The Songcatcher

The Songcatcher Haunted by a memory Lark McCourry traces the passage of a song through generations of her family from a Scottish island through the pages of American history to the Appalachian Mountains in western

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  • Title: The Songcatcher
  • Author: Sharyn McCrumb
  • ISBN: 9780451202505
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • Haunted by a memory, Lark McCourry traces the passage of a song through generations of her family, from a Scottish island through the pages of American history, to the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina As the memory of the song dims over the years, Lark s only hope of preserving her family legacy lies in mountain wisewoman Nora Bonesteel, who talks to the liHaunted by a memory, Lark McCourry traces the passage of a song through generations of her family, from a Scottish island through the pages of American history, to the Appalachian Mountains in western North Carolina As the memory of the song dims over the years, Lark s only hope of preserving her family legacy lies in mountain wisewoman Nora Bonesteel, who talks to the living and the dead.

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    1. This was a "good" book, but it could have been so much better. I was highly-motivated to read it -- I had loved McCrumb's "The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter," which was an engrossing, haunting, lyrical tale about a family tragedy and the goings-on of a community of people in the hills of Appalachia. "The Songcatcher" has the same setting and it tries to have that same haunting, lyrical style. However, I felt that it lacked focus with too many story threads. Some of these story threads, taken sepa [...]

    2. Tracing an ancestor back to his roots gave the author some fascinating factual fodder that brightens this book about a search for an old ballad. The author’s own family stories prove that truth is often stranger than fiction. One of the key characters is Malcolm, a member of the author’s family tree, who was kidnapped from a beach in the Scottish Isles to work on shipboard when he was less than ten years old. On the ship he worked hard but also learned songs, including the fictional one that [...]

    3. One of the best things about the Appalachian region is it's rich history of music. You can hear the scotch/irish melodies woven through many of the songs which were not even written down until a couple of decades ago. Sharyn McCrumb's story captures the beauty of the mountains, its colorful inhabitants and folklore. I live in these mountains and you can find music in almost any place you look any night of the week. This is one of the best books I've read about this amazing place; certainly one o [...]

    4. I read this book for my Celtic Women club's summer book. If not for the meeting, I would have ditched it after the first chapter. The set up for the book is laudable: Singer Lark McCourry wants to locate a song she had heard sung when she was a little girl. When she is called back home to see her dying father one last time, she decides to look for the song while she is there. In a hurry, she hires a small plane to fly her from a big airport to the small one near her hometown. The plane crashes a [...]

    5. This was the first book in the Ballad series that I ever read - actually the first Sharyn McCrumb book in general that I've read and I just finished re-reading it for my bid to read the entire series in order from start to the end.This book made me fall in love with Sharyn McCrumb. While it doesn't match the beauty of She Walks These Hills or The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter, (I'm beginning to think that none can) it's still a wonderful work. I love how McCrumb takes one historical story and sev [...]

    6. Someone recommended this, but it probably isn't really my preferred "style" of book. Had a hard time finishing. Wavers somewhere between "historical fiction" and "mystery." Lark is a country singer who uses the music of her childhood to further her career, but simultaneously is isolated from her aging father and community roots. She must find her way back while searching for the "lost" folk-song that is her family's legacy. It doesn't sound all that interesting, and it really isn't. Quite a few [...]

    7. The Songcatcher by Sharyn McCrumb (2001, 321 pages). Subtitled “A Ballad Novel”, McCrumb’s book traces the connections between a traditional ballad and the McCourry family. The story begins in 1751 with Malcolm McCourry, a Scot kidnapped as a child, who is later brought to North Carolina. The plot alternates between Malcolm’s life story and the quest of Lark McCourry, a contemporary country singer, who is trying to track down the ballad she remembers from her childhood. Both stories are [...]

    8. I really enjoy Sharyn McCrumb's books set in the Appalachians. I learn something new with each book, about people. This story evolves around a song that the first McCourry, a child kidnapped from Scotland in 1759 and who eventually ends up in western North Carolina, remembers. There is a story set in the present along with chapters about the family through the centuries. A touch of the supernatural gives it an enjoyable edge.

