Handpicked Husband

Handpicked Husband Can she drive away not one but three suitors Free spirited photographer Regina Nash is ready to try But unless she marries one of the gentlemen her grandfather has sent for her inspection she ll los

  • Title: Handpicked Husband
  • Author: Winnie Griggs
  • ISBN: 9780373829316
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Can she drive away not one, but three suitors Free spirited photographer Regina Nash is ready to try But unless she marries one of the gentlemen her grandfather has sent for her inspection, she ll lose custody of her nephew So she must persuade them and Adam Barr, her grandfather s envoy that she d make a thoroughly unsuitable wife.Adam isn t convinced Regina might be uCan she drive away not one, but three suitors Free spirited photographer Regina Nash is ready to try But unless she marries one of the gentlemen her grandfather has sent for her inspection, she ll lose custody of her nephew So she must persuade them and Adam Barr, her grandfather s envoy that she d make a thoroughly unsuitable wife.Adam isn t convinced Regina might be unconventional, but she has wit, spirit and warmth His job was to make sure Regina chose from the men he escorted to Texas not to marry her himself Can they overcome the secrets in her past, and the shadows in his, to find a perfect future together

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    1. I really enjoyed this one! I thought it had an interesting premise and was carried out well. Regina (Reggie) has been taking care of her nephew for the past six years and wants to make it more official by adopting him. After writing her grandfather for advice she gets more than she bargained for when he sends three bachelors to Texas to marry her! He also sends along his steward Adam to oversee that she not only picks a man and marries him within three weeks, or he'll take the little boy away. I [...]

    2. This book is the first book of the series “Texas Grooms.” It’s a Christian, Historical Romance novel with a simple but satisfying plot. Although the ending was totally expected and predictable, arriving at the ending of the book was a pleasure. What I liked: The characters were so real that you felt as if they were someone you knew. I love the feisty way Reggie carries out her conniving schemes to eliminate the unwanted suitors her grandfather has thrust upon her. I also enjoyed the verbal [...]

    3. This was a great story and very funny. It had me laughing out loud in places and I'm not one to laugh while reading. The way the heroine "tests" each suitor is hilarious. She's an unusual character who definitely knows who she is but has her own weaknesses and doubts too. You'll enjoy this.

    4. This book is more of a clean romance than a Christian one. The characters don’t really delve into Gods forgiveness as one would hope. The verses that are used and the Godly aspect are more of an afterthought than a driving force. I am. Not saying that a book should preach to someone but if it is known as a Christian Romance than God shouldn’t be an afterthought. God wasn’t mentioned till the last third of the book. The book as a clean romance was quite entertaining. The characters were war [...]

    5. Texas Grooms #1 Handpicked Husband by Winnie Griggs was a wild ride from start to finish! I love books like this. It grabbed the on the first page and didn't turn me loose until the last. I laughed, I cried… I even sobbed.Here is my breakdown of the different aspects of what I feel is important in any good book:Ease of Readability - 9/10 Every now and then there was a POV change that was a little confusing/abrupt, but for the most part, this book was very easy-to-read.Uniqueness of Story - 9/1 [...]

    6. Title: Handpicked Husband (Texas Grooms #1)Author: Winnie GriggsPages: 282Year: 2012 (previously published in 2005 as Lady’s Choice by Dorchester Publishing)Publisher: Harlequin Love Inspired HistoricalRegina Nash is faced with a choice. She either marries one of the three men her grandfather sent as suitors or she loses her nephew. Her grandfather thinks she needs to have a husband in order to raise a child as well as to look after her. She is living in the small town of Turnabout, Texas whil [...]

    7. Handpicked Husband by Winnie GriggsTexas Grooms Book 1Adam Barr wants to find who set him up and clear his name. He had been an up and coming lawyer and ended up falsely accused and spent the past six years in prison, losing everything. The one person who stood by him the whole time was Judge Madison. So when the Judge asked Adam to take three men from Philadelphia to Turnabout, Texas so his granddaughter could choose one to marry….he did. Of course nothing in his life was ever easy and this h [...]

    8. Handpicked Husband by Winnie Griggs 4 STARSI was a smiling as I read it. This is a clean fun novel. I look forward to reading the rest of the characters stories in the Texas Grooms. setting is Texas 1894Regina Nash has been the only mother her 6 year old nephew Jack knows. Now Jack's father is deceased and she wrote to her grandfather the Judge about adopting Jack.Judge Madison has a plan that he thinks will work out for the good of Jack. He is sending three men to her and she has three weeks to [...]

