The Star

The Star The Star is a science fiction short story by English writer Arthur C Clarke It appeared in the science fiction magazine Infinity Science Fiction in and won the Hugo award in The story was al

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  • Title: The Star
  • Author: Arthur C. Clarke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 471
  • Format: ebook
  • The Star is a science fiction short story by English writer Arthur C Clarke It appeared in the science fiction magazine Infinity Science Fiction in 1955 and won the Hugo award in 1956 The story was also published as Star of Bethlehem.

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    1. Dear Arthur,I appreciated your short story "The Star", but I think you will be interested to hear My side of the case. I have done My very best to create a beautiful universe where intelligent beings may evolve, flourish, and learn to become closer to Me. You would simply not believe how many aeons of work I have put in to tune the laws of physics so that it all comes together. The first quadrillion attempts were utter failures. My universes collapsed into black holes, expanded so fast that each [...]

    2. I read it here sites.uni/morgans/astro/cWhat a gift Clarke had. This (very short) story in four pages packs in so much intensity, thought, concept & beautiful writing.Come to your own conclusion!

    3. A Jesuit priest, the astrophysicist on a space crew voyaging to explore the Phoenix Nebula, is having a crisis of faith. He has always been able to blend religious faith and scientific knowledge in his life, but what he finds out at the destination of their voyage shakes him to the core."It is three thousand light-years to the Vatican. Once, I believed that space could have no power over faith, just as I believed the heavens declared the glory of God’s handwork. Now I have seen that handiwork, [...]

    4. Brightest and best of the sons of the morning,Dawn on our darkness and lend us thine aid;Star of the East, the horizon adorning,Guide where our infant Redeemer is laid.*Or . . . maybe it meant something else.This story is all about the stars - the ones in the sky and the ones in our eyes.The priest who serves as a ship's astrophysicist experiences a crisis of faith when the crew makes a grim and sobering discovery. This is a profoundly sad, yet beautiful tale. I read it last week, and still have [...]

    5. ❓Do you know?▶ The dinner you ate doesn't matter.▶ The iPhone you own doesn't matter.▶ The books you read don't matter.▶ The reviews you write don't matter.▶ Your indulgence in doesn't matter.▶ You don't matter. You. Don't. Matter.Because, you are going to blow up just like the distant civilization did. No matter what you do. That's what He exists for! ⭐One day, we are going to shine brilliantly over a distant Bethlehem. ⭐Who knows, we might be the Polaris of a distant civiliz [...]

    6. One part science fiction mystery and one part moody rumination on faith and the nature of God. A dash of nastily sharp irony. Clarke makes his point and he makes it hard.Read this short story for free! Right here:webchive/web/2008071808 spoiler: He's about to smash that egg, and then shrug.

    7. Once in a while, I come across on an incredible work. This short story is nothing else but a Masterpiece. It reminds me of Saramago’s “The Gospel According to Jesus Christ” through the message it carries.On the way to a white dwarf, the chief astrophysicist, which is a Jesuit, struggles to keep his authority on an atheist crew, until they made a discovery that will shatter his beliefs entirely:“It is three thousand light-years to the Vatican. Once, I believed that space could have no pow [...]

    8. Romanian review: "Steaua'' de Arthur C. Clarke este o povestire foarte scurtă, dar interesantă și profundă. Un astrofizician foarte credincios este liderul unei expediții spațiale care descoperă rămășițele unei civilizații extraterestre foarte avansate și ajunge să se îndoiască de credința lui, ne mai fiind sigur că există un Dumnezeu iubitor și moral. Ultima frază a povestirii m-a impresionat și m-a făcut să-i ofer cele 4 stele. English review: "The Star"by Arthur C. Cla [...]

    9. Beautiful religious and scientific story "The Star" is the story of a group of space explorers from Earth returning from an expedition to a remote star system, where they discovered the remnants of an advanced civilization destroyed when their sun went supernova. Their chief astrophysicist, a Jesuit priest, is suffering from a deep crisis of faith, triggered by some undisclosed event during the journey.As the story unfolds, the reader learns that the destroyed planet's culture was very similar t [...]

    10. An oldy, but a goody. Clarke's short stories were his strongest writing, IMO. This one is no exception as it quickly sets the stage & then delivers a powerful message with an almost sadistic twist at the end. It's short, only a few pages, & free here:sites.uni/morgans/astro/cHighly recommended.

    11. I listened to The Star here, narrated by Arthur C. Clarke himself. This short story won the Hugo Award in 1956.The Star follows a group of space explorers set to investigate the death of a star. On their way to it, they find a small planet on a Pluto-like orbit to the dead star. There, they uncover the remains of the civilization that perished with its sun. Apparently, it was advance enough to travel through its solar system, but not enough to escape it. Thus, they built a vault to place their c [...]

