Perception: A German Love Story

Perception A German Love Story Available for free here on and Smashwords smashwords books view Marcel Ritter is an excellent pupil at a German school has two loyal best friends and caring parents Still his life is far from bein

  • Title: Perception: A German Love Story
  • Author: Mario Kai Lipinski
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Available for free here on and Smashwords smashwords books view Marcel Ritter is an excellent pupil at a German school, has two loyal, best friends, and caring parents.Still, his life is far from being perfect He is the bullying victim of Tim Dumb Eschner, soccer hunk and the school s official dimwit.When the vice principal witnesses one oAvailable for free here on and Smashwords smashwords books view Marcel Ritter is an excellent pupil at a German school, has two loyal, best friends, and caring parents.Still, his life is far from being perfect He is the bullying victim of Tim Dumb Eschner, soccer hunk and the school s official dimwit.When the vice principal witnesses one of Tim s assaults, Marcel s problems seem to be solved at last But his good nature and his fast tongue get him into trouble than he would prefer.Forced to work together, they both discover that there is to the other one than meets the eye.A feel good story about change, forgiveness, and love.This romance novel contains graphic language and descriptions of sexual encounters m m.Word count story only approx 74.200

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    1. Full disclosure: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I'd give this book 3.5 stars. I liked this book in many many ways, and [sigh] also disliked it and found it hard to finish. First the good - I loved the plot - set in a German high school, the story focuses on "Dumb" Tim and Marcel, who enter into an unlikely tutoring situation after Tim bullies (and punches) Marcel. Throughout the course of the school year, their perceptions of each other change, and they fall [...]

    2. 4.5 stars. Written in English by a German. Written in a Germanic matter of fact way. A typical jock and nerd story yet it was different in a unique way. The jock is not dumb, he just learns differently than most. The nerd is not a total geek. There are friends, parents, other students and teachers in this story. All are there for a good reason. Well done work. Kept me very interested and I cared about the guys.Niggles: (view spoiler)[Parents were too accepting and even accepting and encouraging [...]

    3. 2 ½ to 3 stars. Overly sweet love story between two high school boys. Too wishful-thinking-perfect-world for meORY BRIEF:Characters are in the final year of high school. Marcel is the top student, openly but quietly gay. Tim is the worst student and kids call him “Dumb.” Nicholas tells Tim that Marcel is making fun of Tim. As a result, Tim punches Marcel. The vice principal sees this and threatens to expel Tim if it happens again or if his grades don’t improve. Because Marcel is willing, [...]

    4. 4 stars for never-ending first loveWritten in a German school setting, this book reminded me so much of myself, as I found my true love during the same time, and it was just as intense and all-encompassing. Marcel’s and Tim’s love made me all happy and reminiscent.--Marcel and Tim are in their last year of school, against all odds they fall in love, and develop a very strong bond that is unbreakable. Nobody else is as important to them, they are there for each other no matter what. Just ador [...]

    5. This fairly long M/M romance reminds me irresitibly of a gay mystery I have read some time ago, "The Math Teacher is Dead" by Robert Manners, available here on Am. as well for a reason I am going to explain soon.Set in a small German town it depicts a simple but charming love story that develops between the nerd/victim and the jock/bully of the school: forced to get to know each other by chance, they learn first to trust and then to love each other, overcoming the everyday -but oh-so-very-real- [...]

    6. Reviewed by Stacey Jo: This is your typical geek and jock love story.Marcel Ritter is a very smart student at a German school—the Geek. Tim Eschner,a soccer hunk and known around the school as “Dumb”—is the Jock. Of course, Tim beats up on Marcel and one of these times he does it in front of the Vice Principal. Because of the incident, the Vice Principal forces Marcel to tutor Tim, who is on the verge of flunking out of school. Neither one is thrilled about this, and although Marcel trie [...]

    7. *I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.*To be honest, one of the reasons I wanted to read this book was the fact that it was written in English but by a German author and set in Germany. I'm Austrian, which is next to Germany but should neeeever be mixed up with Germany. So, I was curious. Would Marcel's and Tim's world actually feel German? Would I realize from how the people behaved? I found that the language a book is written in truly changes your perception (pun intended!) [...]

    8. This was quite interesting story, especially since it was set for once in an European country, German, and not the US. Interesting since, you realize that being young is the same, whatever you are in a big US city or a small European town.I liked the story because it was sweet and simple, and very, very romantic. Marcel and Tim are in school together, but they are on the opposite side of it: Marcel from an ordinary family, living in a complex building, he has only his brain as support for a bett [...]

    9. Ok. I'm at about 3% and now I quit. The blurb was really promising and I was so looking forward to reading this book. Perhaps my problem is that I have read quite some books about highschool-kids or that I have 3 kids attending the German school system, my youngest is right now finishing his exams. So, whatever - I think the storyline with a German vice principal suggesting tutoring between two students is rather unbelievable. Yes, this is fiction, but nevertheless I think the main parameters sh [...]

    10. I quite liked this book. It actual contained a real story!!! Just didn't run from one sexual encounter to the next. The characters were well developed the premise was believable and although not really high on anxiety it had enough tension to hold my interest in where it was going. It had a happy ending which is a plus for me. All in all a pretty high step above most free reads that I have come across. It was a bit awkward to read in the English version. I am not sure whether it was translated f [...]

