Tales From The Dew Drop Inne

Tales From The Dew Drop Inne Set in a small bar in Albuquerque New Mexico Tales From the Dew Drop Inne tells the collective bittersweet stories of the people who make the place their home people who have not fallen off the soci

  • Title: Tales From The Dew Drop Inne
  • Author: Kenneth Weene
  • ISBN: 9780984721580
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in a small bar in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Tales From the Dew Drop Inne tells the collective bittersweet stories of the people who make the place their home people who have not fallen off the social ladder but who are hanging on desperately at the bottom.

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    1. There's one in every town! We can all think of that iconic, almost dive bar, that's got the same customers lined up waiting for the doors to open. It's the kind of place who knows all the regulars by name. They're close knit, almost like family.The story is told from the point of view of Cal. He and his best friend, Ephraim, live in a boarding house within walking distance of the Dew Drop. Cal warms a stool while Ephraim picks at his guitar and sings.Sal owns the Dew Drop. He's kind of a stingy [...]

    2. Kenneth Weene's "Tales from the Dew Drop Inne" tells of the Runyonesque regulars at an Albuquerque, New Mexico, bar called the Dew Drop Inne, ala Cheers, but more gritty than glitzy. The Dew Drop Inne is more "an island of floating debris" where people go to drink because there's nobody at home, or too many people, or disagreeable people. Weene immediately apologizes for the book's title: "There must be one of those pun-named bars in every town." Even if the characters do not think of themselves [...]

    3. People with no roots wander into the Dew Drop and make it their home, their family. This assortment of people, who are barely hanging in there, come together to support one another, just lending a hand or an ear. The narrator says, “My accent? You decide. Wherever you say, I’ll own it.” An ex-Amish amateur musician, Ephraim, is his best friend and drinking buddy. The neighborhood bar where this collection of misfits has landed is described as “an island of floating debris”. Though othe [...]

    4. "I guess you could say I'm from The Dew Drop Inne. There's one in every town."Set in a local bar and narrated by Calvin, this collection of stories depicts the lives of those who hang on to the bottom rung of life's social ladder. From strippers to musicians to veterans, the desperate often-drunk people that inhabit the bar and call it "home" are clinging to what little family they have - all the regulars at the bar.Within these pages are colorful tales of people that could be anywhere. The life [...]

    5. Tales from the Dew Drop Inne. Kenneth Weene.People gather at bars to drink, share stories and sometimes to belong. Meet Ephraim and Calvin and their friends/family. The Dew Drop Inne is full of stories and a feeling of comeraderie. There are a lot of real characters in this book with their own issues but they come together to support each other when no one else will. The story takes a good look at the marginalized members of society but the author gives them substance. There is a Dew Drop Inne i [...]

    6. Tales From The Dew Drop Inne is many things. It’s a collection of characters and storylines, heartaches and missed opportunities. In this story, characterization takes the lead. The author achieves this by providing details that make each character’s story in the novel individual and particular. I had a real strong sense of the characters’ emotions, their feeling of camaraderie and acceptance, as well as their grief, resentment, and guilt. The book illuminates the lives of the no-so-powerf [...]

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