Sweet Laurel Falls

Sweet Laurel Falls Spring should bring renewal but Maura McKnight Parker cannot escape the past Still reeling from the loss of one daughter the former free spirit is thrown for a loop by the return of her older daught

  • Title: Sweet Laurel Falls
  • Author: RaeAnne Thayne
  • ISBN: 9780373776702
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Spring should bring renewal, but Maura McKnight Parker cannot escape the past Still reeling from the loss of one daughter, the former free spirit is thrown for a loop by the return of her older daughter, Sage, and the reappearance of her first love, Sage s father Jackson Lange never knew his daughter never even knew that he d left the love of his life pregnant when he flSpring should bring renewal, but Maura McKnight Parker cannot escape the past Still reeling from the loss of one daughter, the former free spirit is thrown for a loop by the return of her older daughter, Sage, and the reappearance of her first love, Sage s father Jackson Lange never knew his daughter never even knew that he d left the love of his life pregnant when he fled their small town but he has never forgotten Maura.Now they are all back, but Sage has her own secret, one that will test the fragile bonds of a reunited family Thrown together by circumstances and dedicated to those they love, Maura and Jackson must learn to move forward and let go of the mistakes of their past for the bright future that awaits them and their friends in Hope s Crossing.

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    1. 4.5 Stars This is the third book in Thayne’s Hope Crossing series, following Blackberry Summer and Woodrose Mountain. I enjoyed the others, but I think Sweet Laurel Falls is the best of the three. The accident in which Maura’s daughter Layla was killed links the three stories, and I have been hoping since the first book to see Maura begin to heal. Thayne does a wonderful job of showing both Maura’s near-paralyzing grief and gradual understanding that even a life irrevocably changed must go [...]

    2. I love second chance romances, so it was a bit surprising I wasn't terribly engaged with this one. I kept waiting for it to happen, that moment of being right there with the main characters but it sadly never did. Which is really odd because on the surface all the right elements were there.I think it may be that the events of the first book have lingered long enough that they're beginning to pall. This is the third book built around that central tragedy and I, for one, am ready to move on. So pi [...]

    3. Stories from Hope's Crossing, Colorado continue with Maura, who lost her youngest daughter to a car crash just a short time ago. Now her 19 year old daughter has returned for vacation from college, with Jackson Lange, Maura's first love. Jackson has just found out that he is Sage's father, but Maura had never told him about her. Sage has her own secret as Maura and Jackson try to reconcile their problem pasts. Life is also complicated by Sage's new found grandfather, Harry Lange, the most hated [...]

    4. When I realized that this book had Maura I wasn't sure what to think. I wanted her to be happy, but worried that she was still drowning in her grief from her daughter's death and wouldn't be ready. As the book started out that was just the case, Maura was facing the holidays and barely getting by. Her friends and family's hearts were in the right place, but I can see why Maura needed some alone time. When Sage brought her guest home, it stunned me, mostly because I didn't remember that we didn't [...]

    5. Sweet Laurel Falls is the third book in the Hope Crossing series. This book was published by Harlequin and released in September 2012.Maura is trying to live one day to the next the best she can after her youngest daughter is killed in an accident. The holiday season is here and Maura is trying to focus on her book store and not on the first Christmas without her daughter. She is surrounded by her family and friends who are trying to as supportive a possible. But, when her oldest daughter comes [...]

    6. Very good reunion story. Maura is still reeling from the death of her younger daughter in a car accident. She tries to put a good face on things for her friends and family but she isn't really in the mood for the holidays. Her world is rocked even further when her older daughter comes home from college with a visitor - the father she never knew. Maura had never told anyone who he was after he left their town saying he wouldn't be back. She had tried to contact him but he didn't return her calls, [...]

    7. Sweet Laurel Falls by RaeAnne ThayneISBN: 9780373776702 Maura McKnight-Parker wanted a vacation from Christmas.She runs a book/coffeehouse and is open to book clubs to meet.Hope's Crossing is the type of town that belongs in a snowglobe. Everything is in place and it looks so magical especially when it snows.The straw that broke the camel's back is when her grown daughter, Sage brings her father into the bookstore on the night of the Christmas party. Maura has had a tough year, she buried her [...]

    8. 4 STARS Sweet Laurel Falls is a Hope's Crossing book 3 Okay was I on a emotional roller coast with this book. I admit to sharing some tears and smiling in other parts of the book. RaeAnne characters were real to me and I cared what happens to them. In other Hope's Crossing books we learn that someone is going around and helping people and the notes are signed Angel. In this the 3 book we find out who started it but others are copying the Angel. Maura McKnight-Parker had lost her teen daughter le [...]

    9. Sweet Laurel Falls is one of those wonderful stories that take a hold of your heart and just won’t let you go. Starting with the beautiful cover (who wouldn’t want to sit on a purple bench with a view like that) until the very last page, I found myself captivated with this book.Maura has had a tough year. Her youngest daughter was killed in a car crash and now at Christmas time she just needs some time to cope with it. Unfortunately during her bookstore’s party her oldest daughter Sage sho [...]

