende le citazioni ad ogni inizio capitolo e meraviglioso il modo in cui Dora si rifugia nei libri (per la serie: si prepara un bagno caldo, sceglie dalla libreria un buon romanzo e chiude tutto il mondo fuori). Peccato che la trama sia un po' misera. Consigliato a chi, come me, ama i libri in cui si parla di libri!

    18. I like a light read now and then. I didn't think Dora was a snob, she didn't like people who have nothing to say, rich or poor. Like me she'd rather read a book than go to a party. She always tried to be kind and do the right thing. Didn't like Jane Austen though so that's a mark against her :)

    19. I just couldn't get into it. I didn't particularly like the protagonist and so I quit halfway through. Just not my thing.

    20. I'm never one to not a read a book based on bad reviews. I try to be fair and read the thing myself to really understand why it was thought to be a bad book and I find that more often than not it was usually highly misjudged. That was not the case for this particular novel. I am finding it hard to articulate exactly what went wrong with this novel because I really didn't like it at any point. There were moments when I dog eared the pages that sparked my interest, but that interest was only held [...]

    21. When I pick up books I read the first page to see if I enjoy it, silly I know. This has such a compelling start but such a crappy story line. I’m sorry, I hate to be rude, but couldn’t get past 30 pages. I hated the main character’s attitude to things and how she’s “not like the other girls!!!1”

    22. "Colleziono nuovi libri allo stesso modo in cui le mie amiche comprano borse firmate. A volte mi basta sapere di averli e non mi pongo il problema se riuscirò a leggerli. Non che alla fine non li legga tutti, uno a uno. Lo faccio. Ma il solo gesto di comprarli mi rende felice: la vita diventa più promettente, più appagante." (p.22)"L'assoluto piacere e l'intimità di un rapporto privilegiato con un narratore e con i suoi personaggi, sono straordinari, quasi sensuali. Alcuni passaggi continuan [...]

    23. I'm having mixed feelings about this book. It started out pretty good and I was excited to see where it was going, but then it kind of fizzled. The main character is a lover of books (which I think we can all relate to), and I found myself agreeing with her on most things at the beginning. She opines on the fact that some people just don't get it and that those people usually don't hold the same respect for books that she does. That's cool, I get it. It was even cool to see her reiterate her poi [...]

    24. For most of the book, I didn't like Dora at all. Maybe I saw too much of my own self-destructive behavior in her book binges, but I hated her.I still had to read the entire book though. I had to find out what happens. The problem, I think, with Dora is that she has many problems in her life and like a real person she has issues with confronting and solving them. How often do people actually take charge and fix their own lives, their own problems? A perfect example happens in this very book - Dor [...]

    25. After I arrived in Sydney, I was so anxious, that I didn't pick up a book for over a week, which is the longest I have gone without reading since the holidays when the fam was here. And even then, when I look at all the books I read since I got my library card in Auckland and when I ended it, I read an average of nearly 3 books a week. Everyone at TVNZ was amazed, but when you look at my lifestyle, it makes sense. And since getting to Sydney, besides being worried about work and I no longer work [...]

    26. So, I pretty much knew this was going to be a chick lit book, but I thought maybe it would be a little smarter than your typical chick lit novel. It follows pretty much the same formula, except there are all kinds of literary references and quotes thrown in. Woman feels like life is going nowhere, meets man, has relationship with man, etc.I didn't find Dora, the main character, to be completely likable. However, I didn't really see her as being snobby, just not someone I myself would enjoy spend [...]

    27. The little description seemed promising. A book about a girl living in L.A. who goes on book binges when life gets tough. I thought it sounded interesting- a bit different. Guilty enough- thought it was composed of characteristics in myself. Started reading it and disliked the first 100 pages. Moved pretty slow- only heard one voice up until that point- which confused me considering it was written by two authors. It didn't truly introduce any other characters for quite some time. Even though it [...]

    28. Ever since reading Peter Moore's terrific novel Los Angeles, one of my novelistic holy grails became the search for new witty novels that take place in the silver screen behemoth. For me, Los Angeles is to New York what Paris is to London, our mirror opposite, our ambivalent companion. That grail has been more than satisfied, for the moment, by the literary team Jennifer Kaufman and Karen Mack's *Literacy and Longing in L.A.* For denizens of this novel may well be the most sheer literary fun th [...]

    29. I’m not sure what I expected from this book – I looked forward to reading about someone who adored books, as I thought I would be able to relate to her. This is actually more a chick-lit type read than I was expecting (which is not necessarily a bad thing).The story is told from Dora’s point of view, and I did feel that she was a very believable character. She wasn’t always easy to like – she could be prickly, and looked down on people a lot. I got actually quite annoyed with her when [...]

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