Room to Grow

Room to Grow Until it s freed from the closet love will only wither on the vine Cole Wheaton is out in every sense of the word out of the closet and recently out of a bad relationship He hopes the new contract t

  • Title: Room to Grow
  • Author: Kate Sherwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Until it s freed from the closet, love will only wither on the vine Cole Wheaton is out in every sense of the word out of the closet, and recently out of a bad relationship He hopes the new contract to design a garden for the McLeans will be the distraction he needs to get his life back on track, but there s something about David McLean that intrigues him and sets offUntil it s freed from the closet, love will only wither on the vine Cole Wheaton is out in every sense of the word out of the closet, and recently out of a bad relationship He hopes the new contract to design a garden for the McLeans will be the distraction he needs to get his life back on track, but there s something about David McLean that intrigues him and sets off warning bells Somewhere in the middle of a bonding chat with the passionate landscape designer, David realizes he s attracted to Cole It s nothing new he s secretly been acting on these impulses for a while But there s something different, something stronger with Cole that tells him acting out with Cole will be a life changer Determined not to saddle himself with another closet case, Cole does his best to resist the temptation David presents But David, watching Cole s easy acceptance of his own sexuality, realizes it s time to stop living a lie An open marriage and cheap one night stands aren t enough, not any Cautious friendship grows into affection then passion But until they re both ready to cut ties to their pasts, the obstacles still walling them apart could be too high for love to breach Warning Contains drunken licking between friends May cause a sudden interest in garden design.

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    1. 'Room to Grow'Well, Kate Sherwood is growing on me with her courageous and complicated relationships.A married man in a straight relationship on his journey to self-discovery.A gay garden designer who was hired by said straight couple to redo their garden.It sounds like 'Oh the straight guy falls in love with the gardener - got it!'But it is much more complicated than that. Until recently Cole (a garden designer -  he's not a gardener) had an affair (certainly not a 'relationship') with a clos [...]

    2. Slick's review posted on Guilty PleasuresKate Sherwood is a new to me author and after reading Room To Grow, I’ll happily seek out more of her works. Room To Grow was a wonderful story in more ways that one. There were a lot of different relationships going on during this story including the one involving Cole Wheaton and David McLean. But, and to me this is huge, what happens to them is just a piece of this entire book. Yes, it’s a huge piece but many things had to happen in order for them [...]

    3. Finally finished! It felt as if I was reading it for forever and not just two days. The beginning was very slow, all the garden stuff was not really my thing. At some point the story got to me, but not as much as anticipated. At the end it was well-rounded and satisfying and I don't need to read more about this couple.

    4. About 3.5 stars.I thought this was a pretty good short/novella. I didn't love the cheating aspect and David's relationship with his wife. Then it became weird because she was SO accepting. It just felt a lit false. I liked Cole a lot and I liked that they built on their friendship for awhile. A nice novella.

    5. This story was decent but I'm sorry to say it missed the mark for me.David is an unhappily married, closeted gay man. Cole is a garden designer that was hired by David's wife to build the garden of her dreams. The two men become friends and eventually, more.I never really felt invested in the storyline and I felt no real emotional collection to either M/C. I felt that the MCs were OK but I found nothing particularly inspiring or magnetic qualities in either man. Their connection was good but it [...]

    6. 3.75 stars - I wanted more. It's no secret I'm a huge fan of Kate Sherwood's writing and Dark Horse is one of my favorite series. This is a contemporary story about two characters that are dealing with new situations. Cole is just out of a bad relationship with a closeted jerk and David is just coming out of his marriage and coming out of the closet. But for some reason, Cole decides that David needs the support of a friend and he wants to be there for him. David would like Cole to be a lot more [...]

    7. 3.25 starsWhat works personally+ I like the fact that the story starts with David in that phase where he already think he should stop pretending. He already has that one foot outside the door. So no need for tedious time for angst and indecisiveness whether he might or might not be gay. Oh, I think the scene where David keeps saying to himself that he is gay is kind funny.+ I like that David and Stephanie ask help to save their marriage. I know that this is an M/M romance, but somehow it's just [...]

    8. This is a short, warm story about two men making a second start. For David, that means admitting he's gay and figuring out all the changes in his life that will follow. For Cole, it means finally giving up on the straight guy who's been jerking him around for so long, and then convincing himself that other men will not necessarily be as scared, one-sided or manipulative as his ex was. Interestingly, there is more conflict in the story over Cole's issues than David's. I loved Cole's passion for h [...]

    9. This was boring and the writing is lazy. My god, even the sex is utterly boring. There is a lot of room wherein the story ought to have unfolded and the reader ought to have been able to bear witness instead of the reader being told what happened with significant developments entirely unillustrated and skipped over with inefficient summary and disregardful brevity.

    10. I quite liked this!! Very adult handling of the relationship and the issues. Really appreciated that they talked like adults and worked things out. Unique characters and as a person who needs a bit of sappiness in my romance reads, this fit the bill nicely!! Cole is a garden designer - NOT a gardener, but one who designs gardens. He meets David when he designs a garden for David and his wife Stephanie. David and Stephanie have been having marital problems and have been seeing a marriage counselo [...]

    11. I really liked this book, I wish is had been longer and had more character development, since the characters where quite likeable. Appreciated that Cole didn’t rush the relationship even though David would have jumped in with both feet. I loved that it was set in Vancouver and referred to places I know. The description of the gardens and plants was really interesting and when Cole and Stephanie used the garden as a metaphor in regards to Stephanie’s marriage was fitting. Would have liked to [...]

