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  1. A picture of people in a district of Prague in both life and death. The story starts off at a time when all were alive, and paints the neighborhood characters until they are all dead. Interesting idea about how the interactions of people continue even after death. It is supposed to be a 'multi-level story', but I missed most of it. My knowledge of recent Czech history is not that good, and I think a translation needs to somehow point out to foreign readers what would be obvious to Czechs. I don' [...]

  2. A picture of families, the city of Prague and the twofold nature of all things. Scenes are like mosaics and as you read through the stories it slowly draws a complex web of relationship. Relationships which do not end with death. Hodrova writes in metaphors and creates mystical creatures and happenings where the unbearable happens. His magical realist style tells tales of sadness, loneliness and doubt which flows through fathers sons, and daughters. Everyone and everything have its own voice and [...]

  3. Teljesen meggondolás nélkül vettem le a polcról. Nem számítottam erre a kortárs (?) töredékességre, és nem is hasonlítható egy művészi Eszterházyhoz, de van benne valami, ami mégis különlegessé teszi, és arra késztet, hogy újra olvassam majd.De nem kellett csalódnom a Cseh szépirodalomban.

  4. The first third of this book thrilled me. It read as an allegory for the history of the Czech nation, seeking to encompass the entire history, not just Hapsburg rule, The First Republic, Communism, or the Velvet Revolution. The second third of this book for me grew tiresome. Perhaps it was that my understanding of Czech History has some bare spots and I didn't connect the author's writing and intent, Perhaps it was that as an allegory every action and character has a signifying weight and, even, [...]

  5. Magical realism? I don't know. It rambled on a bit and covered a lot of ground both temporally and spatially, but I found nothing to hang on to. Rather like a handful of sand. Perhaps that was the intention, since the kingdom of souls is after all the realm of the dead. Well written for all that.

  6. So complicated and difficult to read, liked the language, but failed to understand the story and the Big Idea of this rather pretentious "novel"

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