Beginning Again

Beginning Again When Liz Fairchild s husband leaves her for a younger man she decides it s time to start over So she sells her house takes her generous community property settlement and opens an art gallery in the

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  • Title: Beginning Again
  • Author: Peggy Bird
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 181
  • Format: ebook
  • When Liz Fairchild s husband leaves her for a younger man, she decides it s time to start over So she sells her house, takes her generous community property settlement and opens an art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon A little sweat equity, some interesting art to exhibit and assistance from a surprising source and she d ready to open.Enter Collins, an uWhen Liz Fairchild s husband leaves her for a younger man, she decides it s time to start over So she sells her house, takes her generous community property settlement and opens an art gallery in the Pearl District in Portland, Oregon A little sweat equity, some interesting art to exhibit and assistance from a surprising source and she d ready to open.Enter Collins, an up and coming sculptor who also happens to be younger, sexy and determined to bulldoze his way into Liz s gallery, her life and her bedroom He succeeds on all levels His art is a hit in her gallery his to do list for the bedroom eye opening and his attention to her like nothing she s ever seen.But something isn t quite right He disappears for hours at a time, returning from business looking unhappy and acting withdrawn What s he keeping from Liz Is it another woman Another gallery A family

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    1. Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsLiz is an over 45 woman, (a big draw for uniqueness in romance stories already) who’s husband, Mason, decides one week before her 46th birthday to let her know that he’s gay, he’s in love with someone else and he’s leaving her. It’s a good thing she has a strong sense of self, because that might crush a weaker person. All you think you’ve known for twenty years is false?I will be upfront and say that I didn’t like Mason at all. For me, a cheater i [...]

    2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Peggy Bird's 'Beginning Again'. It is refreshing and well-written as Liz, approaching 50's, and Collins a slightly younger man, find fallin in love and chemistry do not end after the age 30. Liz and Collins are definitely worth rooting for as Liz shows 46 is still in the running and isn't afraid to embrace life and Collins doesn't give up, making things right with the woman he loves!

    3. Originally posted at: longandshortreviewsspRomance novel authors are in many ways, pioneers. They are not afraid to tackle delicate issues like relationships in which the woman is older than the man. Beginning Again is definitely not the first romance novel in which the heroine is older than the hero, but for me it was the first one featuring a heroine that is way past her early forties.Liz Fairchild made two wrong choices in her life about men. First, she married young and before she turned thi [...]

    4. Kitty's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4 StarsBeginning Again was an interesting story about love and trust, an older woman with a younger man and what they need to overcome to get beyond their problems. It was a joy to watch Collins fall in love with Liz and to see Liz accept the fact that she was falling for Collins.Liz Fairchild is recently divorced. Her and her ex-husband, Mason, parted on decent terms and he is determined to help her out. He left her for another man. He owns [...]

    5. Who would expect to be a widow in their twenties and twenty odd years later divorced? Not Liz Fairchild but that's exactly what's happened to her. The divorce was amicable enough - how could it not be when your husband left you for another man? Now alone, the only person she needs to focus on is herself.Intent on seeing her happy, Mason (Liz's ex) helps her set up an art gallery. Wealthy after the divorce, she's going to have to downsize but for Liz she's able to decorate with vibrant colors and [...]

    6. I thought this was a fun read about an older woman who has been burned twice by men. She just recently got divorced to her long time husband when he confessed that not only is he gay and has been cheating on her their entire marriage, but he's fallen in love with the other man. For me, I was a little confused with how Liz could be okay with her ex-husband after everything went down. I mean if you spend over a decade with a man whom you have an intimate relationship with, wouldn't you be upset wi [...]

    7. I loved this book from beginning to end. Author Peggy Bird skillfully wove her tale of a failed marriage, perceived sexual inadequacies and an older woman/younger man scenario together seamlessly. I liked Liz Fairchild immediately with her sharp mind, her no nonsense attitude and engaging sense of humor. Collins is her equal in every way except for a slight difference in age. At 46, Liz is set upon a new venture in life orchestrated by her recent ex-husband. Though the two are divorced they rema [...]

    8. Go ahead - judge this book by its cover. The story is as enjoyable as the gorgeous cover art. Peggy Bird is a pro, and it shows. Smooth, succinct prose, expert comedic timing, and fast pacing from start to finish. You'll like Liz, the heroine. She approaches her problems with an endearing sense of humor. She's strong but loving, vulnerable but no-nonsense. She even likes her ex-husband. (You'll have to read the book to find out why.) If you like sexy, mysterious heroes who are believably romanct [...]

    9. This book is HOT! But as well as the steam, there is also a beautifully crafted plot that is just fabulous, and an inspiration for any woman who isn't a 'sweet young thing' in her twenties. Older women are SEXY!!! Yes, indeed.Liz has absolutely NO confidence in herself, what with the extremely older first husband who showed little interest in her before he left her a young widow, and her second husband divorcing her (after many years of marriage) because he was actually gay. Hmph, no wonder Liz [...]

    10. Honestly, I was hooked by the premise: a man promising to help a new divorcee learn a little bit about herself and about sex. Just imagine! A check-off list for sexual adventures! It seemed so full of potential for steam and fun and it seemed like a light read--especially because it came in at so few pages. But this modest little story was so much more than I expected. The characters and their emotional journey had a lot of depth. More than that, although readers know that Happily Ever Afters ar [...]

