Royal Inheritance

Royal Inheritance This new novel in the wonderfully absorbing Library Journal Secrets of the Tudor Court series features a tailor s daughter who suspects she is an illegitimate offspring of King Henry VIII Audrey Malt

  • Title: Royal Inheritance
  • Author: Kate Emerson
  • ISBN: 9781451661514
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • This new novel in the wonderfully absorbing Library Journal Secrets of the Tudor Court series, features a tailor s daughter who suspects she is an illegitimate offspring of King Henry VIII.Audrey Malte, born about 1528 and raised at court by the king s tailor, John Malte, was led to believe she is Malte s illegitimate daughter when, in fact, her father is King Henry VIThis new novel in the wonderfully absorbing Library Journal Secrets of the Tudor Court series, features a tailor s daughter who suspects she is an illegitimate offspring of King Henry VIII.Audrey Malte, born about 1528 and raised at court by the king s tailor, John Malte, was led to believe she is Malte s illegitimate daughter when, in fact, her father is King Henry VIII When she reaches marriageable age, she begins to realize, from the way certain people behave toward her, that Malte is keeping secrets from her, and she sets out to discover the truth Her quest involves the best and the worst of the courtiers, among them a man with whom she falls in love Unfortunately, Malte has already entered into negotiations for her betrothal to someone else, and Audrey guesses the truth about her legacy when the king settles property on her, jointly with Malte Marriage is definitely in Audrey s future, but will it be to the man she wants to wed

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    1. Find this and other reviews at: flashlightcommentary.Book six of Kate Emerson's Secrets of the Tudor Court series, Royal Inheritance, boasts an interesting premise in that it fictionalizes the life of Audrey (Ethelreda) Malte, but unfortunately, I can't say I found it a particularly interesting read. When push comes to shove I don't think there was enough meat on the bone to make this story work, at least not as it is currently marketed. Had the publisher pushed this as the tale of a tailor's da [...]

    2. Audrey Malte was illegitimate, though her beloved father John Malte, tailor to King Henry VIII prefers to call her “merry-begot” (love this term). Growing up Audrey was often brought to the castle when John Malte, was summoned by the king. As she grew older, her distinctive red hair caused more than a few double takes and whispers, however much John Malte cautioned her to keep herself under wraps and not wander unprotected in the palace. As Audrey grew older she was granted more benefits fro [...]

    3. Audrey Malte , although illegitimate is brought up on the periphery of the Tudor court. Her alleged father is a tailor to King Henry VIII, and in the course of his work, he takes Audrey to court with him, where she comes into contact with the King. The king appears to be quite taken with Audrey, and ensures that she has rather more privileges that the rest of her family, which leads people to assume that Audrey is in fact the king's illegitimate daughter.Based on a real historical figure, the st [...]

    4. I reviewed this book for luxuryreading.Royal Inheritance presents a unique viewpoint of the ever shifting Tudor world as well as the politics and schemes that swirl around those with the potential to have even a drop of royal blood. Using the real life circumstances of a laundress’s daughter rumored to have potentially been the bastard offspring of Henry VIII, Kate Emerson spins a remarkable tale of a young woman kept guessing as to her true identity and her dangerous fight to not only find th [...]

    5. When I accepted an ARC for this book, I felt, based on the promotional blurb, that I would be reviewing a historical romance. Oh, was I wrong! This is not the typical scenario in which the hero and heroine are forced into an arranged marriage but wind up madly in love with each other anyway – far from it. This is an embellished biography of Audrey Malte, one of King Henry VIII’s illegitimate children. The characters in this novel are not fictional nor are the main events of the story. After [...]

    6. One of the things I love reading historical fiction, especially when it involves Henry VIII and his exploits, is reading a book with a plotline involving another unknown aspect of that time period. Upon starting Royal Inheritance, I wasn’t aware of Audrey Malte and the speculation that she is another one of Henry VIII children. I actually believed her character and situation was a fictional plot point the author, Kate Emerson, created for the book. Color me surprise, upon reading the book’s [...]

