Bottled Abyss

Bottled Abyss YOU VE TAKEN PAYMENT FOR A DEATH THAT DOESN T BELONG TO YOU WHAT WERE THREE ARE NOW ONE AND I AM FURY Herman and Janet Erikson are going through a crisis of grief and suffering after losing their dau

  • Title: Bottled Abyss
  • Author: Benjamin Kane Ethridge
  • ISBN: 9780984751952
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • YOU VE TAKEN PAYMENT FOR A DEATH THAT DOESN T BELONG TO YOU WHAT WERE THREE ARE NOW ONE, AND I AM FURY Herman and Janet Erikson are going through a crisis of grief and suffering after losing their daughter in a hit and run They ve given up on each other, they ve given up on themselves They are living day by day One afternoon, to make a horrible situation worse, theYOU VE TAKEN PAYMENT FOR A DEATH THAT DOESN T BELONG TO YOU WHAT WERE THREE ARE NOW ONE, AND I AM FURY Herman and Janet Erikson are going through a crisis of grief and suffering after losing their daughter in a hit and run They ve given up on each other, they ve given up on themselves They are living day by day One afternoon, to make a horrible situation worse, their dog goes missing in the coyote infested badlands behind their property Herman, resolved in preventing another tragedy, goes to find the dog, completely unaware he s on a hike to the River Styx, which according to Greek myth was the border between the Living World and the world of the Dead Long ago the gods died and the River dried up, but a bottle containing its waters still remains in the badlands What Herman discovers about the dark power contained in those waters will change his life forever It happens from time to timea book grabs you from the opening line and refuses to let you go Benjamin Kane Ethridge s Bottled Abyss was one of those reads for me Bottled Abyss is a stunningly sophisticated tale, both in its mythic scope and in its adroit handling of complex, emotional characters Ethridge is a writer of rare emotional intelligence, developed far beyond his years, but with Bottled Abyss he has outdone even his own considerable promise There are several writers out there, such as Laird Barron, John Langan and Lee Thomas, that have me chomping at the bit for their next release Add to that shortlist Benjamin Kane Ethridge, for he has made me a fan for life Joe McKinney, Bram Stoker Award winning author of Flesh Eaters and Dead City

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    1. The Bottled Abyss by Benjamin Kane Etheridge was originally released in 2012 by Redrum Horror. A new revised and authors preferred version of the Bram Stoker Award Nominated novel was released on the 3rd April 2015 by Horrific Tales Publishing based in the UK. Herman and Janet Erikson have been through Hell and are still hanging over the Abyss by their fingertips. Unable to climb back out they suffer and survive with the monumental grief of losing their two year old daughter hit by a getaway ca [...]

    2. Bottled Abyss was a Kindle freebie at the time I picked it up. I had no expectations when I plunged into it, which worked in my favor BIG TIME!This novel began in a dark, sad and desolate setting and then progressed into some of the bleakest most depressing realms.Yet, somehow it proved to be one of the most fascinating books I have read in quite some time.Etheridge turned ancient mythology upside down and kept the twists coming in a relentless fashion.The characters were all so well developed, [...]

    3. An incredibly dark, emotionally draining novel that will make your brain break out in a cold sweat. Ethridge borrows from Greek Mythology, yet takes the material and goes places you never expected by the road least travelled. A powerful work by a powerhouse of an imagination.

    4. Congratulations to Benjamin Ethridge for Bottled Abyss appearing on the final ballot for the 2012 Bram Stoker Awards. Bottled Abyss is a novel in the horror genre, so one expects physical and psychological gore, but what I found most interesting and enjoyable was the River Styx folklore brought forward to a modern setting where the mythical cosmology is developed into a fascinating scenario far more frightening than brain spatter. The buildup was restrained in pace, but held my interest enough t [...]

    5. I like Benjamin Kane Ethridge. He’s a fantastic writer, and a nice guy to boot. When I found out I’d be working with him on Limbus, Inc I decided that I would do a little research on the guy, and what better way than to read his latest, Bottled Abyss. I was not only impressed—I was surprised as well. Here’s the book’s description. Herman and Janet Erikson are going through a crisis of grief and suffering after losing their daughter in a hit and run. They've given up on each other, they [...]