    10. Maura McKnight-Parker has had a rough year dealing with losing her young daughter Layla. She is just trying to cope with the Christmas season, when she is shocked to see her ex-love Jackson Lange walk into her book store, even more shocked that her daughter Sage is with him. Jackson didn't know Maura was pregnant with his child when he left town. Jackson & Sage discovered their relationship after a lecture at the College Sage attends. As Jackson plans to stay in town to get to know his daugh [...]

    11. This series is getting better and better with each book. Unless there is a major twist going on with the Angel of Hope, I figured it out in the middle of the first book.Can't wait to get started on the next!

    12. soooo i read Sugar Pine Trail and thought it was cute and wanted to read the start of the series. turns out the Caine's started in the hope's crossing series and not the haven point series.ok the entire hope's crossing series was like a hallmark movie with a lil nicholas sparks thrown in. cuz in hallmark there is not as much bad stuff going like folks dying and whatnot, nick sparks likes death or dismemberment or some awful tragedy.i enjoyed the hope's crossing series for that hallmark feel. the [...]

    13. I think this would have been a four star book for me, but a couple things not quite ruined the book but certainly made me like it much less. I don't really like second-chance-at-love books though this one had me almost until the end. With this one and the second in the series, I felt the romance took a backseat to the other relationships in the book. I like when books have strong friendships and familial relationships for the main two characters, but this series goes too far with that and the ma [...]

    14. Liked the first two betterDon't ask me why, but it was easy to put this book down. I liked the book well enough but may be it was a bit too sweet for me.I do appreciate the fact there are no descriptive sex scenes, I have no problem with the kissing part. Thank you!

    15. Good read, I have enjoyed the series. Its nice when the books intertwine the characters of the town throughout the different books.

    16. Wonderful story!I really loved this book! The story was developed well and the characters were all believable and the kind of people I'd want in my family!

    17. Calming peaceful readEnjoying familiar characters. Anyone who enjoys a series would enjoy this one too. Even if it is slightly predictable, I am enjoying the series.

    18. Wonderful story line! Love the Hope's Crossing books. Funny, sad, enlightening, caring.l you can ask for in a good book.

    19. Book and review courtesy of Romance Junkies, also posted at TBR Mountain Range.High school sweethearts reunite twenty years later when a daughter discovers who her father really is—and brings him home—unannounced, without warning—in the middle of her mother's book club Christmas party. Will the past dampen the reunion, or will the promise of the future give them hope?Maura McKnight-Parker dreads the Christmas season this year. She needs to be festive as owner of Dog-Eared Books & Brew, [...]

    20. One thing is for certain: this book is very sweet. So sweet, in fact, that it might induce a diabetic coma.Maura McKnight's life at the moment is dark and sad. Her youngest daughter, Layla, passed away in a car accident, and her oldest daughter, Sage, is away at college. The girls have two different fathers; Layla's is Maura's ex-husband, and Sage's is Maura's first love, Jackson Lange. The two men have something in common other than Maura in that neither is around. Chris travels with his rock b [...]

    21. More reviews at melenasreviews.wordpress It’s been a year now and the pain is still there. This Christmas is not going to be good for it will be the first time she won’t have her two daughters. Only one is alive and still the pain is still there. Maura McKnight-Parker loves her little girl, Sage, but sometimes remembers the good times when her other daughter was alive. Everybody tells her each day will get easier. Yet lately the holiday is becoming not only stressful but full of surprises. A [...]

    22. **Received this book for free through First Reads.** It's Christmas and Maura McKnight wants to skip it altogether. Since her youngest daughter Layla was killed in an unfortunate accident eight months ago she is not in the Christmas mood. But she puts on a smile on her face and keeps the facade that she is in the Christmas spirit, so she doesn't worry her family and closest friends. During a Christmas party that Maura was having at her store, Dog-eared Books and Brew, for her book club, she is [...]

    23. Maura McKnight-Parker, owner of Dog-Eared Books & Brew, needs a vacation. But, Christmas is just around the corner and her daughter Sage is coming home for the holiday. She's had a really rough year with the tragic loss of her other daughter, and it's time for her and Sage to move forward.Preparing for her holiday book club meeting, someone from her past just pulled up in front of her business. Unfortunately, he's just walked into her bookstore along with her daughter Sage who's just announc [...]

    24. I guess I'm getting out of my romance phase because I could barely get through this one. At the end of the previous book, I really wanted to read this one. But once I picked it up, I struggled through it. I probably wouldn't even have finished it if there wasn't a request on it (borrowed from the library). Overall the story was okay. But dealing with Maura meant dealing with her child's death and all of her issues. I just couldn't find myself really on her side. And I didn't really care for Jack [...]

    25. Maura McKnight lost a teenage child the previous year and she was just going through the motions of life, alive for her business and her college age daughter. Then her world turns upside down when Jackson Lange, her first love returns to town. He is the father of her older daughter Sage. This is a sweet comfort read, a story of family, love and forgiveness. I will say I liked the previous two books in the series a bit better. Maura was abandoned by Jackson and left pregnant by him to raise their [...]

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