Manhunt Sometimes you have to forget it all to remember what really matters Michael Brennan s life and career come to an abrupt halt when he receives a phone call telling him the love of his life Nikki Wrigh

  • Title: Manhunt
  • Author: Lillie Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780983979746
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sometimes you have to forget it all to remember what really matters.Michael Brennan s life and career come to an abrupt halt when he receives a phone call telling him the love of his life, Nikki Wright, is in the hospital after another attack by her ex boyfriend Sebastian Cross Rushing back to Hershey, PA, Michael turns up at Nikki s hospital bedside covered in Sebastian Sometimes you have to forget it all to remember what really matters.Michael Brennan s life and career come to an abrupt halt when he receives a phone call telling him the love of his life, Nikki Wright, is in the hospital after another attack by her ex boyfriend Sebastian Cross Rushing back to Hershey, PA, Michael turns up at Nikki s hospital bedside covered in Sebastian s blood and tells her they have to leave immediately Though her injuries have induced amnesia, Nikki inherently feels she can trust this man with her life Soon, they find themselves on the run from both their own troubled pasts and authorities hunting for Sebastian s killer With each new day and each touch drawing her further into Michael s embrace, Nikki remembers about this fugitive she once loved, and who still loves her enough to risk everything to protect her and keep her safe But can she love a man who just might be a murderer

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    1. 2.5 stars “I will always protect and defend you, Nikki. Always.”The premise of this book intrigued me and I was asked by the author to provide an honest review.Nikki is brought into the hospital after being badly beaten by her current abusive boyfriend. Her ex-boyfriend, Michael, who is still and always has been madly in love with her rushes to see her but arrives covered in blood. He asks her to leave with him in a hurry and although Nikki is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t remember Mi [...]

    2. First, I had to read this because of the subject matter. Got to tell you about my family first. My hubby was in an accident some time ago. He still doesn't remember the accident or 5 miles before it. I love how the brain protects the body from pain physical and stressful. I am a labor and delivery nurse and have been to court for domestic violence issues. My brother was a great domestic violence deputy until his son was killed by a gang from one punch that broke open an artery.And just got a cal [...]

    3. I love a good romantic suspense novel and this was definitely a good romantic suspense novel. A lot of times I get so lost in a book that I finish it before I realized what really happened, especially when there is a lot of drama and running going on but with Manhunt, I found myself having to step back a few times and think about what was happening I didn't get lost in the story, the story grabbed so much of my attention that I found myself constantly questioning what just happened and how in th [...]

    4. Manhunt by Lillie Spencer is incredibly exciting filled with suspense and romance! I was immediately drawn to the main characters, Michael and Nikki, and their love for each other. The story was filled with intensity exposing their complicated past of abuse, love, friendship, and worthiness. Nikki was abused due to a unfavorable relationship with her past relationship with murdered victim, Sebastian. She suffered Amnesia and Michael brings her memory back during an escape to reality. The love sc [...]

    5. Lillie takes us on an exciting adventure where we get to learn about our hero and heroine in bits and pieces along the way. Romance, suspense, drama, and a good old who-dunnit all wrapped into a nice package. A definite must read.

    6. I read a pre-release copy of this book and it's smashing! Lillie has a way of making it so that the story plays like a movie rather than reading text. LOVE it.

    7. Excellent story - I really enjoyed this bookick below for a longer review and a giveaway!scandaliciousbookreviews.c

    8. Manhunt by Lillie Spencer is her first novel, which is romance suspense. It is a story of Nikki, who wakes up in the hospital badly beaten by her abusive boyfriend, and has no memory of how she got there. The story also belongs to Michael, her ex-boyfriend, but who is still very much in love with Nikki. and is still her best friend, as he rushes to her aid. It is Michael, who left his job as a doctor in the hospital, when he gets the call about Nikki, to rush to her aid. But Michael makes detour [...]

    9. As seen on Ed and Em's Reviews!3.5/5 StarsManhunt is Lille Spencer's debut novel and for a debut, it's pretty dang good, if I do say so myself.The author approached me to do a review and I was immediately intrigued. When I went to check it out on its page, I didn't like the cover, but the synopsis? Dang, it sounded like it would be a lot of fun to read. And it really was. When a book can suck me in just from the blurb alone, it usually is a book that I won't soon forget. While the wasn't the "b [...]

    10. What if you woke up in a hospital bed wondering how you got there or why a strange man wants you to leave with him?In Lillie Spencer's debut romantic suspense, Manhunt, Nikki Wright finds herself in that situation when Michael Brennan shows up at her bedside determined to get her out of the hospital as soon as possible. Unknown to her, Michael is her childhood friend turned boyfriend turned ex, but she inexplicably trusts him enough to go on the run with him.Nikki soon learns she was hospitalize [...]

