Why Kings And Queens Don't Wear Crowns

Why Kings And Queens Don t Wear Crowns None

  • Title: Why Kings And Queens Don't Wear Crowns
  • Author: Märtha Louise Svein Nyhus
  • ISBN: 9781575340388
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Why Kings And Queens Don't Wear Crowns”

    1. Young Prince Olav is very excited to get a crown of his own; every time he sees a picture of royalty he points and says, “crown”. When his parents are crowned the new King and Queen of Norway he is thrilled to receive a prince’s crown, he wears it everywhere! However, any time there is the young prince plays the crown is scratched and he is forced to sit and do nothing for days at a time. His parents, having come from Denmark to be crowned Norway’s new royalty, want to learn about the cu [...]

    2. Written as a children's tale by Princess Martha Louise of Norway, this picture book illustrates what the title promises: why modern royals don't wear crowns on a daily basis. As a nice added touch (which brings some Norsk flair and adds a little extra background), the book comes with an audio CD recording of the Princess herself reading itthe story. I especially enjoyed the parts in which native Norwegians were speaking--then her accent really kicked in. The illustrations by Svein Nyhus are deli [...]

    3. The author visited my college while I was there, and I heard her read the book and got a copy signed. I always thought it was a cute book, and now I've been reading it with my 3-year old daughter. It's fun to introduce her to a real princess.

    4. Cute story, but let's use some logic: wear the crowns inside, but don't wear them outside. Whatever. I liked it.

    5. This is a cute story about Danish royalty learning how to be "more Norwegian than Norwegians" by putting away their crowns and learning how to ski.

    6. It's a cute little picture book telling the tale of a Norwegian prince. The illustrations are very nice. Apparently I'm related to the author, too, which is a plus for me. :)

    7. I love true, family stories! This one was sweet. We got to meet this very accomplished princess a few years ago on her book tour stop in Poulsbo. Nice job!

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