One thought on “Rebellion 2456”

  1. From the Department of Tying Up Loose Ends: The next several months for me have a couple of life changes heading my way, among them getting married and moving to a new house. In preparation for moving, I've been packing up many, many boxes to hold the many, many books that I've come to own over the years. In the process of that as I was packing a shelf that had been double stacked I came across this volume and remembered that close to twenty years ago I had bought volumes one and three of this s [...]

  2. I never played the TSI game version of Buck Rodgers, but I used to watch the series in the Eighties, and I read the comics whenever I came across them. It was interesting to see hard science used here in and around Buck Rogers even if the AI's in the game are very quite nearly fantasy.This is the first part of a trilogy, but it at least ends in a good place.

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