    11. Michael and Nikki have been best friends since childhood and became each other’s first love. After some tragic events Michael walks away from her and she finds comfort in Sebastian whose eventual jealous causes him to abuse Nikki. The book begins with Michael getting off work and finding out that Nikki has been abused by Sebastian and he goes tearing off to seek retribution. The next time we see him he is coming into the hospital and takes Nikki from her bed (she is awake and agrees to go) and [...]

    12. Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspWould you put the future of your career – and quite possibly your life – on the line for someone you love? Michael Brennan would, but only for his childhood friend and ex-girlfriend, Nikki Wright. He’d even go so far as to kidnap her from the hospital and take her on the run in order to keep her safe. But the trouble is… she doesn’t know who he is.Michael Brennan is an intense and driven man. But on the inside, he’s loving, caring, and would [...]

    13. I absolutely loved this story!What would you do if you couldn't remember anyone around you? The only thing you're sure of is that you're hurt, you're in a hospital, and your heart is telling you to follow and listen to the guy that is telling you that you need to go with him right now?Well, Nikki listened to her gut and went with that guy, who is Michael her unknowing protector and best friend from the time she was just a little girl. But the more she starts to remember, the more she realizes th [...]

    14. I am a big fan of suspense books, throw in a love story with some very well written steamy scenes and a hunky hero, I am in-love!Manhunt captivated my attention from the first paragraph, and held it until the very end. I loved how the author explained the story in beautifully written bits and pieces through flashbacks. Each flashback, the author brought you back making you feel as if you were in the moment. Her writing is uniquely descriptive which I really enjoyed. You never really know the tra [...]

    15. Without giving too much away, the plot revolves around Michael and Nikki, the latter of whom suffers from amnesia after a brutal attack by her ex-boyfriend. Manhunt truly is a harrowing journey about two close friends trying to salvage the pieces of their lives into a semblance of normalcy. It's enchanting to watch Nikki's relationship unfold with Michael as she regains bits of her memory. Having dealt with the subject of amnesia in my own novel, it's fascinating to see another author's perspect [...]

    16. Writing a Romance Suspense Drama is hard. You have to make sure you have enough action to keep things going, enough steam to heat up the romance, and enough twist and turns to make sure the web is constantly being woven. Then on top of that you have to add details to make the people feel real. To make the situations feel like you yourself would do the same thing.Lillie does a marvelous job at making all of the above come true. There are some 'slower' parts like the description of grocery shoppin [...]

    17. Manhunt is yet another great story I have read.I loved Christan and his nicknames. But there is also his wife Sophie. I love her, I'm not sure why but I just do. I think Micheal-even though the Romeo of Manhunt-is a bit of a jerk. I like him and all but he is secretive at times and does not answer questions when Niki-the victim and heroine-asks. I love Niki. She is a lot like me. A chocolate-loveing fun girl. Then there is Wes. When I first read about his character I couldn't help but think abou [...]

    18. From the very first page the author pulled me in and wouldn't let go. Michael is a truly amazing character. He is one of those people you want to have on your side because he will always stick by you. The suspense in this book definitely keeps you turning the page. The author does a brilliant job in describing things whether it be the action, sex scenes, or drama in a tasteful, but alluring manner. This has definitely earned a place on my favorites shelf so I can read it again in the future.

    19. Started off great, but took a quick nose dive and never made it back up for air. A story that's been done many times over, with an ending that was predictable right from the start. I can't remember thinking this about any other novel; however, this one just oozed of sticky sweetness, goody-goody hugs and kisses; overkill of lovey-dovey feelings not just between Nikki and Michael, but also between their best friends. Too much for this reader.

    20. 4.5 starsOMG!I felt like getting up and doing this at the end of this book. I love love love Michael and he was the knight in shining armor but, besides that I think the friendships built in this book were what made me love the book. I loved the idea of the book and everything about it.

    21. I liked the way the story pulled me in and lead right off into an adventure of the weird kind! Getting to know Michael and Nikki while trying to figure out how the bits of the story would come together made it a page turner for me. I enjoyed the supporting characters and how they played into the story as well. I am looking forward to more from Ms Spencer!

    22. I won this book ( So thank you again to the author) This book was very interesting and definitely a page turner. I am not sure if it was just me but I did catch on rather quickly to what the ending was going to be but I still enjoyed reading it anyway I liked the way the author wrote and really felt like I knew the characters. Good job!!!

    23. Great story, wonderful characters. Loved the pacing and the fact that not everything was clear as glass, so to speak. Every girl should be so lucky as to have their own Michael and Christian

    24. Overall it was a good reading book. I knew the ending before it happened, but overall good reading. The characters were detailed and the overall sotry was layed out well.

    25. Unexpected surprise, the book synopsis doesn't give an accurate view of how good this book actually is. What would you sacrifice for love?

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