    7. Have you ever started reading a book to quickly find out it wasn't going to be what you thought it was? That was the case with me for Royal Inheritance. It wasn't what I was expecting at all but it turned out to be an very enjoyable read. I find myself stepping out of my comfort zone on the occasion and I've really enjoyed reading a books that broaden my reading palate. I truly enjoyed reading Audrey's story, she was a very smart girl, with the knowledge to know what she should keep to herself. [...]

    8. I was so excited to pick this up since I rather enjoyed Kate Emerson's historical fictions. However, I was quite let down with this novel. The blurb on the back was intriguing enough. Like who will Audrey marry? Her love or someone she despises? And then in the first chapter we already know! Like there goes that suspense. I did not like Audrey and how the story was told at all. We keep going between the present (where Audrey is telling her story to her daughter Hester) and the past (when Audrey [...]

    9. Audrey Malte's father is tailor to King Henry VIII, when Audrey is invited to court rumors begin to fly because of her red hair, but she finds true friendship in the eyes of a young man named Jack. As speculation grows that Audrey may be the king's daughter, Audrey struggles to hold close the ones dear to her.Kate Emerson has woven a rich Tudor novel, that though part of a series stands well on it's own, in fact I didn't know it was a series until I finished it. The story was well written and sw [...]

    10. I found this book to be a little different than the previous books in the series. I still enjoyed it, but the events seemed a lot tamer than they had in previous books.I really liked Audrey. I was a little surprised that she didn't question her own heritage sooner. If it were me, I would wonder why a chance meeting with the king would lead to being removed from my abusive home and being placed with a rich merchant. If that wasn't enough to question, then the king orders Audry be brought to court [...]

    11. Her Royal Inheritance is the first book that I have read by Emerson, and it proved to be an amazing read. I have always enjoyed reading about Tudor England both fiction and nonfiction which is why this book appealed to me. Emerson delivers an intriguing tale full of drama, mystery, and a hint of romance. Audrey Malte grew up thinking that she was the daughter of King Henry VIII's tailor, but rumors start to make her think that she may actually be the daughter of the king. The search for the trut [...]

    12. I do love the Tudors and it's interesting to come across a book that takes them on in a new and different way. When someone reads as much as I do there can most certainly be Tudor Fatigue. While Royal Inheritance doesn't present anything new historically it does present the possibility of Henry VIII fathering yet another bastard. What? Henry VIII?! He would never!Uh-huh.The conceit in the novel is what bothers me; a mother telling her history to her 8 year old daughter. A very precocious daughte [...]

    13. I was first introduced to Emerson by reading the first book in her series, the Pleasure Palace, but haven't read the rest of the books in the series. It does very well as a stand-alone book (coming from me, that's high praise).The story is told in two parts, the past and the present - the premise is Audrey, who is sick, is telling her 8 year old daughter, Hester, her life story - a dangerous life story which could get them all killed. There's some holes left open in the plot (perhaps on purpose [...]

    14. Royal Inheritance (Secrets of the Tudor Court, #6)Emerson, KateAudrey, has grown up in the multifarious times of King Henry VII's court. This story is written from Audrey's point of view, as she tells her young daughter about her child. How she is the daughter of a laundress, who is taken from the care of her mother by King Henry himself who finds her beaten as a toddler in the halls of Windsor Castle. Given to John Malte to raise as his own, she has been given favors from the king that she coul [...]

    15. Royal Inheritance is the story of an illegitimate young woman in the time of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. Audrey Malte is the daughter of the king's tailoror is she? As she gets older, her resemblance to the King is remarked upon, a very dangerous thing in these treacherous political times. Her father swearts that she is his "merry-begot" daughter (a much happier term than "bastard) but over time, Audrey beings to wonder. In spite of the danger, Audrey seeks out the truth of her parentage. Audrey [...]

    16. See full review for Royal Inheritance at: toomanybooksnotenoughshelves.Out of all the books in this series, Royal Inheritance is definitely one of the strangest. The book begins in 1556 with Audrey instructing her daughter to pose for her portrait. The daughter – Hester – is very restless and won’t sit still unless her mother tells her a story of the time she met King Henry. Audrey does in fact tell her daughter the story and even something a little bit more. As it turns out, Audrey is a b [...]

