Story of a Comfort Girl

Story of a Comfort Girl In a Council for Korean Comfort Women s issues was formed to record the testimony of survivors of the Japanese Labor Service Corps a branch of the Japanese military charged with setting up brot

  • Title: Story of a Comfort Girl
  • Author: Roger Rudick
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In 1991, a Council for Korean Comfort Women s issues was formed to record the testimony of survivors of the Japanese Labor Service Corps, a branch of the Japanese military charged with setting up brothels to serve its troops during WWII To populate these comfort stations, as they were euphemistically called, the Japanese army drafted or tricked around two hundred thousaIn 1991, a Council for Korean Comfort Women s issues was formed to record the testimony of survivors of the Japanese Labor Service Corps, a branch of the Japanese military charged with setting up brothels to serve its troops during WWII To populate these comfort stations, as they were euphemistically called, the Japanese army drafted or tricked around two hundred thousand girls, most from rural Korea, into coming to work in military factories Instead, they were forced into sexual slavery.After the war, the surviving comfort women, gripped with a crushing sense of shame, rarely if ever spoke about their ordeals As a result, their suffering has barely been acknowledged in the history books Realizing that the survivors were dying off, the Council was formed to record their accounts before it was too late before Japanese revisionists erased these unfortunate events from the history books forever Story of a Comfort Girl is the moving first person account of one such survivor.

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    1. This is a work of fiction, but it is based on historical fact. Certain details are self-evidently incorrect - it speaks of Japanese government denials, of no apologies, no compensation, when they have actually made full apology and the survivors were financially compensated for their enforced sexual slavery. That said, it gives the history of these women a human face that we can relate to. There are varying estimates of the numbers of women involved. It is difficult to be accurate when so many d [...]

    2. I left this book unread on my kindle for quite a while after buying because I knew it would be a hard story to read but, once I started, I felt the author had done an amazing job. He conveys the horrific experiences these women faced without going into gratuitous detail that would have made their story into a freak show. Instead he handles it with a great deal of sensitivity because the facts alone are horrific enough.

    3. A story of a comfort girl who was tricked into the horrible and desperate situation of becoming a 'comfort girl' for Japanese soldiers during WWII and how she endured despite all odds. The book left me horrified, sorrowful and angry. The brutality these women suffered followed by the denial from the Japanese government is deplorable. The author does a wonderful job personalizing this tragedy that happened to thousands of women during WWII. Some survived. Some thrived. Many did not. I think this [...]

    4. I started reading this book just wanting to flip through something for some time, but just couldn't unhook myself from it thereafter, probably because I knew that it holds an element of truth within it. This is yet another story of was crime and human as suffering. And yet it is more about keep going on against all odds to triumph ultimately. Yes, its depressing and it may linger on in your minds for some time, but then having told that this was just why the book was written, I must say that Rud [...]

    5. Incredible. It's amazing anyone could live through a horror like this and come out the other end with their sanity intact. I had never heard of comfort girls before, and now that I have I will never forget. The Japanese have a history of horrendous war crimes during this period that they, and the U.S have tried sweeping under the rug. The only thing worse than what happened in this story would be for this story to have never been written.

    6. This novel is only available as an e-book. but it was excellent. Wish it would be published in printed form. The subject is difficult, but it grabs you from start to finish.

    7. This is an fictional account of a comfort woman - developed from interviews of actual comfort women. It is brief, informative, and heartbreaking.

    8. Some, lived.A poignant survivor story of a young girl tricked into serving as a comfort girl to enemy soldiers. An apology doesn't mean much after what this survivor went through. The author notes compensation of $18, 000 was offered to the women. Many refused it, others suffering from culture shame did not come forward. The survivor was never to know a normal love relationship with a man, marriage nor could she bear children. Some comfort women were taken from their children. Pregnancies during [...]

    9. Surprisingly given the subject matter, I found Rudick's exploration of humanity the most moving aspect of this book. There are few humane moments - it begins with the brutality of Japanese occupation on mainland Korea and the effect this has on every layer of society and ends with the utter devastation of war-to-the-death. However, I was moved, and challenged by the characters in the book and their amorality, and what that says about us as humans.As the young girl's life takes its horrific path, [...]

