Once Around the Track

Once Around the Track McCrumb draws you close makes you care Los Angeles Times Racing fans have never seen anything like it and they ve seen plenty the first all women s team in stock car racing history Already a national

  • Title: Once Around the Track
  • Author: Sharyn McCrumb
  • ISBN: 9780758207784
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Hardcover
  • McCrumb draws you close, makes you care Los Angeles Times Racing fans have never seen anything like it and they ve seen plenty the first all women s team in stock car racing history Already a national sensation, the spotlight heats up when financial challenges force Team 86 to hire a male wheel man And Badger Jenkins is a man all right a sweet faced Georgian McCrumb draws you close, makes you care Los Angeles Times Racing fans have never seen anything like it and they ve seen plenty the first all women s team in stock car racing history Already a national sensation, the spotlight heats up when financial challenges force Team 86 to hire a male wheel man And Badger Jenkins is a man all right a sweet faced Georgian who oozes aw shucks charm off the track and unleashes blistering speed in competition But the real Badger is a hard man to know Just ask the women whose job it is to keep both car and driver in one piece From crew chief and team manager Tuggle to engine specialist Rosalind Manning, publicist Melanie Sark and diehard fan Taran Stiles, this asphalt sisterhood will power through a racing season of dizzying highs and terrifying lows to prove that women can do a man s job And when the unthinkable happens, each will realize that they ve been hurtling at breakneck speed toward a moment that will change them forever Rave Reviews For Sharyn McCrumb McCrumb writes with a quiet fire ke every true storyteller, she has the Sight The New York Times Book Review There is no one quite like her among present day writers No one better, either The San Diego Union Tribune McCrumb portrays people so well it makes your heart ache Atlanta Journal Constitution

    One thought on “Once Around the Track”

    1. my thoughts at page 86:There are just way too many characters that require an indepth chapter of introduction in this book. I'm finding it very plodding and overly methodical. I don't need so much bland background on these women to later be in a position to better understand them.Perhaps once this racing team is assembled and they start actually working together it will pick up speed? my thoughts after finishing this book:well two things I've learned from this book1) the race car driver may look [...]

    2. First. I've been to one Nascar race, just to have the experience. Second. I will not go to another. Not saying its a bad thingjust not my thing.So, when i read the synopsis, i wasn't quite sure i'd enjoy this read.i was wrong!Sharyn McCrumb has brought these characters to life and you don't even realize your learning something about Nascarke it or not!I found myself 'seeing and feeling' these folks. A fine story about life.Please read.

    3. This was the selection for my book group for this month, and even though I am not going to attend, I used this as a "discipline" exerciseOMGis was not a fun read was not even an interesting survey of the racing world. There was no plot, the people had no personalities, there was no conflict, no love angle (well, a SMALL one, if you stuck with it to the end!) I actually found myself hoping the guy would crash!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. McCrumb is a wonderful storyteller - car racing (race carring?) is not where I met her, but I trust her ability to draw me in.And now I know about restrictor plates, and quite a bit more about NASCAR. And her storytelling abilities kept me going through this thin novel.I wish she would go back to her Appalachian mysteries or the faux-sci-fi.

    5. Well I finally finished this book. Let me begin by saying I adore Sharyn McCrumb's writing. This NASCAR jaunt is just not for me though. I simply could not get into it you can see by the fact it took me so long to finish it! I'll be happy to go back to her regular books.

    6. Interesting peek inside Nascar teams, with lots of interesting characters, many of whom are introduced and then dropped, but I liked it.

    7. “Once Around the Track“ is an interesting fiction based around the NASCAR auto racing circuit and the people that bring each race to life.This is a sweet story, somewhat funny at times and quite appealing. It begins with a group of female investors financed by “Vagenya” ( v i agra for women) who put together an all female Nascar team. The only male is the “wheel man”, a charming and unassuming man with the ability to compete at a high level, his good looks are a definite asset to the [...]

    8. Being a relatively new NASCAR fan, I looked at this book as a social statement when I downloaded it onto my Kindle with a NASCAR theme. I was completely wrong as this gave great insight into many aspects of the sport that new and casual fans don't otherwise see, such as the careful marketing and profiling of the drivers, the intricate tasks of each pit crew members and how each team is marketed.The characters are well developed and believable. Everyone from the "evil" personal manager to Taran ( [...]

