Mouse Guard, Labyrinth and Other Stories

Mouse Guard Labyrinth and Other Stories The book features six short stories from some of our all ages friendly titles Mouse Guard Jim Henson s Labyrinth Rust Cursed Pirate Girl Dapper Men and Cow Boy Exclusive to Free Comic Book Day

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  • Title: Mouse Guard, Labyrinth and Other Stories
  • Author: David Petersen Jeremy A. Bastian Nate Cosby Royden Lepp Jim McCann Ted Naifeh Chris Eliopoulos Cory Godbey
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The book features six short stories from some of our all ages friendly titles Mouse Guard, Jim Henson s Labyrinth, Rust, Cursed Pirate Girl, Dapper Men, and Cow Boy Exclusive to Free Comic Book Day 2012

    One thought on “Mouse Guard, Labyrinth and Other Stories”

    1. This probably the best Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) giveaway ever. An anthology sampling six titles from the Archaia Entertainment roster of titles wrapped between a hardcover. All for the price of free from any FCBD participating comic book store.This is a great sampler of any Archaia book. If the publisher is willing to produce an excellent hardcover for a giveaway, I can only imagine the production values of the books it actually sells. It serves its purpose though, I will definitely try Mouse [...]

    2. Another helping of Archaia's stories in a free hardcover from FCBD!Really though, this freebie could use a whole lot more of Mouse Guard. The stories are good, intriguing even, but this reader needs more Mouse Guard. This is still the best buy, two years since its release. One can't argue much with a hardcover graphic novel given for free.

    3. Gotta hand it to Archaia. They know how to do Free Comic Book Day right. This is a beautiful full-color hardcover anthology, and yes, it's a freebie.This book has six stories, some complete short graphic stories and others just teasers. Archaia's deal with the Jim Henson Company is represented with stories set in the world's of Labyrinth and Farscape. The rest of the stories represent Archaia's stable of original creations.First up is "The Tale of the Axe Trio", an absolutely wonderful Mouse Gua [...]

    4. A Free Comic Book Day Giveaway I had never expected to have, but my comic-book guy actually put one asside for me as I always try to avoid FCBD rush-crowds. I'm a big fan of Mouse Guard and was pleasantly surprised to get this many weeks after FCBD.It's a fun compilation of 6 very short stories from various artists, I don't think I'd ever read any of the creators within except for those of Mouse Guard. Although I'd love to be able to encourage the other artists, I'm sad to say that none of the s [...]

    5. At first I wasn't going to review, or even add, this to my read list but I really like most of the short comics and art work. I especially liked "Mouse Guard" and the "Labyrinth." I have no idea what "Will O' the Wisp" is and I'll probably not investigate. My only real problem was the Farscape piece. I love the show, it's in my top three series. The comic, however, leaves much to be desired. I know its a short, but the art is too stylized and the writing is just poor. All in all though I'm glad [...]

    6. First off, this is definitely the best looking Free Comic Book Day book ever - it is hardcover! The stories contained therein are just as delightful and a great introduction to various series. My favorites were "Hoggle and the Worm" from Labyrinth and "Long While Ago" from Cow Boy.

    7. A collection of various short stories from the Mouse Guard, Rust, Labyrinth, Bolivar, Will O'the Wisp, and Farscape graphic nove/comic series.I picked this up thinking it was just a Mouse Guard story, but it is actually a collection of several different graphic novel series that was put together for Free Comic Book Day 2014. Each story is only a few pages long. Mouse Guard: The Tale of the Axe Trio ****A story of three sisters who all wielded the axe and worked as a team to defend the realm.Revi [...]

    8. Had this on my shelf for 5 years, ever since I got it at free comic book day back in 2012. It contained a good few short comics. Was an enjoyable read even if it did only take me a half hour to get through.

    9. Synopsis: "In 2012, Archaia published the first-ever Free Comic Book Day hardcover to widespread critical acclaim.Now, experience some of the most original voices in sequential storytelling as Archaia proudly presents the second volume of its Free Comic Book Day original graphic novella hardcover anthology series.Featuring all-new, never-before-seen stories from the worlds of David Petersen's Mouse Guard, Roysen Lepp's Rust, Jim Henson's Labyrinth, The Jim Henson Company's Farscape, Sean Rubin's [...]