    9. This is a boring book. The story jumps back and forth between an estranged father and daughter, and one of their ancestors in the mid 1700's. Then it also includes random characters along the hiking trails and tiny towns of the Appalachian mountains. At the halfway point of this book, I counted 4 separate story lines, none of them engaging, and there was no hint of how these story lines would be eventually tied together. I have permanently shelved the book.

    10. This is mystery a bit, not murder mystery. I like that there are four plots that are all intertwined. The author used some of her own background/genealogy for this. The plot involves a folksinger looking for the perfect ballad, a Vietnam vet, and the first McCoury to come from Scotland to America in the 1700's. I also like that Spenser Arrowood and Nora Bonesteel from the author's Ballad of Frankie Silver are in this book as well.

    11. Another good entry in the Ballad series by Sharyn McCrumb! I do love books where there are two different stories linked together, and few do it better than this author. In The Songcatcher, the two stories are of Folksinger Lark McCourry who is trying to track down a song that she has a vague memory of, and of her ancestor Malcolm MacQuarry, who has learned the song while being shanghaied aboard a ship as a child.As always, there is a skillful blending of the two stories. Nora Bonesteel, the 70+ [...]

    12. I enjoyed reading this book (my first by the author) and reflecting on the writing as I processed the construction of the various story lines. Although the relay between characters, time periods, and events was interesting, the handling of the conversations about the missing song became somewhat repetitive. The Afterward explained the author's sources, but it also repeated some of the novel's words--perhaps because the author was using such personal material in the narrative. My principal enjoym [...]

    13. Interesting and loose account of the author's family history in flowing, engaging fiction-style storytelling. Sharyn McCrumb includes historical information about the events surrounding the lives populating The Songcatcher in the backdrop of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. A nice narrative full of engaging characters.

    14. I love that this book is based on how a song can be passed down through generations. It follows a family through the generations from their immigration from Scotland to the life in the Appalachians. It talks about present day, but follows the ancestors through their whole history.

    15. I have become a fan of Sharyn McCrumb's books, partly because of the setting of her novels which covers east Tennessee and western North Carolina. My husband's family is the Johnson City/ Jonesborough,. TN area so although I haven't actually lived there, I have seen much of the area and become very familiar with people who have been lived there all of their lives. She excels at describing the traditions and lifestyles of the natives of that area---especially the fierce independence, not wanting [...]

    16. One of the things I love best about Sharyn McCrumb is her style of storytelling. She once again delivered with Songcatcher.One of the things I will carry away from this book is how the pronounciation of words can have political meaning. Two examples are given in this book. The first is the when a New Yorker pronounces Appa-lay-cha when the mountain people prefer Appa-latch-a. The New Yorker insists on saying it his way until the second example is given. Apparently there is a city is Scotland tha [...]

    17. I picked up this book in a second hand book section of a roadside cafe, looking for some light reading for the bus. I'm not quite sure how this book counts as a mystery but it served its purpose, keeping me entertained for a number of hours on the road, and pool-side during my holiday. I'm cynical, I know, but I just didn't think the plot was thick enough to be a mystery. It was interesting as historical fiction, and I really enjoyed the way the two stories intertwined, past and present sewn tog [...]

    18. McCrumb alternates the current-day storyline with a story about the generations descended from a Scottish boy kidnapped from his home in Islay and brought to the Caribbean islands. His descendants ultimate settle in New Jersey and the Appalachians between Tennessee and Virginia. In her afterword the author explains that this history was based on what she could dig up about one of her own ancestors and his children and grandchildren. While both the historical narrative and the present-day story a [...]

    19. Back in the small town of Hamlin with Sheriff Arrowood and Nora Bonesteel. I like this series, but this wasn't one of the best. I prefer it when only Nora Bonesteel sees the dead people because she's supposed to have the sight, but when some of the other characters see them too – it takes away from it. Feuding father-daughter start this one. Daughter has become a famous country/folk singer and is coming home to see dad who is not doing well. He is old curmudgeon who used to be a lawyer. Part o [...]