    6. Every so often there's a book where you can easily recognize quality and yet it doesn't quite make the emotional connection required for an optimal thoroughly engaging reading experience. This is a prime example of that sort of book. Well done, original, hauntingly bleak tale of couple, traumatized beyond recovery by the tragic death of their young daughter, and the friends of that couple who stumble across a supernatural, mythological even, plot. Seemed like something right up my alley, I love [...]

    7. When Herman and Janet Erikson’s young daughter, Melody, is killed in a hit and run accident, their lives quite literally fall apart. Janet is consumed with suicidal thoughts and seeks solace in alcoholism, while Herman finds himself increasingly unable to cope with his wife’s inability to move past her pain, to the point where he begins to despise her. When their dog goes missing in the coyote infested desert near their home, Herman sets out to find the animal. When he finds the dog near dea [...]

    8. The first 85% of the book I truly enjoyed, if the book had ended there it would have rated higher for me. The last 15% for me was hard to follow, maybe if I was more knowledgeable of Greek Mythology it would have had more clarity. It was hard following Janet's transformation into the Ferrywoman while drowning in the River Styx, and the reasoning behind her rebirth through Faye left me even more confused. I am sure it would have rated higher if I could grasp my mind around the last 15% or so of t [...]

    9. Once I had thought to become the scholar of the representation of the land of the dead in literature. This was indeed the original plan for my PhD dissertation, a history of Hades from Homer to H.D until one pithy advisor quipped: "In how many volumes again?" Still, in recent years I have read often of the otherworld in Gothic and Horror texts and could still probably write up a little something about this sub-tradition within the Gothic sub-genre of the short story, novel, and even, occasionall [...]

    10. The best way to describe Bottled Abyss is dark. Benjamin Kane Ethridge in his sinister and brooding style weaves a spellbinding tale that uses the mythos of the River Styx in a way only he can tell. He does this by exploring the psyches of his main characters, all of them flawed in some major fashion. The novel's two main characters, Janet and Herman Erikson suffer the ultimate tragedy of losing their daughter in a tragic hit and run accident. As expected, they don't cope with it well. Herman tr [...]

    11. An ambitious modern mythology from one of our best rising stars. Benjamin Kane Ethridge's BOTTLED ABYSS is a model for those of us who would stand on the shoulders of genre and reach for the wider airs we accept as literature.

    12. Brainycat's 5 "B"s:blood: 3boobs: 1bombs: 1bondage: 2 blasphemy: 4 Bechdel Test: PASSDeggan's Rule: PASSGay Bechdel Test: FAILAn easy but deeply metaphorical read. Nobody in this story is without guilt or shame, and this is the basis of the narrative - when a jealous and petulant god is seeking to rebirth her kingdom, she needs to acquire jealous and petulant souls to transform into her new archangels. How are these new archangels supposed evaluate a life, by the joy and wisdom it's created and [...]

    13. I was introduced to Ethridge's work last year with Black & Orange which easily became one of my favorite books of the year. Ethridge's talent for turning folklore and myth into his own device stays strong in his new book, Bottled Abyss. The story initially starts off about Herman and Janet, a married couple who lost their young daughter recently to a hit and run driver, and all the trauma which that entails. While looking for their lost dog, Herman meets Charon the Boatman, and learns first [...]

    14. Benjamin Kane Etheridge's is, if anything, the closest an American author has come to the out-of-the-blue strangeness that I experienced reading Clive Barker as a teen. No, this is not "weird fiction."This is horror, just of the very unexpected variety. Bottled Abyss is an intersection of sorts. Of tragedy, life ending, hopeless tragedy colliding with the eternal and the mythic in the prosaic, middle of nowhere California. I especially appreciate that last point. Ive been told that the grim, ban [...]

    15. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way reflected in my opinion of this book.Bottled Abyss is a thoroughly engrossing read! I was drawn into this world created by Benjamin Kane Ethridge and before the end of the first chapter I was hooked. I've always been fascinated by tales of the underworld and the Greek myths of Hades and those who crossed the River Styx on Charon's boat. Bottled Abyss takes that myth and pulls it into the present. The characters here are not [...]