    10. While it's merely an introduction to Mouse Guard and a variety of other tales, this free comic book day find is impressively put together. Full colour pages throughout and a hardcover casing, it appears to be incredibly well produced. Contest-wise I was most interested in Mouse Guard as that has caught my eye before, however, Bolivar and Will O'The Wisp also caught my attention. It wasn't so much Rust as it's short blurb near the back that caught my attention, so perhaps that wasn't the best sam [...]

    11. Synopsis: "The book features six short stories from some of our all-ages-friendly titles: Mouse Guard, Jim Henson’s Labyrinth, Rust, Cursed Pirate Girl, Dapper Men, and Cow Boy. Exclusive to Free Comic Book Day 2012"My Review: I had to really work to track this down, but I have really loved the Mouse Guard series and it was worth it. I loved the story of Baldwin and the way it was presented as a puppet show, it was a nice little read between full books. I did mainly pick this up for the Mouse [...]

    12. I have to hand it to Archaia for producing a hardcover issue for free comic book day. Yes, free.I picked this up last year in San Francisco when I was over on that side of the globe on student exchange, and squeezed time out to visit a friend in SF coincidentally on free comic book day. Do you care.Anyway, this little anthology gives you a taste test of six comic series - Mouse Guard, Rust, Labyrinth, Farscape, Bolivar and Will O' The Wisp. I personally really liked what I got of Mouse Guard and [...]

    13. What a great way to introduce someone to comic books! This is the Free Comic Book Day giveaway from 2012 featuring six snippets of several comic series including Mouse Guard, Rust, The Dapper Men, Cow Boy, Cursed Pirate Girl, and Jim Henson's Labyrinth. I enjoyed seeing the different artistic styles and story lines - and I will be checking out several of them a little more seriously in the future.

    14. I don't normally read stuff like this but I couldn't pass up the chance of getting an autographed book so I decided to read something different. Some of the stories were cute, some were bizarre and others I just wanted to get over with. It was hard to jump from one story to the next. At one point I couldn't figure out what story I was in. Overall I guess it's okay for little kids, it's just not the sort of thing I would read again. Thank goodness it was short. All I'm saying.

    15. A hardback preview of six different comic series? Free? Why, sure. I liked Rust, Cow Boy, Mouse Guard, and the Labyrinth story and will definitely be reading more of them. Not so crazy about the pirate story or the Return of the Dapper Men. You could hand this to a kid who is interested in getting into comics/graphic novels to help them start to figure out what they might like.

    16. Just fantastic! Archaia has again delivered a joyful Free Comic Book Day offering. Containing six stories offering a wonderful selection for readers of all ages. Each story while being short in stature is delightfully entertaining. Especially the Farscape offering. just makes you remember why that show was so special.

    17. This is a nice collection of mini-stories and achieves what I can only assume is it's intended effect. I want to read more. I particularly loved the Mouse Guard mini story. The rest I wasn't really a fan of but the story and the artistry of Mouse Guard was right up my alley.

    18. I thought the Mouse Guard tale was cute and I plan on following the Dapper Men stories. The pirate one was horribly drawn, Labyrinth and Rust were sad stories, and Cow Boy was just weird.I'm glad I had the chance to read some of these comics!

    19. A great FCBD book! Already have enjoyed other Mouse Guard books. The Return of the Dapper Men story has made me want to read more of those stories. Amazing that they can afford to produce books of this quality for free!

    20. a quick read 6 short comic singles in one anthology. Dedicated to free comic book day. (May)Haven't heard anything from Labyrinth in a long time we all know Jim Henson's masterpiece with David Bowe in spandex scarry shit.Rust the little boy with a hook for a hand writes his Dad a letter.

    21. I now want to read most of these stories in their entirety. Quick and fun to read on a late summer afternoon.

    22. Cute lot of stories to get you interested in what Archaia has to offer. The labyrinth story is a particular favourite of mine. Because Ludo is friend.

    23. this is from free comic book day a few months ago. but its worth finding and paying a few bucks for. mouse guard, dappermen and a ted naifeh story (and others) that are in it are so much fun!

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