Borderlines Seconded to the State s Attorney s office Lt Joe Gunther is in Vermont s Northeast Kingdom investigating a minor embezzling case It s a pleasant distraction and a chance to reconnect with old friend

  • Title: Borderlines
  • Author: Archer Mayor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seconded to the State s Attorney s office, Lt Joe Gunther is in Vermont s Northeast Kingdom investigating a minor embezzling case It s a pleasant distraction, and a chance to reconnect with old friends, but when a house fire reveals itself to be arson, compounded by murder, Gunther can t help but investigate Suddenly, he finds himself enmeshed in a web of animosity betwSeconded to the State s Attorney s office, Lt Joe Gunther is in Vermont s Northeast Kingdom investigating a minor embezzling case It s a pleasant distraction, and a chance to reconnect with old friends, but when a house fire reveals itself to be arson, compounded by murder, Gunther can t help but investigate Suddenly, he finds himself enmeshed in a web of animosity between put upon townspeople, the state police, angry parents and members of a reclusive sect Murder follows murder, yet no one seems to be telling Gunther the whole truth not even his childhood friends and truth is what he desperately needs if he s to stop the killings.

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    1. The second Mayor book featuring Joe Gunther. This one has an interesting premise as Gunther goes northeast to a small town where he spent time when he was young. He was sent on another case, but soon becomes involved in a dispute between townspeople and a sect that is secret and threatens the way of life in the town. I like Gunther. He is thoughtful and a good detective who respects people, but takes no guff. I really enjoy Mayor's writing, too.

    2. Archer Mayor is a new discovery for me and I am SO glad I stumbled across a couple of his books. This was the first that I read and it was fabulous. Since Mr. Mayor lives in Brattleboro, he makes Vermont come alive in a way that someone who doesn't would not be able to do. I have never been to Vermont, but I could vividly see the scenes in my mind. This novel creates a mystifying mix of murders, each level becoming more complex - it is beautifully done and Joe Gunther is a terrific character - c [...]

    3. Just OK. Actually a bit disappointing. I got into the book nicely, but the last third or so didn't please me. There is a big suspenseful scene at the end in a quarry, but the whole layout was so complicated with ladders and ledges, etc that I never quite understood it and therefore didn't get it. Also some characters engaged in odd behavior that should have been explained but was not, e.g a woman claimed she did not know when her husband left the house because she had taken Valium and was sleepi [...]

    4. Brattleboro, VT, police Lt. Joe Gunther, has traveled north to Vermont's Northeast Kingdom to assist the State's Attorney with an embezzlement case. Joe had spent many happy summers in this area when he was growing up so it is a good excuse to visit with some old friends as well. The small town of Gannet has undergone major changes since Joe was last there. Much of the original town is going to ruin while a lot of the houses and farmland have been purchased by the Natural Order, a group of devot [...]

    5. Archer Mayor is a gifted writer; his varied background/professions present many experiences to draw from. This is the second book in his Joe Gunther series, and I found it (generally) even better than the first one until near the ending, when the story line got all tangled and nearly incomprehensible. I was sad about this, as I had to re-read several pages, trying to wrap my mind around (useless to me) location descriptions. First 4/5 of this novel, I was mesmerized by the plot/characters/prose. [...]

    6. On the high side of three stars. I once again enjoyed Mayor's main character, Joe Gunther,and the book's comfortable style of writing. It is always fun to explore a state (or country)you don't know well in a nicely written mystery and the setting in a remote area of Vermont was half the fun of this book. I was a little bothered by the build-up of numerous characters only to have them disappear from the book (or in one case never even appear.). The main issue I had with this book is just a person [...]

    7. Another good book in the series. I thought this was a neat little mystery that also added a lot of depth to the central character. Like with many good mysteries, I thought I had figured this one out a couple of times only to be proven wrong every time. Good story and good characters in an interesting setting. I am looking forward to reading the next one.

    8. This is the second book in the "Joe Gunther Series". I was so enthralled by "Open Season", his first book, I needed to see if it's follow-up would be as good. I was not disappoined. With intriguing plots but down to earth, small town, characters I find the stories suspenseful but realistic. With 21 books in the series, I have much more reading about Joe Gunther in my future.

    9. A most worthy sequel. Mayor's strong characters and effective portrayal of the hardscrabble nature of the setting significantly enliven the story. There are a couple of interesting twists. One of them is that a central character, a young woman named Julie, is pivotal to the story, but is almost invisible. The second would be a spoiler if I told what it is; go read for yourself.

    10. After reading the 600+ John Adams biography, I went for a lighter read. This was a pretty standard police procedural. I liked this book better than the first one in the series. I might have given it four stars except for the unbelievable final scene. I didn't buy any of it. If you enjoy these types of books, you'll enjoy this one even if like me, you are frequently disappointed in the ending. The main character is likable. He is a widower (read that before) but he isn't an alcoholic and except f [...]

    11. A solid three stars. I've started reading the series as I am looking for another character get into long term (I like series better than one offs) and this is pretty good. What I like most about the character is he is heroic without being superman. He often makes mistakes and is afraid in fearful situations which makes him much more human than someone like Spenser or Reacher. Anyway, this one was good enough to get me to read the third one. I will add that in both these stories the cast of chara [...]

    12. The writing is very good. The Vermont setting is wonderful. Overall, I liked this story better than first book in the Joe Gunther series. This book centers on crimes related to a back to basics commune type cult that has established itself in the Northern Kingdom of Vermont. The rating book on this could be higher. Something in these books not clicking for me.