    10. I wish I could give this novel 5 stars, but there were too many grammatical errors. I hope the author revises this and releases an updated version soon. This novel is too good for those kinds of mistakes.This novel literally kept me awake for hours. I could not put it down. Roger Rudick expertly blends history and fiction to create a novel that will have you pondering human nature and man's strange ability to inflict the most horrendous cruelty on man.The lieutenant's kindness and strength provi [...]

    11. This is a novelization of interviews which were done with a few of the many thousands of comfort women Japan impressed to servicing their soldiers during World War II. These unfortunate young girls were made to suffer unimaginable horrors every single day and those who survived had nowhere to go after the war. Their own families would not accept them as they were damaged goods and the U.S. was too busy buddying up to the Japanese to seek any kind of reparations for them. Further, I expect there [...]

    12. Little known piece of historyI had never heard of comfort women til my sister recommended another book and then I had to read more. What these women were forced to endure is beyond the imagination and to know that when they overcame cultural shame and stigmas they were told it never happened. It sickens me and I want Japan to do the honorable thing and apologize and compensate these women. But what price do you out on someone's soul? What is appropriate for thousands of rapes perpetrated on one [...]

    13. It's difficult to give such a horrific book five stars but the rating is based on the necessity to hear the truthI am devastated that I didn't learn about the abuse suffered by comfort women before this book. I am humbled by the courage they have shown in overcoming the cultural taboo and telling their story. All blessings should surround them and all the Gods and Goddesses hold them close.

    14. In a little known part of the atrocities of WW II were the comfort girls that the Japanese sent to their troops me 200,000, many from rural Korea. This is the story of one survivor.ere were very few told in 1991 to the council for Korean comfort girls to be sure their story would be told's truly a tragic story but shows the strength some have just to survive made me cry but I'm also a better person from having read this poignant tale.

    15. This was a gripping read. I could not put it down. I read this in maybe 3 hours. The pain and suffering this woman and countless others went through and the fact that the Japanese never paid for it makes the story all the more horrible and shocking. More stories like this need to be shared. I never knew anything about the Korean comfort girls until I found this in candle section. I will recommend this to everyone (who could handle it)

    16. I suspect Ji In-sil’s real story is less framed and far uglier. Detail or depth are not Rudick’s strengths. Minor characters, like Chiyun or the sadistic commander, are not developed when their role is in some ways more interesting than the comfort women’s. Scenes seem trite, like an American soldier handing out chocolate. This is a story where innocence frames brutalitymesbastard.wordpress/201

    17. Though I knew the general outrage of the "comfort girls" during World War II, this book brought the horrors again into the spotlight. This is a disgraceful part of our history and one of the saddest treatments of women in modern times. The narrative is particularly strong as it is one woman's story, told in vivid detail. A story everyone should read, and be on guard that modern warfare and abuse do not repeat this.

    18. This is such a simple, forthright story, although the story tells of horrific crimes against humanity. These poor women who suffered at the hands of the Japanese army and never received any apology until almost 50 years later heart breaks for them. I love stories about people overcoming and surviving terrible injustices in which I also learn something new about the world. This was an excellent story about a tragic period in history.

    19. This book was both enlightening and fascinating. And, of course, horrifying. It is the testimony of an elderly woman who survived this, which makes it even more compelling. In a relatively quick read, you are instantly drawn into the world of a comfort girl as well as the strength of a survivor. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to obtain a snapshot of this piece of tragic history.

    20. This is a story on a subject that somehow had missed. It still amazes me just how cruel we are to each other. This is an easy read in the since of how it is written but a hard read because the subject is so sad.

    21. really interesting storyIt is a really troubling storyA piece of history I did not knowWell written and detailed It was really interesting

    22. A horrifying account of a Korean girl who was kidnapped by the Japanese and forced to become a "comfort girl" during World War II. Everyone should know this story.

    23. Greatone of the best books I have read love history forgotten and this certainly was would recommend it to anyone

    24. Comfort girls were sexual slaves captured by the Japanese during WWII. Interesting story of a little known casualty of WWII.

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