    11. Although Liz Fairchild is cool, tall, smart in all ways, including her taste in clothes, she has chosen wrong twice when it comes to husbands. One too old, one too gay, and so when a stranger comes on to her as she stands on the upper rungs of a ladder, hanging an art piece in her new art gallery, she’s glad she can look down at him, send him on his way. Except his way seems to be the way she’s going. Collins is a well-known sculptor, whom Liz welcomes to her stable of artists once she reali [...]

    12. Peggy Bird has done a wonderful job bringing her characters to life in and around the art scene of Portland, Or. With dignity and determination the heroine, Liz Fairchild, embarks on a new life and runs head-on into unlooked for passion in the very intriguing and off-beat person of Collins. As their romance unfolds, we find that the hunky lawyer-turned-artist has a secret he is hiding from Liz. On one hand, I found I liked him more and more, and on the other I wondered what the secret could poss [...]

    13. This is the romance for every woman over forty. Ultimate fantasy. Your husband dumps you around your forty-sixth birthday, not for a younger woman, but because he’s gay. Fortunately, you still rock a killer bod and hubby not only left you with a nice nest egg, he’s still willing to be your financial advisor and help you invest in your dream business. Not enough fantasy for you? Enter Collins – the younger man who is anything but a boy toy. He’s gorgeous, he’s rich, he’s talented, and [...]

    14. Life begins at 40-something and after two husbands! At least for Liz Fairchild. Who knew opening a new art gallery would bring along an exciting younger lover. In walked Mr. Brash and Bold Collins. (I loved that our hero had just one name!) And he invented a to-do sex list. This was a fresh and creative take on the many sensual scenes. (I especially enjoyed the limo ride!) I really enjoyed this book's fun and playful elements. Beginning Again by Peggy Bird was a light and fast but delicious read [...]

    15. I was immediately drawn into Liz's story and read the book in one sitting. I loved the fact that Liz was 46, since heroines over 40 are quite rare, and that her love interest was a younger man. I also love art so I was intrigued by the fact that Liz was a gallery owner. She was a strong-willed woman getting on with her life after two bad marriages and the sexy artist Collins was certainly the man to help her move forward.(I don't usually read spicy books, so I have to admit I blushed in spots.)

    16. I was glad to be able to read an Advanced copy of Beginning Again, because it's a wonderful tale of learning to love and thrust people after having a fair share of bed luck in life. Liz is forty-six-year-old (which is a great change of pace for romance novels) but exploring for the first time her sexuality and falling in love with a man who seems to be the epitome of maddening. Peggy Bird's narrative puts us right there with Liz and, sometimes, it feels deliciously naughty.

    17. Does anyone understand how difficult it is to write such a smooth, delicious, sinfully wonderful, and entertaining novel such as this? Well, I do!I love Liz and Collins and the other great characters who people Ms. Bird's delightful world. Hooray for a heroine of such class, smarts, style, grace and age. In a world of twenty-something heroines, how refreshing to read about a forty-six-year-old beauty. Well done!

    18. This was a Giveaway 3 stars given by ktbookreviews/Beginning Again is a super short (105 pages) super cute story. I hesitate to say much about the storyline due to the length. It took me only a few hours to read. Perfect if you have a day filled with appointments or waiting rooms. No major plots lines that require a lot of concentration. A light easy read to make you smile.Not going into the story overall as the synopsis says it all :)It was cute.T~

    19. I enjoyed the first book in the series and I am moving right on to the second. Peggy Bird has become a New Favorite of mine!! After receiving an ARC of TRUSTING AGAIN, the fourth book and her upcoming release, I bought the first three and I am working my way throughok. through, and enjoying EVERY minute!

    20. Liz is older than your typical romance heroine and has been both widowed and divorced. I was pulled into her story right away. Collins is a cocky, younger man and overcomes whatever objections she can come up with, but he has secrets. There is lots of steam and a little angst. It is a lovely book about hope, love, and starting over.

    21. Beginning Again by Peggy Bird is a breath of fresh air in the world of romance novels. Her heroine, Liz, is a forty-six-year-old woman who shows the world a definition of sexy that smart women have always known. Thank you, Peggy Bird, for breaking down walls!

    22. I enjoyed this novel. It was well-written and fast-paced. I liked the tension the author built, especially when the hero got caught in a fix and then worked hard to set things right. I am looking forward to reading the other novels in this series.

    23. A short read about an "older woman", Liz Fairchild (46) who has gone through two marriages and starting her life again. With financial assistance from her ex-husband Mason (came out of the closet after 15 years of marriage), Liz was dusting off her Art Degree diploma and opening up a gallery. In the process of building her business and preparing for opening night, Liz meets mysterious "Collins" who happens to be a famous sculptor.Collins(38), charges into her life VERY quickly. Liz is wined, din [...]

    24. This book was readable with a decent story, but was a predictable romance novel. There wasn't much spectacular or different about it, but it was still well-written enough for me to continue reading.

    25. I'm not sure if this quit my read, it was ok, however I don't think it was quit something I was looking for.

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