    9. This is not your typical arranged marriage story. Regina finds herself being forced to choose a husband from among three suitors that her grandfather has sent to her small town. If she does not choose a husband within three weeks, her grandfather will take guardianship of her nephew and send him to boarding school. Adam Barr is the man that Regina's grandfather has sent to oversee the marriage choice and he impatiently waits for Regina to decide.I have to admit that the first half of the story m [...]

    10. This book tell the story of Adam who have to escort three gentlements to Regina for her to choose her husband to be on the instruction from her grandfather. Regina have to choose one from the three candidates within few weeks on their arrival and married them or else she will lose the custody of her nephew, Jake. Being pressured and knowing that she cannot get out of this arrangement, she did something out of the ordinary and chooses Adam instead. However, she was surprised when Adam accomodatin [...]

    11. Choosing between two heroes is a common theme in romance. But having to choose between three when the heroine's heart belongs to no one? In Handpicked Husband, the first book in the Texas Grooms series, Griggs ingeniously introduces the reader to many intriguing men who are heroes in the making. Who will the heroine, Regina Nash, choose or will she succeed in getting out of a forced marriage? And what about the fourth man, Adam Barr, who is there to see the marriage happens and just happens to c [...]

    12. I've been wanting to read this one for awhile and it didn't disappoint. It was definitely different as the book blurb suggested. A few things in the story were somewhat predictable but I liked how it got there. The rest of Regina's hijinks's were just fun. Adam had a job to do and he was as unmovable about it as a mountain. That still didn't stop Regina from pushing. The very last thing that she wanted was a husband. Freedom is what she had fought for and finally gained. Freedom with her beloved [...]

    13. Good read. The heroine's step-grandfather has sent 3 men from Philadelphia to her home in Texas (NE Texas) plus one guy to supervise the contract granddad has come up with. He's manipulating her into marrying one of them by threatening to take away the nephew she's raised since he was a baby. The maneuvering is amusing and when she finally makes her choice, the events turn to heartbreak. It's an inspirational, but it's definitely not overly preachy. In fact, there really isn't much inspirational [...]

    14. Winnie Griggs is an amazing author. This story finds us with a group of men traveling from Philadelphia to Texas. Three of them are on their way to being part of a "husband lottery". Regina's grandfather wants her to get married and by sending three men, at least she'll have a choice. But what does a girl do when she doesn't want to get married? Find the loop-holes.This is the first in the Texas Grooms series so we have at least 3 more stories to look forward to from Ms. Griggs.

    15. Wonderful book!! Brilliantly written. This whole book was a surprise since I've read many life-inspired books and this one blew me away. The suspense and the wait cinched the deal for me, and the whole book progressed nicely. It was a little rushed at the end, but other then that this book was great. Will definitely read more books by Ms.Griggs!

    16. I thought this was a great idea for a story, but the author's writing didn't do the idea justice. I wish she had collaborated with one of my 5 star authors, so that this could have been an outstanding book.Over all I've found that LOVE INSPIRED HISTORICALS books are semi-bland. They may be inspired by love, but fall short. Kinda like a low production made for tv movie.

    17. What a great story! I was laughing, crying and anxious throughout. Regina was a delight to get to know but Adam I wanted to throttle a few times! :) I'm looking forward to more of Winnie's Texas Grooms!

    18. 3.5 stars. I really liked the beginning but it lost something for me in the middle. It seemed to drag a bit. I would have liked to see the suspense angle played out a bit. But overall, a nice, fun, sweet, clean read.

    19. One of my favorite Christian historical fiction authors! I loved this novel and Regina Nash! Twists in the plot are definitely handpicked, excellent Christian themes, very well-written. Unexpected surprises! Highly recommend this one!!

    20. Loved this historical romance. It was fast paced with lots of fun characters. She is a Christian author but not preachy at all. I liked that I learned some great lessons in this story that make me want to be a better person. Read it.

    21. Another Love Inspired Book. I like this author and I am hoping she will do some more in this town. Good Book and I didn't have the plot figured out right in the beginning. I like that.

    22. This is a story with a mix of humor, mystery, vengeance, forgiving, and love. So many things happening and so many stories to follow. Nice.

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