The Story Of An Hour (And Other Stories)

The Story Of An Hour And Other Stories In these four stories Kate Chopin subtly captures the intricate interior lives of a generation of women From the famous proto feminist tale The Story of an Hour to the subtly sexy A Respectable Woman

  • Title: The Story Of An Hour (And Other Stories)
  • Author: Kate Chopin Gemma Correll
  • ISBN: 9780972192682
  • Page: 469
  • Format: Paperback
  • In these four stories, Kate Chopin subtly captures the intricate interior lives of a generation of women From the famous proto feminist tale The Story of an Hour to the subtly sexy A Respectable Woman, Chopin sheds light on the frustrations, desires, and dreams of her own era and their reverberations today Artist Gemma Correll s quirky illustrations provide a perfectIn these four stories, Kate Chopin subtly captures the intricate interior lives of a generation of women From the famous proto feminist tale The Story of an Hour to the subtly sexy A Respectable Woman, Chopin sheds light on the frustrations, desires, and dreams of her own era and their reverberations today Artist Gemma Correll s quirky illustrations provide a perfect modern counterpoint to Chopin s classic prose.

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    1. This is an incredible short story by Kate Chopin, published in 1894. The story is about a woman who learns her husband has been killed, and she is contemplating her future. I'd say this is a must-read for anyone interested in American feminist writings.I first read "The Story of an Hour" years ago in a literature class, but decided to look it up again after the recent presidential inauguration.You see, I'm one of the folks who is experiencing great distress over the results of the 2016 election. [...]

    2. A short stroy that really packs a punch. I had never heard of this short story by Kate chopin until a review by a friend and I knew I had to read it. I love when an author in so few pages can capture a reads imagination and create a story that is interesting, well written and with a good old fashioned twist thrown in for good measure.Loved it, "Good Goods come in small parcels

    3. I read "The Story of an Hour," written in 1894, with my real-life book club, and we had an interesting discussion about the themes in this story and similar ones in some other stories we read at the same time, like The Yellow Wall-Paper. Kate Chopin, a US author, was one of the earliest feminist authors. The main character runs the gamut of emotions in just an hour. Louise Mallard, a young wife with heart trouble, has just been told by her sister that Louise's husband was killed in a terrible tr [...]

    4. Very short, ironically tragic story. "There would be no powerful will bending hers in that blind persistence with which men and women believe they have a right to impose a private will upon a fellow-creature."Available to read online here.

    5. HA! All I can say about this SUPER short classic story without giving away the shocker of an ending is.Poor Louise. Must read more Kate Chopin!

    6. Easily one of my favorite shorts. The prose is alluring and emotionally captivating, and despite the brevity of the text, this story packs a severe punch complete with a twist laden in tragic irony.

    7. I`ve just finished “The story of an hour” by Kate Chopin which was first published in Vogue in 1896. Kate Chopin is well-known as a feminist author of many novels and short stories.The title of the story speaks for itself. “The story of an hour” is the story which began, developed and ended in one hour. How much can happen just during one hour! This story is written in belles-lettre style, its substyle is emotive prose. Although, the story is very short, it is rich in its sense and it pr [...]

    8. The Story of an HourWritten by: Kate ChopinThe Story of an HourCharacters: Mrs. Louise Mallard Josephine (Louise’s sister) Brently Mallard (Louise’s husband) Richards (Brently’s friend)A lot can happen in an hour!Louise Mallard has heart trouble. Her sister Josephine and her husband’s friend Richards use caution when informing her that Brently had been killed in a railroad disaster. Richards had used care to verify the incident. A second telegram had confirmed the sad communications, ori [...]

    9. متاسفانه برچسب فمنیسم و اباطیلی که در لوای جنبش پان فمنیسم در سال های اخیرخود را نماینده افکار یا حقوق زنان مدرن نشان می دهند فرصت بررسی و قضاوت عادلانه را برای بسیاری از تفکرات عمیق زنانه سلب کرده اندداستان یک ساعت می تواند یکی از این افکار یا آثار باشدداستان کوتاه "داستان یک [...]

    10. I LOVE Kate Chopin; all of her. While I don't think of myself as a raging feminist, I respect the themes of feminism that run throughout her short fiction. The Story of and Hour was meaningful in my life when I was going through some tough times. I photocopied it and carried it around with me, as a sort of comfort. (weird, I know). Still, it is powerful, super-short, and just fantastic.Much of her short fiction is touching and funny and sad. I just adore everything she's written.