    20. This was an interesting book. Set in the Appalachians, what I enjoyed most about it was all of the history the author included, both about Appalachian music and the early Scottish settlers. I especially enjoyed her mention of the early Scottish settlers to Buncombe, North Carolina as I can trace my ancestry there. I did not think as far as being an overall great story that it really fit the bill for me, as it didn't seem thecharacters themselves really experienced any kind of growth or triumph a [...]

    21. Sharyn McCrumb has given us a fictionalized version of her family tree, and it's a treat.John Walker is dying and his housekeeper summons his estranged daughter home. His daughter, Linda, now a famous folksinger known as Lark, suffers an accident on the way home, however, and is stranded on a mountainside with faint chance of rescue. To see her through her ordeal, the 911 officer she managed to reach on her cell phone before the battery died promises to track down a folk song she heard when she [...]

    22. In her usual lyrical way, Sharyn McCrumb tells two stories in one in this book. One is story that goes back to the late 18 century. A story that begins in Scotland and ends in a remote North Carolina mountain cabin. The other story is set in the late 20 century, and is about a plane crash in a remote mountain area that is also in the North Carolina mountains. Ms. McCrumb binds these two disparate stories together with an old folk song and a family thread. The book is the story of young Malcolm M [...]

    23. This story revolves around a song that evolves from generation to generation. The novel begins in the Appalachin Mountains, and the song begins in the Scottish Isle. Lark, the main character, is searching for a song she vaguely remembers hearing as a child. Malcom, one of Lark's ancestors, learned the song as a ship's cabin boy. The connection between the past and present foreshadows the recovery of the song for the reader. For Lark the search isn't so easy. She is lost in a plane crash, and her [...]

    24. This book was engaging and an enjoyable quick read. Not a lot of meat, but filling nonetheless.I hate to admit I had a preconception of what I thought the novel would be based on movie trailers and reading the back of the book. My preconception could NOT have been more off. Because, really, the book isn't about songcatchers at all, at least not the ones who came into the mountains and collected songs, and Nora Bonesteel (touted as the main character) is pretty secondary, when it comes right down [...]

    25. I love a book that incorporates genealogy/history with a region. Sharon McCrumb knows how to write and this book is a gem.

    26. If you've enjoyed any of Sharyn McCrumb's Ballad novels, this one will not disappoint. I enjoyed the peeks back through the history of the McCourry family in particular. There were a couple of elements I didn't care much for - the Bonnie Wolfe subplot did not hold my interest very well, and there was not nearly enough Sherriff Arrowood for my taste. But all in all it was a solid story. (I was disappointed to find out (view spoiler)[ through the afterword that the song featured in the book was no [...]

    27. This is my second reading of The Songcatcher, one of the author's novels with personal roots to her Scotish ancestors who settled in the Appalachian mountains. The story fluidly moves between the past and present of the family of Malcolm McCourry and the search of a song lost but not completely forgotten through generations. Many characters appear along the way, one that is in particular a common theme in this writer's works, Nora Bonasteel, our beloved constant stable figure that is said to hav [...]

    28. The Song Catcher – Mc Crumb4 starsThis is another of the books in McCrumb's Ballad series. It also features Spencer Arrowood and his deputy, as well as Nora Bonesteel, the old lady who sees dead people. In fact, in this book several of the characters see dead people. The story is tied to the history of a particular ballad and how it came from Scotland to America. The narrative bounces back and forth between the contemporary story and the historical trail of the song.I've read most of the other [...]

    29. A book with a folksong as hero? I liked the idea and soon was engrossed in McCrumb’s world and intriguing characters.The novel centers around a contemporary singer’s search for a song heard years earlier at a relative’s funeral. The story is told by a number of viewpoints which vary from past to present, a technique which might be distracting were not the various characters so interesting.Based in part on McCrumb’s own ancestors, the novel combines elements of genealogy, history, mountai [...]

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