A Promise to Remember

A Promise to Remember When a car accident kills two teens from opposite sides of the tracks the aftermath threatens to tear a community apart On one side Melanie Johnston a grieving single mother is convinced her son wil

  • Title: A Promise to Remember
  • Author: Kathryn Cushman
  • ISBN: 9780764203800
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a car accident kills two teens from opposite sides of the tracks, the aftermath threatens to tear a community apart On one side, Melanie Johnston a grieving single mother is convinced her son will be forgotten On the other is Andie Phelps, a reserved woman who retreats even further into herself with grief.These two sympathetic characters fight her own way througWhen a car accident kills two teens from opposite sides of the tracks, the aftermath threatens to tear a community apart On one side, Melanie Johnston a grieving single mother is convinced her son will be forgotten On the other is Andie Phelps, a reserved woman who retreats even further into herself with grief.These two sympathetic characters fight her own way through grief and pain sometimes wisely and sometimes with choices that have the power to divide family, church, and even their small, seaside town.

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    1. Perhaps another book that would be good for a book club. I enjoyed reading the book but I found I really, really had a hard time with Melanie. She is probably the one I should relate to the most, middle class, (I'm not a single mom), mother of more than one child, I have worked out of the home, but she drove me crazy. Maybe it is because I am so aware of the class warfare going on and the anti wealth attitude when it is someone else's money. I'm glad she turned around in the book and started to [...]

    2. For a freebie, this turned out well beyond my expectation. I'm giving it 5 stars because it drew out all kinds of feelings and emotions from me while I was reading it - such a feat considering that I had plenty of breaks in between my reading times. Being a mother of teenagers, I can only imagine the pain that both Melanie and Andie went through. Losing a child is the worse thing imaginable, I don't think any other pain can measure up to it. But through all this pain, the book offered redemption [...]

    3. Ever since buying a Kindle, I've been reading a lot of books that I wouldn't have given a second thought to. But who am I to say no to a free book? This one really surprised me.Two women from opposite sides of the track are bound together in a tragedy- a car accident that takes the lives of both their sons. Through the deaths, each women learns what it means to be a strong Christian.Andie has it all on the outside- a nice house, a husband and good friends, and attends the right church. She has h [...]

    4. First thoughts:What to sayhad very good imagery incorporated throughout the storyline, seeing the landscapes that were created was breath taking. The authors use of language fit perfectly into what a grieving person would say, do and feel. It felt really realistic; the characters didn't heal instantly and the conflicts that were introduced page after page would leave me in a puddle on the ground. But the author created strong characters; people I would in a wierd way idolize. Because in the end [...]

    5. When it comes to book club selections, I always look in the back before I begin to see if they chose a book that has "suggested questions" and I skim them. This time I only read the first question and stopped because the question put in my mind I would be picking sides and I didn't want to start off with that in mind or any other leading questions.The book itself starts off a bit gloomy with the death of two teenage boys through a car accident. You never learn more of the accident other than one [...]

    6. I very much enjoyed this book. Two families' lives are entwined through a horrible accident. Each person involved reacts to this defining moment in a different and complex way. As the story evolves, there are some wonderful lessons on forgiveness. Also, no matter what kind of bad choices we make, God can work with those choices and turn them into paths which lead us to Him.

    7. ForgivenessI admit, when I started this book, I really didn't think it would have much substance. I apologize to the author because I was very wrong. Having read this book I cannot remain unchanged. I want to seek the peace that Melanie and Annie found amidst their struggles. The story while sad, demonstrates the importance of forgiveness. Not only of those who have wronged, but ourselves as well. I highly recommend this book for an enjoyable, thought-provoking read.

    8. A PromiseI truly enjoyed reading this book. I cannot imagine losing a child and it was interesting to read how these families dealt with their sons death. The author did a great job in showing how Christians can fail regularly in their lives but still continue to strive to act like Jesus. It is a difficult thing to do.

    9. Good readA little slow but overall a good read. Ending was kind of smashed, should have taken a little more time.

    10. I loved how this book made you feel empathy for two people on opposite sides of the same issue, showing that things are rarely black and white and a simple as we think.

    11. Very touching storyThis is a very heart warming and touching story. It is very wonderfully told, showing both sides of the story.

    12. A Happy EndingThis certainly portrayed the harm that can ensue in a family when there is a fatal accident. Faith and honesty helped mend some of the hearts of the victims.

    13. I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. Chick-lit Christian fiction, two types I don't normally read. As usual, I unexpectedly read something that pertained to my life today. It was worth reading for me.

    14. While I have mixed feelings about this book, I have to say that the story touches the heart of the reader in many ways. I purchased the book from because I could relate to the feeling of losing someone special in my life. The characters in the story seemed real to me and their reactions were those I have either experienced or seen someone close go through in their own grieving process.Though the cast of characters is large, the author does a great job of keeping the focus on the main characters [...]

    15. Plot: This book is the story of two women: Andie and Melanie. Andie is an upper-class Christian mom who has one son, Chad. Melanie is a single, working mom who has a son, Jeff, and daughter, Sarah. The story begins with the reader finding out that both of the sons were killed in an automobile accident. Later the reader finds out that Andie’s son, Chad, was the cause of the accident. Melanie decides to sue Andie. The rest of the book follows the fallout from this decision. My thoughts: This boo [...]