    11. به نظرم جالبی این کتاب این بود که شوپین موضوعی چنان پیچیده را به‌سادگی نمایش می‌دهد! عشق و اختیار و آزادی واژه‌هایی هستند که کنار هم موضوعی درهم‌تنیده شده را می‌سازند اما نبوغ نویسنده توانسته در یک روایت ساده، پیچیدگی آنها را توصیف کند که در نوع خود بی‌نظیر بود! حتماً توصی [...]

    12. This story resonated with me when I read it in high school. Still does. Incredibly depressing, but worthy read IMHO. Five stars.

    13. One of the most richly written inside look to the restraints the institution of marriage once had on women. Oh and the ending is absolutely delicious!

    14. Ever since my classes on English Literature started, I love almost all the excerpts that we read. I really wanted to read the whole novel already! The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is the second short story that I've read for Englit. class and you bet, its been my favorite so far!The Story of an Hour describes the series of emotions Louise Mallard endures after hearing of the death of her husband, who was believed to have died in a railroad disaster. Mrs. Mallard suffers from heart problems an [...]

    15. This was a pretty good literary short story about a young woman who grieves after losing her husband then realizes she can live for herself. Definitely check it out for yourself. You can read it here at this website: americanliterature/author/

    16. I'm stepping away from all the sci-fi short stories, and trying something else (you can read this story here).In spite of its length, The Story of an Hour made me feel quite emotional.At first, I was reluctant because I was immediately thrown into the heaviness of Mr. Mallard's death (I usually prefer to avoid sad stories). Then, I felt outraged that this woman, who just found out about her husband, has an epiphany and feels free. Realization and shame struck me next. There would be no one to li [...]

    17. داستانی که خواندنش فقط چند دقیقه طول میکشد و پیامش تا ساعتی با خواننده میماند. گرچه که من هرگز معنای فیمینست بودن را به خوبی درک نکردم اما که زن بودن در قالب هرآنچه غیر از خود بودن را به روشنی درک میکنم. اگر این داستان تمام زنان است که پس ما با طبیعتی از پیش ساخته مواجه ایم و ناچا [...]

    18. I am simply baffled after reading this story. It left me with more questions then I would have ever liked to ponder.These are the kind of questions we live with our whole lives. Some just give up the hope and many others die trying to find the answer. --> Was she really happy that her husband was dead or was it her hysterical answer to the absurdity of the situation?--> Did she really have only these fleeting moments when she loved her husband or was she trying to make the situation less p [...]

    19. Ok let's seeWhen I started reading this 2-page-only (!!!) story I had no idea I was about to read a "so-called" feministic book since I didn't know Kate Chopin and as a result I didn't know she was a feminist writer and consequently I wasn't expecting that piece of writing to be in support of feminism.Now the irony is I didn't realize it was a feministic text until my professor said so. I still don't believe this is a feministic story and even if it is, it's too weak in going around it's main id [...]

    20. The only short story I have read so far by Kate Chopin, but it really calls for reading more of her stories. It's got a very good build up to a twist ending that may now appear slightly predictable, but it still packs some punch.

    21. I gave The Story of an Hour, which is public domain and can be found at myw/support/hos/hostpdf, a full 5 stars because I read the story along with two other people, and we each had a different take on why the protagonist reacted the way she did. Only great works can make like-minded people see things in a different way. This short story is packed with great detail and has made me an instant fan of Chopin.A Pair of Silk Stockings had me admiring the protagonist one minute and then hating her the [...]

    22. It wouldn't take one hour to read this. The plot is simple: a young wife is told about her husband's sudden death in an accident. A sob comes up into her throat, then a thought into her mind, then confusion, followed by a growing exaltation In so short a period that happens within the story and outside of it as one reads, Kate Chopin successfully dramatizes the eons women had been treated as property, second class citizens, or of less worth as men. "Impaired males," as a canonized saint had desc [...]

    23. Freedom's fleeting. A wife's sob, not for her husband's death. But, for the joy widowhood grants her.Until the freedom fleets from her handsAs I listened to this tale, I quickly understood the depth of the wife's joy of becoming a widow. She must play the grieving role, but for her to feel joy, her husband had to be the biggest bastard to marry. She utters the word "free" repeatedly and my heart filled with joy for her. She's no longer repressed. She's no longer under the will of her husband. Sh [...]

    24. This was an interesting short story about a woman who is told that her husband has died in a train crash and goes through a range of emotions. It's clear that her husband loves (loved) her, and initially she is overcome with shocked grief but gradually a sense of freedom overcomes her as she realises that as a widow she will be free.It's important to remember that this was written in a time when women had virtually zero rights and were seen only as possessions. Your husband could be nice or horr [...]

    25. Super short story, (only a couple of pages), about a woman who is trapped in an unhappy marriage.Nice descriptive writing and a powerful ending.

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