    12. Room to Grow is a lovely story from Kate Sherwood and her writing technique has really tightened up in this story. Sherwood is quite guilty of rambling somewhat in her stories and while it works on some occasions, it can also drag a story down and make it tedious but there are no such problems here. The writing is taut and controlled which is so important when you are writing a shorter story, otherwise you may run out of pages before making your point. I also liked how Sherwood used the gardenin [...]

    13. I am a huge fan of Kate Sherwood. I love the way she writes. I love the way she writes characters as real people without a lot of flare or over-dramatization, but still writes an really good story.I liked Room to Grow. Both Cole and David had their own hang ups. David was a married man living in the closet; Cole just got out of a relationship with a man who refused to leave the closet. You can see where there might be contention. The first half of the novel was about David coming to terms with b [...]

    14. This starts out a little slow, until David starts taking a bit more control of his life. He is such a sweetheart. I just wanted things to be better for him. I loved Cole. While he did upset me a bit a time or two, I really liked his character overall. I also understood and liked how Cole put David off until he was more solid in his new life as a gay man. Cole's friends were ok, though Sasha's licking issue was a bit icky. What I didn't like was how slow things were moving, until, suddenly they j [...]

    15. 3.50Let me begin by saying that I love Kate Sherwood But I was bothered by this book maybe because It was a short read and I felt like the chemistry wasn't developed enough I still see David and Cole in the friend zone, not lovers I just didn't buy itI did love Cole's character, He had a passion for his job, and saw the beauty in itDavid is a married man coming out of the closet spoiler: (view spoiler)[even though his marriage was falling about for years, he CHEATED on his wife with 6-8 other me [...]

    16. 3.5*A fairly quick read, well paced, low angst level that was good.David and Cole meet when David's wife hires Cole to redesign their garden. I was wondering how this would go and thought the big secret was handled well. David and his wife have been in counselling for a long time and perhaps Cole is a catalyst at most to the final break.Cole and David start as friends as David is finding his newly out feet. I did like the slow pace to their relationship, though Cole obviously has been burned bad [...]

    17. Would have been a solid four stars but it felt like a chapter was left out between the MCs first shag and the next chapter. I loved the slow build up of their relationship but, once they got in bed, it felt like some of the chemistry disappeared. It returned afterwards so I guess the sex scene just didn't do it for me, as sweet as it was. There was a general lack of resolution and tying up of loose ends (Stephanie's feelings about David moving on so fast and how it affected her relationship with [...]

    18. I might be rounding up from four stars and some change but la la la don't care, this was a book I enjoyed from start to finish. And I really, really needed a win here.I've avoided Sherwood's books for years because her usual is not my cup of tea, but her writing style is smooth and goes down easy. No doubt I'll still have to pass on most of her books, but won't hesitate in the future when it sounds like the content will work for me.Yay, I found a book I unabashedly love! April was such a downer. [...]

    19. This is one of those sweet, shortish reads with just the right amount of everything you need. Although I still (as always) feel it should have been longer lol. David is lovely as a man finally realising that his marriage is a scam and that he is in reality gay. Cole on the other hand is completely out and has been for years. He also just broke off a relationship with another man who was denying being gay. I would have loved it if there was more about David's 'coming out' being told. And the end [...]

    20. This is one of those books that I enjoyed while I was reading, but when I finished, thought maybe it didn't measure up to some of Kate Sherwood's better books. So, I think that for someone new to this author it might be a 4 or even 5 star read, but for someone who's read the Dark Horse trilogy it might be a 3 starAlso, this ends with maybe 10 pages of ads, so figure the actual book to stop around 88% of your file.

    21. Okay so maybe cheating? I found a 101 page M/M romance. A nice quick piece of fluff that I took to the launderette with me and read in two hours. It was pleasant, simple plot but enjoyable. So that's it. 50 books in a year. I guess I should get back to writing so maybe my target next year will be only 40 or 45. This will give me a chance with some longer and more difficult texts too. Though 50 has been fun.I hope you all enjoyed your reading year as much as I did.

    22. This was a lovely story. I loved Cole so much, he was gentle and sweet, a real darling, and David, struggling with everything, trying to be a good husband yet not really knowing how to, and then Stephanie, David's wife, it's rare for me to like a female character in m/m books but Stephanie had such depth, she was her own person, strong, but compassionate, even when she was in her own pain, she still wanted David to be happy. I really loved this book, every single word.

    23. This was good, it was sweet, but I read it just a few days after For the Living, and they were pretty similar, so it bugged me a bit. This one was well written, but I felt it could have been longer, fleshed out a bit more.

    24. Here we have a slow building romance between David, who is prepared to admit he is a gay man and Cole who takes a contract to design a garden for David's wife. In general I did like the story, but I missed this passion between both MC's. They were falling for each other, but everything was written to nice and passive. It was a bit to bland read.

    25. Endless blathering on about plants and trees and gardens very nearly ruined this for me. Even after skipping miles of text about shrubs and flowers, by the time we got to the real point of the damn book, I struggled to summon enough interest to care. And then it just ended. 2.5 at best. Very disappointing for this author.

    26. More of an outline of a novel than an actual novel. None of the elements is terribly new and the author seems a bit bored with them as well, often dispensing with what should be rather major events in her characters' lives in a few pages or less.

    27. This was a very sweet story and very accurateI know of friends who have dated boys who claim to gay only for themlol anyway I always enjoy Kate Sherwoods writing.d this tale was no exceptionanks

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