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  1. This book was- *wait a moment*Let me bang my head until the author proves that there is one more book to be published for us readers, or if this book was just a really, really good joke.Omigosh. Do not tell me that this is the last book of this trilogy. Do not tell me that the author just didn't answer all the questions we were waiting for. And please do not freaking tell me that this is what we readers are getting after being such a fan of both The Maze Runner and Scorch Trials books.After happ [...]

  2. Well, that was a major disappointment.Was it just me or did it feel like the author had absolutely no idea where to go with this story? I still feel like 90% of the book was left unexplained. And for me it was completely a cop out (view spoiler)[to have Thomas refuse getting his memories back. If Thomas, our MC, doesn't remember then the author doesn’t have to bother thinking up an explanation (hide spoiler)]. I'm not even going to bother listing all the questions I still have, because they're [...]

  3. GAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I just read the synopsis on B&N's website and it sounds totally EPIC! Cannot wait!***5th most popular book this month Alright Dashner!!!***DANG I actually did not fancy this book at all.(view spoiler)[Ugh!!!! I hate to say it but I was extremely dissapointed by the finale of The Maze Runner series, The Death Cure. It was written well like the other books but I have to say that the plot and the end were terrible. I can't even describe how dissapointed I am because I love [...]

  4. 1.5 starsIt's a very old axiom, but do you believe the end can justify the means? When there's no choice left?NO. No, I do not. Especially when the end, which in this case is the supposed resolution of 900+ pages' worth of suspense and mystery, ultimately ends up being bullshit. There is no explanation for anything and what little there is turns out to be the biggest fuckfest I have ever had the misfortune to read. The Maze Runner trilogy started off with so much potential. Yes, there were parts [...]

  5. MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOME MINHO IS AWESOMEokay I think I made my point. (:CANNOT WAITTTT why do authors like to torture people! ;___;

  6. A message to everyone reading this review: Hi. It's nice to discuss The Death Cure with all of you. There is a smorgasbord of grammatical mistakes in my review, and as I look back on what I wrote, I find myself disagreeing with myself. When I have time to re-read the Maze Runner trilogy and its prequel, I will review each book again, and hopefully I will do justice to what is indubitably one of the best cabin slash dystopian novels I've ever read. I'll still leave this review up, and if you'd li [...]

  7. Ok, first off I'm going to say that I loved Maze Runner and Scorch Trials. I've been waiting for this final book for a long time. The author does a great job with fast-paced writing and action-packed scenes. The mysteries and puzzles were what intrigued me about this trilogy in the first place. Right as you're trying to get one thing straight in your head, another crazy mind trick gets thrown at you, making you shake your head and ask a bunch of questions again. So I was so excited to finally re [...]

  8. hmm where to beginFirst, the title: The Death Cure. A little misleading perhaps? I THINK SO!! There's NO cure. There's not even hope for a cure! Let's just all give up on our ridiculous plan to save the world that ended up having NO medical support at all! La de dah de dah!! The death cure my foot.Second, this book really got me thinking. why the heck is Thomas the almighty one? I don't know how old he is, but I'm just going to go out on a limb and guess 16ish Okay, so stick with me on this one. [...]

  9. Rated: 1 to 1.5 starsEver since I picked up the first book in this series, I've thought to myself: This book is only good if the ending is good. Turns out it was nothing surprising and lacks substance.Major complaints:-The author did not explain WHY they need to put all these subjects through all these Variables. Only a very loose and generic rationale was provided. It just seems like a very poor excuse on the author's part to throw in some action and bloodbath into the series. There is absolute [...]

  10. Wait are you telling me that the government completely anticipated every last move and this was exactly what was meant to happen? Again?Between the all-knowing governments and coincidental memory loss, this book really lost my interest. Everything is so freaking convenient. The Maze Runner was intriguing. The Scorch Trials went a little left-field. This one is so far out of the ballpark that we are in the next county or possibly country.The Main Pain : How incredibly stupid the characters act. E [...]

  11. Meh. . . I don't know what happened but I loved the first book. Liked the second well enough and then I don't know. I'm glad some of my friends loved it though =)

  12. Things Dashner does well:Storytelling. Making up this world and coming up with all the plot twists are well done; he's a very talented tale spinner. He's great at creating suspense, making the next plot twist come at the right moment, and making you want to go on to the next chapter. A lab-created zombie virus and an overzealous world organization with too much power: fantastic ideas. Some of the plot twists and answers I questioned, but overall it was a fast-paced tale that easily drew me in.Wh [...]

  13. I honestly expected much more than this. It was utterly mediocre from the beginning to the unsatisfying ending. This series started off so good with the first book being amazing, but then the books kept deteriorating.Loving certain characters and then having them getting on your nerves is more annoying than I had ever imagined. Most characters of this book, even those I liked in the first and second one, now I just found plain annoying. Well, for starters, I find it annoying that they didn't eve [...]

  14. *sighs* this probably doesn't deserve a rating as low as 2 stars, but since it deserves a rating lower than its two predecessors, it gets 2 stars. This trilogy could have been amazing if its last installment had been amazing giving meaning and imaginative explanations for all that happened in the earlier books. I kept waiting for this huge plot twist about the "real reason" why wicked was doing all these horrible things-- but in the end, the explanation was the easy to guess-- so easy and lame t [...]

  15. 1.5“As we tried to instill in each of our subjects over and over, WICKED is good.”Yeah, WICKED is good. But this book is BAD. Actually, WORST!Ridiculous plot. Bad ending/closure. Stupid main character. Unnecessary deaths. Emotionless. Ladies and gentlemen, The Death Cure.Let's be honest here. I am so curious about this trilogy because well, I find it interesting in the first place, but I end up being disappointed and frustrated. After The Maze Runner, the sequels went down drastically. I fou [...]