    12. The Star is a story that packs a good punch. It is easy to see why someone who wrote such elegant stories in a time when a lot of science fiction was barely past the pulp stage, would have been considered one of the big writers in the genre. It is worth reading, not just because it aged gracefully, but also because it shows the darker side of the writing of a man known for his optimistic work. Full Random Comments review

    13. Don't remember the last time a book made me feel like this.An astrophysicist on a mission to explore a distant supernova is on the verge of losing his religious faith; a struggle with keeping faith in the face of unprecedented truths. Then, he makes a very dark discovery that shakes each and every of his fundamental beliefs o_o

    14. In a near future a starship exploring the remains of a supernova finds tha the explosion has destroyed a kind ,happy civilization,a terrible genocide.The astounding fact is that the supernova is the Belen star that herald the Jesus birth,giving way to a montruous moral paradox;as a consecuence a scientific Jesuit lose his faith.A deep reflection on the meaning of the universe and our role in it

    15. Wonderful short story.You can listen to it, narrated by Clarke himself here:youtube/watch?v=81t6a"We set out to reach the Phoenix Nebula, we succeeded, and we are homeward bound with our burden of knowledge."

    16. This is an interesting counterweight to "The Nine Billion Names of God". In that story religion wins out over science, in this one science wins out over religion. Yet the star seems "deeper". There is a difference in motivation. In "The Nine Billion Names of God" the scientists are cynical and the Tibetan monks seem naive. Here there are superficial scientists questioning naive superstitious faith, but the narrator is more complex than they think. He points out that the "incongruity" of his posi [...]

    17. Buddy-read with my sci-fi friend Qönçə!Firstly, it is so good to read classic science fiction again. I love A.Clarke and I have to say , his writing style is smooth and poetry-like. Loved the story too. The ending was confusing at first, but then after reading reviews I got it. The astrophysicist explores a dying star and learns that there was a civilization like humans who were wiped out by explosion. When he calculates the explosion time and when the light of this explosion reaches the eart [...]

    18. Leggere racconti mi lascia in genere una certa insoddisfazione, oltre che un velo di malinconia. Questo succede perché mi affeziono ai personaggi delle storie, mi catapulto in un universo diverso, faccio mie le sensazioni dell'opera, mi sintonizzo con gli umori dei protagonisti e mi piace l'evolversi psicologico dei vari eroi, malfattori, narratori Diventano miei compagni, e cerco avidamente approfondimenti particolareggiati, descrizioni puntigliose e pagine colme di sviluppo sia introspettivo [...]

    19. One thing is for sure: It gives a kick in the mind (and the heart). Now, I must think about it for a while.Thank you, Carol!Here link to read it online. Try it. It is really short but so powerful, beautiful, poignant

    20. Very powerful, and could be open to several differing opinions about the true meaning. I would say that it was written to be interpreted by everyone individually, as either anti-religious or the opposite, underscoring the power and sovereignty. It is definitely an engrossing read, not light, very intense and written with great feeling. Certainly not the typical Christmas read!

    21. I love when Science fiction discusses religion. This short story is one of the best. A priest who is also an astrophysit went for a long travel in space to study the supernova effects. He discovered a far planet who survived the supernova where a beacon sending signals. Into this site the priest found the remnants , records of the civilizations that was wiped out by the supernova. Watching how these beings were happy living and playing with their children on beaches , the crew and the priest fel [...]

    22. Upon discovering some material remains of a race of beings extinguished due to an explosion of a supernova, a priest, who's also a scientist on the ship, has a crisis of faith.Being religious and thus having accepted God as a reality in his life, the crisis stems from trying to comprehend the capriciousness of God's destruction which seems cruel and unjust to him therefore he feels torn as he's faced between 2 painful possibilities: 1) there is no God and the universe is cruel and random OR 2) t [...]

    23. I couldnt sleep tonight and I read this to put myself to sleep. Now I cant sleep for real.Kept reading this with the comfort of a familiar ground and theme, only to have it all changed in that last one sentence.This was adapted by Twilight Zone as a Christmas special, ironic huh. Well, a little tweak again changed the whole perspective there - (view spoiler)[ they celebrated their death becoming light to another civilization. (hide spoiler)]

    24. so so sad. and so so beautiful. god, my heart achesis is a 4 page short story that can be found here in pdf format.

    25. This was a wonderful short story that has a surprising ending. It describes the end of a solar system and the death of a people we never knew. It describes their efforts to save some of the proof of their existence, a kind of time capsule for future explorers to find. The story was entertaining, but quite sad, and discusses the conflicts between science and religion. I listened to an audiobook version of this tale on a British Airways flight home from my trip to Sweden. A transcript of the story [...]

    26. Přečteno ve sbírce "Devět miliard božích jmen".Bůh není povinen ospravedlňovat své počínání člověku. On, jenž vybudoval Vesmír, může jej zničit, kdykoli se mu zachce. A je to od nás drzost - nebezpečně blízko k rouhání - říkat, co smí a co ne.Krásné a mrazivé vyprávění o odhalení dávné a vzdálené události, která, snad s božím úmyslem, snad jen pouhou náhodou, v důsledku ovlivnila milióny a miliardy lidí na Zemi, aniž by si toho byli kdy vědomi. [...]

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