    16. It was a great book packed with several themes: loss of a loved one, grief, religion, judgement, stability, and more. Two mothers grieved their own ways over losing both their sons to a car accident, which ensued into a lawsuit over wrongful death, forcing a town to choose sides in the ugly matter. Several perspectives are given and we get the true feelings from the characters that we would otherwise assume incorrectly like the characters did of each other. Because of the multiple viewpoints, I [...]

    17. This book reminded me of the movie Changing Lanes, although less dramatic, vicious, but more realistic. It is indeed a tragic story that could happen in anyone's life. When a revenge motive enters the tragedy, and other people start poking their noses into the conflict and really confuse matters, things escalate out of control for both protagonists, harming both grieving families way more than was necessary. Compounding the tragedy of the promising (thus, the title) lives of two fine Christian a [...]

    18. There was nothing really amazing about this book. It follows the grief of two women as they both struggle with the loss of their teenaged sons, which happened as the result of a car accident. The book starts off really sad (it had me crying within the first three pages), but I read this in e-book format, and it didn't really seem to be set up well for that. It was difficult for me to tell when we were switching scenes so it was easy to get confused. Even though I should probably have identified [...]

    19. This book felt more like a biography than fiction. If you've read the book description you know it's a story of two mom's that have lost their sons. The redemption story built in was honestly the redeeming factor for an otherwise very sad story.

    20. I just finished reading this book that I downloaded to my Kindle. To be honest, I have read only one other book by Cushman, and I hadn’t been impressed with it. So unimpressed, I had no intentions on reading any other of her books. However, this one slipped past me, and to be honest, I’m glad it did.The basic premise of the book: “When a car accident kills two teens from opposite sides of the tracks, the aftermath threatens to tear a community apart.”You aren’t given the details of the [...]

    21. A compelling and touching debut novel. Two women see their worlds collide when their sons are killed in a car accident. Andie is a wealthy stay at home mom with money and prestige who volunteers her time in the community, but has lost her only child. Melanie is a single mother with little material wealth, struggling to raise her son and daughter. While we never get all the details of the accident, the implication is strong that Andie's son caused it. The story opens after the accident, as each w [...]

    22. Two women struggling for a tragic loss, each on opposite sides of society. Can love broach the boundaries of hate and unforgiveness? Will either of these women accept God’s love and healing care?This was my second book by Kathryn Cushman and I really enjoyed it. In the space of one night two women lose their sons in a tragic car accident. What ensues isn’t just about overcoming grief, but relationships, guilt, even a lawsuit and black mailing. Though while Kathryn’s books debate on high em [...]

    23. I usually like to read books that are not so intense. I like things that make me smile. I don't like stories that make me cry but I liked this one and it did make me cry. As a mother who is learning (slowly) to completely trust God to watch over my sons this story was a little tough to read. Still, I was drawn in to the lives of these two ladies. I appreciate the author's approach to the story line. It was believable. I love the life lessons incorporated into the story based on the Word of God a [...]

    24. When There's Nothing Left But Memories Andie Phelps is the envy of Santa Barbara. A devoted mother with a loving son and a successful husband, her greatest joy comes from reaching out to others Melanie Johnston is the envy of no one. A single mom who works long hours to pay the bills, and her greatest joys relate to her teen daughter and son. Then the accident that changes everything. When opposite worlds collide, the impact reaches far beyond these mothers' personal losses. Two wounded womenTwo [...]

    25. this is the story of 2 mothers coping with the deaths of their teenage sons in a car accident. it us also the story of how well meaning friends and story hungry media can twist a picture of something simple into something dark and ugly.but finally it is a Christian story about forgiveness - the second most essential emotion in any relationship after trust. as grief makes both families hurt, angry and causes rifts in their relationships, they learn that healing and forgiveness is a long journey. [...]

    26. Another wonderful read by Kathryn Cushman. In this novel, two women's journeys become intertwined after both of them lose their sons in a car crash. Melanie, the mother of the son whose car was hit by Andie's son now has even more reason to doubt God. When lawyers enter the scene and a lawsuit ensues, many ugly aspects of human nature arise. Cushman did a wonderful job of showing how God can heal broken hearts through the actions of his children, as time after time, Melanie is faced with the lov [...]

    27. i got this book for free on amazon and now i know why. had i known it was christian fiction, it would not be on my kindle. nothing against people who read christian fiction, but i find this book to be completely ridiculous and unrealistic. people don't really go around spouting off about jesus and god and forgiveness and quoting bible verses unless they're hardcore bible beaters, but that's not how the characters in this book were portrayed. i think the author felt like she wanted to tell a chri [...]

    28. Struck gold with this free download from ! I was expecting to not like this book very much. But I was pleasantly surprised that I not only liked it, I LOVED it! It was a first in the "christian fiction" genre for me and a very good first introduction. I will definitely read more in this genre and by this very talented author, who writes with no "fluff" or "fillers" and creates realistic likable characters that you can relate to. This story is an emotional encouraging story of forgiveness and lea [...]

    29. This is a good 'Christian Literature' type of bookI had a hard time putting it down because the story was so engrossing. There are a lot of issues dealing with forgiveness and perceptions of others. made me really think about when I look at someone and make a decision of what they are like before I even get the chance to find outd how wrong I can be at times. Forgiveness is a difficult thing to do especially when the damage is such as a deathis was a good book that really covered the whole scope [...]

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