    11. I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I loved this book. Couldn't stop reading once I started as I couldn't wait to see what happened with Marcel and Tim. Would love to read more about them and the change in Nicholas (hint-hint author Mario!) and I would love to see this made into a series. Loved how the hatred between Marcel and Tim changed to understanding and love. You can't help but love Marcel who was so big hearted, ready to forgive Tim almost immediately, e [...]

    12. This line from the book sums it up:"There he was: my Orion, my Hercules."A monumental gay romance story. Perfect for MM readers who enjoy some sex in their story and a ton of love-struck romance.

    13. 3.5 StarsI liked it. But, during the course of my reading, I felt that it became more unrealistic. For me, unrealistic because I did not see much of Marcel's imperfections that make him human. It seems to me that he is so perfect and loving and understanding and generous and all those positive characteristics a human has, but I did not see much of his other side. The side that makes him more human. I guess this is in the eyes of Tim who sees Marcel as like that. Moreover, the moments that the tw [...]

    14. I received a copy of this book from the author through the instafreebie program. This was the first book I've read by M. Lipinski.I learned as much about the educational system in Germany as I did about the coming together of Marcel and Tim. I was fascinated comparing our system of education, here in the U.S versus that of students in Germany.Through the machinations of an 'entitled' student, Tim and Marcel's early days were fraught with tension, pain and fear. Once they really learned about eac [...]

    15. I couldn't put this down. There were some odd turns of phrase, but a story that carries me along is more important than proofreading.I appreciated the glossary which explained the German educational system, how years are grouped. I also gained some insight into the division of East and West Germany a lived experience, not just something that happened "over there".

    16. Enemies to Lovers; this is definitely my type of romance. I’m in love with these two guys; the emotions, the intense love affair, and the character dynamics; everything resonates with me. Marcel is academic, slightly nerdy but confident, editor of his high school newspaper and openly gay. Marcel’s sensitivity is so amazingly sweet; his hearts is so tender, that if I could bottle his sweet sensitivity and keep it with me always, I would be in heaven. The story begins with Marcel taking on the [...]

    17. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewWow. I absolutely loved this book. Usually, I read fast, but this book made me want to slow down and absorb what I was reading. I didn't want it to end! Maybe it was the mood I was in that was looking for a really sweet, feel good book. I don't typically read a lot of YA books, so I am surprised at how much I loved this. I also know absolutely nothing about the German school system, and I felt that it was written well enough for [...]

    18. ARC received in exchange for an honest review.This tells the story of two school boys, one of whom bullies the other. Tim beats up Marcel on behalf of another pupil, Nicholas, who Tim believes is his best friend. After one of the teachers catches Tim hitting Marcel, he decides that the boys should work together. Tim is failing three of his classes and Marcel is a top student. I enjoyed the story itself. The two boys work well together and Marcel goes above and beyond to find a teaching method th [...]

    19. I read this book whilst cruising around New Zealand with my family. Upon reading the first few pages I was hooked. Much to my parents dismay, I ended up finding a nice quiet spot at the back of the ship and didn't return until hours later when I had finished the book I found it truly impossible to put down.If I had to offer any criticism at all, I guess parts of the story were a little unrealistic and would not be likely to happen in reality. However, at the end of the day it's a work of fiction [...]

    20. 3.5 starsJock and Geek stories are one of my favorite tropes. This story was light and sweet. Even though it starts a a bully/victim story it is handled lightly and quickly. Both Marcel and Tim are likable characters. Their love story was endearing, a bit sappy at times but still very nice.I liked the parents. I'm tired of overly homophobic parents so a set of modern, understanding parents is nice. The sex scenes between these two were nicely done and slow-built. I would say this is for mature Y [...]

    21. 2.5 starsThe plot is a classic, high school jock and nerd going from from enemies to lovers It reminded me of Dumb Jock, though Jeff Erno's book is MUCH better. What I liked: - The type of plot, it never gets old with me- The enemies to lovers process which is well done. - The German language - I've always found German very virile, very sexy.What I didn't like:- By the middle of the book I was bored. Once the guys get together and declare their love, it becomes really boring, things are really s [...]

    22. Excellent story about two teen-age boys who start out as enemies, but don't stay that way.The author came up with some very clever ways for them to learn about each other and help each other to overcome their own very different insecurities and fears.It's been many years since I went to high school, but I wish I had been able to read a book like this back thenW, even though it says it's a German Love Story, that's the location, not the language in which the book is written.

    23. The writing was not great, the flow of the story especially in the beginning was rushed but I like Marcel and Tim enough to over look it. Once they were together they were so sappy and sweet and adorable. This was not a great book, but it was very enjoyable watching them experience love for the first time. 2.5 stars

    24. it's start as a good story. the idea is not original but the story start really nicely. but when tim and marcel began the romantic relationship, the story start to fall to the same cliche and pattern. it's just another same story and easily forgettable for me. make me roll my eye a couple of time. but not bad enough for one star, so i give two.

    25. I read the book even after I read the bad reviews/comments. I didn't hate it or wish I never bought it. The book was alright.I don't like comparing books to each other so I won't. :)is it about two teenage boys? yes. Bullies? pretty much. Love? Hm yeap. Ease off the book ppl lol. sheesh.

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