    9. I wanted to like this book far better than I did. After all, Sharyn McCrumb is a favorite author -- and the person whose novels inspired me to investigate forensic anthropology (now my major as adult college student).Sadly, "Once Around the Track" was something of a disappointment. It lacked McCrumb's usual humor and style, present in nearly all of her books, and lacked the suspense of all the others I've read. Perhaps it's just that I am not a NASCAR fan, but I never really connected with any o [...]

    10. Too much information and not enough story.St. Dale was a much better read. There was more plot.My husband used to be a photographer for NASCAR and is still involved with the racing world. Therefore, I need to know stuff about racin'. This novel does provide lots of information on how a NASCAR team evolves and works, but Ms. McCrumb used too many words somehow.I knew it was a bad sign when I quit highlighting memorable phrases or quotes the further I read in the book. All the quotes I liked were [...]

    11. A fun, very interesting read. I was never a NASCAR fan before.ybe now I'll take a little more interest in the races.I surprised my husband when we were out of town recently and he wanted to watch a NASCAR race (Richmond) and I quickly found the channel and took an interest. He can't figure out what I'm up to now. I asked him quite a few quetions about the drivers, who he liked and didn't like and why. This was a good story, well told and believeable, it wasn't easy going for the all female NASCA [...]

    12. Badger Jenkins is a shy, unassuming NASCAR driver with chiseled cheekbones and a rabid fanbase. He's recruited to drive for the first otherwise-all-female team. For several months, we follow Badger and several of the women who work in the crew or behind the scenes, as the team coalesces and the season progresses.This is an entertaining and well-written look at NASCAR racing from the perspective of insiders. We learn a great deal about the sport and what it takes to run a NASCAR team. We also get [...]

    13. Okay, I've read almost everything that Sharon McCrumb has written. I read Bimbos of the Death Sun ages ago, and I've loved her Appalachian mysteries.But honestly, I have felt like her books have kind of lost their magic over the last few years. But I think she gets it back with this book. It's about an all-female NASCAR pit crew. Now, to be honest, I could really care less about NASCAR. But I loved the characters in this book, loved the dialogue, love just about everything here. Way to go, Sharo [...]

    14. I am a fan of NASCAR but not a rabid fan. In my youth, I attended a few races. In my opinion, the Darlington Southern 500 was the race of races and my favorite track. McCrumb brings the behind the scenes action to life and allows us to laugh, cry, love, and hate. A terrific story and very nicely written.

    15. I reread this novel. The book is essentially about race car driver Badger Jenkins, a mysterious man and hard to know in many ways. He comes off as a non-materialistic hero, a Christ-like figure who is interested in women--or women are interested in him because he is handsome and charismatic. The point of view of the man is from the perspective of a number of women.

    16. Took me a while to really get into this book. I have read several McCrumb novels, wasn't expecting NASCAR. The book, especially at the beginning, was a bit Southern noir, which both made me laugh and got too much at times. It was worth reading, but be forewarned, there is a lot of NASCAR in the book.

    17. I truly miss the books, scenery, and characters of her older books, but this new Nascar motif is growing on me. The characters are sharp, the story line suspenseful, and the details for racing, and fire suites, right down to the inside the car was amazing. And i loved that there was a turtle and the main character actually fixed the shell with fiberglass!

    18. I have enjoyed Sharyn McCrumb's NASCAR series, and this was, for me, the best. In large part because there are fewer details of the driving. No problem finishing this because the characters and the plot mesh well. Well worth the $1 at the Dollar Tree!

    19. I love Sharyn McCrumb, and Once Around the Track features her trademark humor and excellent characters. However, the book's gushiness on the subject of NASCAR (and the magic properties of the firesuit) were a little heavy handed for me.

    20. Even though I am not a big NASCAR fan, I enjoyed the plotting, characters, and humor McCrumb exhibits in this novel. She has intricately researched the racing world and makes it fascinating even to the uninitiated.

    21. Not terrible but I sure like her other books better. Something about it seemed like a poorly done condensed novel - like pieces were missing

    22. It was ok. Not a mystery. If you're interested in NASCAR, it gives you a little info. About a female NASCAR team.

    23. I am not a Nascar Fan - but I loved this book!! Again Ms McCrumb tells a great story, and provides well developed characters. She gives me a pride in my Appalachian Heritage.

    24. If I didn't know a little about NASCAR because my husband was a fan, I might not have like this book as muchting reading and I learned a bunch about the sport.

    25. best part: now I know something about NASCAR. Worst part: like a junior high textbook on NASCAR -- lots of facts entwined in a thin plot.

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