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  1. 'The Luncheon' is an example of irony written in first person. The narrator was a young writer who lived in Paris. He was highly praised by one of her lady fans through letters. While she was passing through Paris, the writer invited her for a luncheon as courtesy. But the lady was not in a considerate mind. She ate almost all of the rich dishes despite saying she never ate more than one thing for luncheon. The writer somehow managed to pay the bill. After twenty years they met again and he foun [...]

  2. This was really well written, and I enjoyed the vivid scenery of the work. I felt like the entire story was just one big fat joke though, so I do not think I could give this a higher mark. I would say read it for the language, because it really is very beautiful, but I would not expect too much out of this apart from that.

  3. The Luncheon is the story about the importance of honesty in life. The central theme is dishonesty as we see a poor man not brave enough to tell a woman he cannot afford an expensive restaurant she wants to go to.The lady ordered everything on the menu and a bit more, despite having said she never eats more than one thing for a lunch.For their deception, the guy was left with no money for the rest of the month and the lady eventually got fat.Download Book Review in Sesotho datafilehost/d/7c1c3bb [...]

  4. I had to hunt this story from reddit. Had it in our English course. No reason why you wouldnt love it.And during the hunt I read another story of same name and premise by Jeffery Archer. Give it a read as well If you loved this. I think I enjoyed that one more.

  5. The incident is a common one in our life. But, Maugham depicted the picture in a way that obviously be praised.

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