    17. Audrey Malte was said to be a daughter of Henry VIII and the book was essentially about her and her family or origin. I liked that the characters were almost all historical people, one of my criteria, although the story could have been a bit livelier. I did not like that the term "merry-begot" was used instead of natural daughter or bastard for Audrey and others she knew so often, once or twice would have sufficed.Kate Emerson's series is a favorite of mine and I will surely continue to read the [...]

    18. This is not my favorite Emerson, but gives another view of several courts from the outside in- different eyes. Having read so much of Tudor changes and court dynamics- this gave another view. Audrey, the narrator, tells an interesting tale. But if you did not know the relationships and real history of the English nobility during this era, all the titles and supposed alliances and dangerous controversies would be rather lost in nuance, IMHO. It barely made a 3 star because parts of it seemed sign [...]

    19. I extremely enjoyed this book i love anything that has to do with the tudors or england in that time period. henry the 8 was always interesting to me and theres no telling how many children he really had. he could have had a lot more than just the main ones. some parts made me sad others made me mad at the characters but over all i recomend this book to anyone who likes historical fiction or the tudors. i also thank gallery books and for the chance to read this amazing book. so gad I won it in [...]

    20. The irony of this novel is that while the "heroine" constantly condemns one of her siblings as pretentious, she herself comes across as a shallow, single-minded social climber in her own right. She also wanders around sixteenth century London (dangerous for any woman, let alone one this wealthy and privileged)in a manner that is, frankly, preposterous.Kate Emerson is a good writer, but the characters here did not move me: and the book hurtles to a rushed and unsatisfying conclusion in the last 3 [...]

    21. Royal Inheritance by Kate Emerson is an interesting 'what if' story - what if King Henry VIII had another illegitimate daughter.It's well written with good characters and good sense how was the life at the Henry VIII court.But it's a fiction, so it was mostly positive and happy. To get a petter sense how the life was for woman of that time, I would recommend to read this book - The Sisters Who Would Be Queen.

    22. Kate Emerson's books grab you in right from the first paragraph, and don't let go til the very end. Only a very few of the characters are entirely fictional, which adds to the enjoyment, at least for me. Even the very familiar characters are fresh. Emerson's prose is beautifully descriptive, but not excessively so, and sets the scene for a wild ride of is-she-or-isn't she Great Harry's daughter. Highly recommend for all Tudor hist-fic lovers.

    23. Don't let the back of the book fool you. This isn't a historical romance. It's told to us in the first chapter who Audrey marries. Furthermore there's no romance or spark between her and Harrington. Where this story is interesting is how we see the difference between how low born illegitimate royal children are treated vs high born ones. This isn't a tale of a "King's Bastard" prancing around at court finding her one true love. It's more a tale of survival.

    24. Kate Emerson is an excellent storyteller who wrote an engaging and intriguing tale about audrey malte who believes her father is john malte yet discovers that her connection to king henry. This was a great novel filled with court intrigue and historical facts. I can't wait to read more from this author. Thanks to gallery books and net galley for this arc!

    25. I really enjoyed this book. I grabbed me from the first page. I won this book in a GoodReads giveaway. I'm very happy I did. This is an historical fiction book about an illegitimate daughter of King Henry VIII. It is told very cleverly and really takes you back to the 1500's. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes a great story.

    26. This was on my library's "100 Great Reads" shelf, so I picked it up. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't a "happily ever after" story, either. I guess I should have figured that out considering the subject. I'm not sure there were many happy endings during Henry's reign. Oh well. It was interesting and helped to pass a lazy summer afternoon.

    27. Peeking into the time of King Henry VIII with a young girl discovering love and life was a joy to read. This is a book I will go back and read again and I rarely do this. I recieved a free copy from .

    28. This is a wonderful book, I couldn't put it down! This was the first book I read by this author and she did a wonderful job at keeping me interested in the story. I just wish I would have started with book one! I can not wAit to read the whole series!

    29. Was kind of dissapointed with this book. It really had very little to do with Henry VIII and just talked about the very boring (despite the authors large attempts) life. A underwhelming ending to what I heard is the last book in the series.

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