  16. Speechless!The Maze Runner was the first survival-dystopian book I've ever read and I can't express the pulse-pounding rush I get from this series and what brought other book of this genre come to life in my world. The Hunger Games, Divergent, Legend all started with James Dashner and I'll forever be grateful for his ingenious story telling that is 100% pure adrenaline. It ignited a passion in me that will forever be craved.The Death Cure is the finally conclusion to this heart-stopping world an [...]

  17. 1.5 starsFirst, to clarify. This isn't an angry one star. I just have lost most of my patience when it comes to all of this series's flaws. As many people have noted, the Maze Runner trilogy is a bit mysterious. Throughout the first two books, a lot of stuff happens with little to no explanation. I knew going into The Death Cure that the only way I would like this book was if it finally gave me the answers I was looking for.Well, as you can see from my rating, it didn't.(view spoiler)[But man. T [...]

  18. Another series finished for this year, #winningThe Death CureUmmm, where to begin?This series was such a fast paced, roller coaster filled with amazing twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat, and short of breath most of the time! hahaI loved that the chapters were short and generally left on cliff-hangers!I think the first book is still my favourite, but the action in all 3 books never lacked, amazing series, and I highly recommend it! Even if you're kind of resistant like I was! : [...]

  19. *Sigh*This was such a disappointment. It pains me to say that. It really, really does, because I loved the first two books, and thought that this series had huge potential. I was so excited to read this book, to find out what was going on And then this? This is just it? So. Frustrating. I just don't even know where to start. I thought that the concept of this series was fascinating. The mysteriousness, the everyone starts at One and figures it out as we go thing was great - I loved it, although [...]

  20. REVIEW UPDATED! read after the second line break.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Teresa. Why did it have to end that way?" -- Thomas, (Chapter 52, The Scorch Trial)"No. I kind of accepted it, in a way. That saving you was worth losing what we might’ve had." -- Teresa, (chapter 56, The Scorch Trial)I had a hard time getting into The Maze Runner. Despite the good plot and characters, it wasn't that enticing. I got hooked probabl [...]

  21. Over the top action, explosions, deaths - it was hard to care after a while and after 3 books of it, it was too much. I was going to take a break between books, but just wanted to finish it. I would have liked to see Thomas and his friends discover more about Wicked and learn what was going on with the trials for Wicked instead of being told everything. And the endingh. If you've come this far, then you need to finish the series, but compared to book 1, which was amazing, this is a laundry list [...]

  22. This trilogy ended horribly. It was like the author just found anything he could to wrap up each storyline. The whole trilogy wasn't great to begin with, but I trudged on. Book one got decent about halfway through, book two was alright, but book three was terrible.Honestly, I hope that someone gives the author some serious lessons in writing female characters and making male and female associations believable as throughout one of the biggest problems was his main characters relationships with hi [...]

  23. This review has spoilers so heads up. The series was a fun read (until the end when you realize you've been had). Obviously it is non-stop action from start to finish and James Dashner does a great job of that. I also really liked that the author doesn't shy away from violence which can sometimes take away from a teen bookEVER, all of the above is pointless if the author doesn't EXPLAIN ANYTHING! Did you hope to find out what Thomas' memories were? Too bad. Did you want to know why Thomas, There [...]

  24. ¿El fin justifica los medios?¿CRUEL es bueno?El tan esperado final de la aclamada saga de EL Corredor del Laberinto me ha dejado con más preguntas que respuestas, debo decir que fue un libro emocionante, lleno de suspenso y acción, durante gran parte del libro me preguntaba si todo era otra maquinación más de CRUEL, una prueba más, me quedo la incógnita de cuanto estuvo bajo su control, hay momentos muy tristes y otros que me parecieron algo de relleno, el final no me agrado mucho, pero [...]

  25. I LITERALLY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO FUNCTION OR FEEL RIGHT NOW. I'M GOING TO CRY. SO JUSTUM, STANDBY WITH A MOP AND BUCKET. I'm literally gobsmacked. This book. I'd seen a lot of spoilers beforehand that really made me angryI HATE having books spoiled! But things panned out differently and even though I knew a few of the deaths, it still broke my heart. I will never ever ever be emotionally okay about this book. I love this trilogy. I love it absolutely fully and wholly because it's a mind game as we [...]

  26. He tenido que releer el libro para darme cuenta de lo loca que estuve al darle 4 estrellas. Es que hubieron tantas cosas mal, muy mal. Nunca podré perdonarle a James lo que hizo con el final de su serie. Quedaron demasiados cabos sueltos. No puedo creer que todas las preguntas que me planteé durante toda la lectura quedaran sin respuesta. Ava Paige no sé de dónde salió. Estuvo en el final de cada libro, pero sólo con sus informes de Malvado. Yo pensaba que iba a conocer finalmente qué se [...]

  27. Have you ever experienced something spectacular, only to look back on it and think "wait a second why did I like that so much?" That roller coaster or spicy Thai food you loved but then caused you to suffer serious stomach aches? That's how I feel about The Death Cure and the Maze Runner series. Just like the first two books in the series The Death Cure delivers a fast-paced story filled with adrenaline-inducing action sequences and thrilling twists. While Dashner's writing isn't beautiful, it p [...]

  28. Really??!! *sigh* Wasn't expecting that conclusion at all.Initial thoughts:1. Very good start of The Death Cure. The first 100-150 pages was excellent! From there, the plot and characters start to fall apart for me. I felt I was being stalled/distracted from the main plot.2. Sure the time for lies is over, but when do we find out the truth? Opportunities for our main character to understand the whole truth is missed, and I'm disappointed he doesn't step up to the plate.3. What happened to the ch [...]

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