    13. A good "who dunnit " from Archer Mayer. A good "who dunnit " from Archer Mayer. Interesting plot twists featuring our favorite character Joe Gunther. It will stand alone although it does refer back to book one in the series.

    14. This and my other reviews from this year can be found on my blog, drinkingandink.Popsugar 2016 Reading Challenge: A book set in your home state.This was another reading challenge category that stumped me for a long time. Books set in Vermont are not impossible to come by, but if you’re not into Chris Bohjalian or nature writing, your options are limited. Howard Frank Mosher is a great choice, but I have to be in the right mood for him, and I haven’t been so far this year (and it’s October) [...]

    15. The psychology is obviously dated, which meant this one didn't stand the test of time as well as the first book in the series.

    16. Borderlines book#2 of (THE JOE GUNTHER CRIME MYSTERY) by: Archer Mayor will have you on your edge of your seat. this book is a nail biter that was it all cult, 6 murders, family ton apart by a strict family, uncertain love, family and hope of love from a distant girlfriend. what was suppose to be a job for the D.A. turns out to be a personal case that involves a close friend Joe grow up with and leads to some thing much more darker that will try to tare the small town and friends apart.

    17. This was a satisfying mystery with plenty of twists and interesting characters. There were a couple of odd things that don't really get explained but all in all this was good. I like the development of Joe Gunther a lot.

    18. It seemed appropriate, having just moved to Vermont, that I should read one of Archer Mayor’s Joe Gunther mysteries, set in this beautiful state. It turned out to be an excellent story too. This is the second Joe Gunther story, though it seemed that there was already lots of back story, describing people he had upset back in Brattleboro, where he normally works, people both personal and work colleagues.Anyway, in this second book, Joe is seconded up to the “North East Kingdom” of Vermont, [...]

    19. Vacationing in Vermont’s rural and isolated Northeast Kingdom, Joe Gunther encounters the Order, a cult that’s taken over half the town of Gannet, a place Gunther knew as a child. Tensions between the apparently peaceful cultists and the townspeople are at a high when a cult house burns down, killing five. Gunther suspects arson, and when two more murders follow, he works with local police to unravel the puzzle, while struggling to understand what has happened to the town and the friends of [...]

    20. 1990, #2 Lt Joe Gunther, Brattleboro Police, small town of Gannet, VT; almost cosy police procedural.Joe finds death and disillusionment when he takes a vacation, attempting to recapture his past and rethink where his future lies. Visiting his much loved elderly Uncle, he becomes involved in the investigation of a suspicious fire, a group of decidedly not-your-usual-Yankee-farmers, and a town that has changed considerably since his boyhood, including several once very close friends. Ruminative b [...]

    21. Boy, do I ever like this series. There's something about Joe Gunther, the middle age Everyman cop who's the hero of this series, that is so real it's endearing. The plot in this one presented a complicated cast of miscreants and a number of crimes any of them could have committed. I didn't figure this one out, but Joe did. I love that there are so many more to go, and I'm curious about how the author keeps Joe youngor not. He's well into middle age (early 50's I think) in the first two books. Th [...]

    22. I really enjoy reading this series. Archer Mayor's Joe Gunther is a great character, somewhat flawed, but a successful and sometimes lucky police investigator. I enjoyed reading along to find out who the murderer(s) was (were). A very enjoyable police procedural.I started this series near the end with Chat the 18th book in the series. I liked that book a lot and started collecting the earlier books. For some reason (mostly my towering TBR pile), I didn't get back to the series for about 7 years, [...]

    23. Nobody gets murdered until about halfway through this, the second of the Joe Gunther novels but the first I read. That alone should tell you that Archer Mayor is a very different writer to your average whodunit peddler. A great deal of character, atmosphere, and location detail is built up in the book's first half, all of which serve to make the ensuing investigation all the more compelling. Unfortunately, the momentum did begin to drop for me a little, and a few cliche character developments an [...]

    24. I'd seen a positive review of a book by Mayor, then read here it was #25 (!) in the Joe Gunther series, so while waiting for the CDs to arrive from another branch, went as far back as I could and got Joe #2. Dated but fun. Are there cults and deprogrammers around any more? This was pre-cell phone and NE Vermont was very much a character in the plot. Enjoyable. Maybe not QUITE a four star, but I rounded up.Ready for # 25 (since I have it) but will probably return to previous ones. So nice to find [...]

    25. I like Archer's books, not only because they are sound police procedurals with inch-perfect descriptive writing, but because he doesn't make Vermont seem something it isn't. There is no mythologising about the green mountains or the rural idyll here. This novel is set in the particularly impoverished Northeast Kingdom, and he pulls no punches in describing how down at heel it is in such normal terms. I also like that Joe Gunther is an older man, with all those imperfections and immovabilities, b [...]

    26. This isn't a fast-paced book. On the other hand, once you're into it you can't put it down. The characters are very well drawn, and the mystery keeps getting more and more mysterious as you read on. I like this book a lot; it's one of the best crime novels I've read recently. But, as I said, it takes its time. You get the routine police procedures, including a few detailed questionings of witnesses, as Joe Gunther tracks down the killer or killers. If you like your mystery stories detailed and r [...]

    27. I liked this as much as the first book in the series. Even though I'm a city person, I was able to follow all the action in the woods and really felt like I could see what happened. The tiny town in this book was pretty interesting and deviated from the usual stereotypes quite a bit. Not sure what happened to the female suspect in this story. She's seen from afar near the end but I suppose she got caught. Maybe he'll say something about his in the third book in the series, which I plan to read.

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