    16. Bottled Abyss is easily on my list of favorite books of 2012 and is a definite contender for favorites of the decade. Benjamin Kane Etheridge has crafted a beautifully realized tale that mingles the mythical with the everyday. From the scenes of the daily lives of a despondent couple living in a bleak desert to the mythical ferry crossing the river to the land of the dead, each scene comes to life and builds on the one before.If you want to read a fascinating masterfully executed story read Bott [...]

    17. I didn't find any scares in this book- it was more adventure + gore. Although the first half of the novel promised a good tale, things had gone completely haywire by the end. I kind of understand what happened but I kind of don't. It's like I accidentally opened another book and started reading instead of finishing this one.

    18. Promising start but got ridiculous in my opinion. I eventually gave up at 80% which is annoying but I just completely lost interest.This review was written before I started to take my reviewing seriously. I would need to re-read the book to give it a serious and fair review so the above review was what I posted at the time.

    19. I've written many reviews for books - some good, some not so good, and some downright awful. I don't believe in rehashing the story like many do. I find that a complete waste of time seeing as how most people don't start to read a book until they've read the blurb on the dust jacket. I think most people read reviews to see what people think on a personal level. So here's my review of Bottled Abyss.I've been reading horror since I was 9 - so for 40 years. I make this statement so you, the reader [...]

    20. 3 AND 1/2 STARSAuthor Benjamin Kan Ethridge won the Bram Stoker award for his first novel, Black And Orange, and he is one of the stronger up-and-coming writers in the genre. Ethridge always seems to produce very original, daring, and thought provoking work. His new book, Bottled Abyss, is no exception.The concept was quite original and shifted from various perspectives as the novel unfolded, smoothly mixing elements of Greek mythology into a gritty modern adult fairytale. The dark and macabre t [...]

    21. The rating is more likely 3.5, because I really did like the idea and the story. The characters were typical human beings and their portrayal and interaction between them was superbly done, very very convincing. However, they were too unlikable for my taste, with exception of Faye and Herman (although he had his flaws too), so it was difficult for me to actually care for them. The mythological segments were quite intriguing, especially the surreal one towards the end of the book, but I must conf [...]

    22. Benjamin Kane Etheridge has crafted another brilliant novel to complement his award-winning debut BLACK & ORANGE, and this one is certain to see similar accolades! An ancient legend and a bottle of mysterious liquid are at the center of this modern tale of loss and supernatural revenge. Loaded with many shocking surprises--as well as a lesson about power and responsibility--BOTTLED ABYSS will take you on a chilling, visceral ride that you will want to explore more than once!

    23. Hot off the heals of his first novel, the Bram Stoker Award winning "Black and Orange", comes Benjamin Kane Ethridge's novel, Bottled Abyss, and it's fantastic! Greek mythology brought to the present, combined with mystery, sadness, great characters, blood and guts, and gangsters--it's all in this one and he manages to weave it together flawlessly as he tells a wonderfully original horror tale. Highly recommended! Beware The Ferryman and The Fury!

    24. The author grabbed my attention and hooked me in the first paragraph. I was completely engrossed and loved the way the story was progressing. Loved it! But then it got weird and it totally fell apart for me. The final chapters were just bizarre and improbable. Disappointing doesn't even begin to describe how let down I felt plodding through the last chapters, all the while hoping the author would extricate the plot and end the book as well as it had begun.

    25. Hey Uncle Ben! Don't worry, my mommy(your sister) is going to read this book soon! She told me it's to scary for me to read, but I read 2 pages anyway. I needed a good book to read! So far your book is really good for 2 pages!! See you later alligator!!!!!

    26. Great story line with characters that jump right off the pages and into your heart! Really enjoying this one.

    27. I thought this was a great book. Towards the end when chapters got short it left a little to be desired though.Bottled Abyss is a story about a resurrection of Nyx and her river. Beginning with a couple, falling apart nearing a year after the death of their daughter, and the discovery of a bottle containing water with life saving powers. The apex sees the destruction of the end of the first era of Nyx, and the pinnacle shows the beginning of a new era of Nyx. The story is full of suspense.*I rec [...]

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