Star Abigail Starland better known as Star is a kick ass CIA agent But what s different about her is she s a shape shifter vamp from the Revolutionary War era in a covert new branch of the agency Accordi

  • Title: Star
  • Author: Theresa Oliver
  • ISBN: 9780615605005
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Abigail Starland, better known as Star, is a kick ass CIA agent But what s different about her is she s a shape shifter vamp from the Revolutionary War era in a covert new branch of the agency According to the CIA, she doesn t exist She fears nothing, that is, until she s assigned as bodyguard to Zachary Davis, the 18 year old teenage son of her boss They fall in loveAbigail Starland, better known as Star, is a kick ass CIA agent But what s different about her is she s a shape shifter vamp from the Revolutionary War era in a covert new branch of the agency According to the CIA, she doesn t exist She fears nothing, that is, until she s assigned as bodyguard to Zachary Davis, the 18 year old teenage son of her boss They fall in love and the trouble begins She soon discovers that The Others, rogue, uncontrollable vamps, are after him But who s behind it Star soon learns she s bitten off than she can chew when she discovers that it s a vamp from her past Star will keep you guessing at every vamp turn of the page

    One thought on “Star”

    1. I have to say that this book suprised me in both good and bad ways. The bad are it has to many simularities to other vampire books such as there were way to many things that reminded me of Twilight like the no fangs her having venom and if she bites someone she has to turn them, that she doesnt need air to breath, that she lives off of animal blood and that she shimmers which is to close to sparkling like the vampires in Twilight does. I think using a book to write a book and using things in tha [...]

    2. Alright, I know your all thinking another vampire book. You guys know I have a weakness for vampires. At first glance Star follows a familiar pattern. Vampires with respect for human life, they hunt animals, they have venom, and they posses all the super human powers of speed and mind control. But keep on with it, because that where the similarities end.In this book the kick ass vampire lead is female. That right there sets the tone for what this book covers. Not only is star a covert CIA agent, [...]

    3. I received this book for free through First Reads. There was so much about this book that didn't work I really don't know where to start. It was so much like Twilight that it was ridiculous. She gives thanks to a woman who hosted Stephanie Meyer fan writing contests which makes it glaringly obvious it is heavily based off that. The author seemed to want to constantly remind the reader that she knew a lot about cars and weapons, as they are constantly talked about in specifics. She also felt the [...]

    4. Vamps are super strong and can doing anything blah blah blah. This book as all the makings of a great subject matter and what could be very interesting characters. On my NOOK it was listed as 206 pages. The author used the word expertly roughly 40 times( I know I counted) so I felt like the whole vamps are all powerful issue was beat to death. the characters seemed very one dimensional and unrealistic(yes I know VAMPS as a whole are unrealistic)in so many ways. In what seemed like one sentence b [...]

    5. At first I thought this book was going to be something along the same lines as the Twilight Saga but I was pleasantly proved wrong. This book is soooo different and I couldn't put the book down. Star is a young Teenage Vampire who was turned after the Murder of her Father. During the years Star ends up working for a secret department within the CIA. Star is called in for an assignement to protect the Chiefs Son Zac. Star and her Maker Rick head to Cooperstown for this assignment and Star is enro [...]

    6. Star-- by Theresa Oliver, isn't just a regular novel inspired by Vampires-- it is much more. After being turned, centuries ago, Abigail Starland, now receives a new assignment-- Protect the head of the CIA's son-- at all costs-- Normally, Star would have laughed at such a job, but since her friend, Rick, was assigned to the same kid, she decided to go along with it- What happens next surprised Star the most. The kid that she had to protect was the first person to ever set her heart on fire With [...]

    7. In a book full of vampire spies, vampire rogues, and shapeshifting vampires, you might find you have no idea who to trust. I often thought one thing, only to find out I was wrong, and it was fun to try to figure out who was good and bad in this vampire/spy novel.Abigail Starland is one tough vampire cookie. She is very no nonsense and doesn't like to be told what to do. She softens as she falls in love with Zac the teenage boy she is protecting. But also has to become more diligent in order to s [...]

    8. I was not sure what to expect when i started reading this book , as Vampires have been written about many times before. Once i started reading, a few pages in i was hooked. The characters are so likeable and different, i just had to keep on reading to see how they developed further what would happen next.I wasn't disappointed. The storyline was good and there are so many twists and turns to keep you guessing as to what's in store for everyone. If you love vampires and action then this is a must [...]

    9. Whoa, this book sounds amazing! I love vampire romance books. . . all I read is about vampires!! So want to read it. . .

    10. I love Vampires and Vampire stories! This was a different and interesting take on the repetitious genre of Vampires! I was addicted within the first pages and couldn’t put it down.

    11. I received this book for free through First Reads. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to review this. Lazy writing for lazy readers who only care about love at first sight and having main characters spout "I love you" OOH AHH even if bullets are flying before dealing with the gunfire. There are so many plot and character development issues I could write a term paper on this. The two female vamps were born pre-American Revolution but talk and act like 21st century tweens. (Want to read a rea [...]

    12. I was Surprised. After having read The Twilight Saga and also The Vampire Diaries, I expected it to be pretty flat in comparison. I only have one tiny thing, and it bothers me because I'm a Vampire fanatic. The use of the word "Vamp". I just hate it. Maybe replace it with something else? Other than that, I loved the storyline. Woman being the stronger sex for a change was a pleasant and welcomed surprise. It's given me ideas for my own writing, don't worry Theresa, I'm no thief. I have to say. Z [...]

    13. I enjoyed this book, I thought it was an interesting take on the vampire world. Great characters and a good plot. It had some interesting twists to it. The flashbacks were used in a good way that added to the story instead of detracting from it. Some things that I wasn't really fond of. I don't like the instantly falling in love thing which happens with these two. There are a few parts that bear a similarity to other books, like eating only from animals, the way that people are converted, shimme [...]

    14. Abigail Starland otherwise known as Star is a shape-shifter vampire. Being a shape-shifter is very rare. Star works for the CIA, she is assigned to protect her boss' son, Zac. For Star and Zac it is love at first sight, but they have a lot of trials to get through before they can finally be happy.I thoroughly enjoyed this book it kept me guessing. I love the characters, I especially love Rick the protective yet fun father figure. I highly recommend this book its not your ordinary vampire story.

    15. If you love suspense, action and vampires, then you must read Star! It's and adventure from the beginning to the end. Suspense, action, true love and lots of weapons. I can't get enough of Star and Zac! A must read !read 5/12/2012

    16. This book is an action filled, vampire romance, told from the point of view of a vampire. The vampire qualities follow quite closely to other current vampire books, so it's easy to feel akin to them. I love the deep emotions felt in this book, and the great friendships that are depicted. There is plenty of action in this book, which makes the book flow nicely, and makes it difficult to put down. I look forward to more books with this cast of lovable characters!

    17. Fast paced and entertaining. It is set in a high school and i almost gave up. It however surprised me. I do find it a bit odd the main male character is so young. I would have said its perfect to a more mature male lead. Lots of coincidences too! Well written, which saved it for me.

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