The Long Way to a New Land

The Long Way to a New Land We will go to America It is and Carl Erik s family faces starvation in Sweden As their hopes fade they must endure a journey over land and sea to reach a better life in a new country thousands

  • Title: The Long Way to a New Land
  • Author: Joan Sandin
  • ISBN: 9780064441001
  • Page: 479
  • Format: Paperback
  • We will go to America It is 1868, and Carl Erik s family faces starvation in Sweden As their hopes fade, they must endure a journey over land and sea to reach a better life in a new country thousands of miles away.

    One thought on “The Long Way to a New Land”

    1. Summary/Annotation: This is a book about a boy named Carl Erik and his family who lived in Sweden. The setting is in 1868. Times aren't so great because in the summer they lack rain and in the winter they lack food. They are facing horrible times without food and money. They receive a letter from their uncle who lives in America and requests them to come to America. Life is much better in America. Carl and his family think it's best for them to move. They pack up their stuff and head out for the [...]

    2. There are pros and cons to this easy reader. The cons are that it does not appeal to pre-readers at all. The pictures are few and not very detailed. The subject matter is also above the head of your average pre-schooler. But if you have a beginner reader that is trying to learn more about early emigrants to the United States for a report or something, this is a great book. It is full of facts about Swedish emigrants in story form, making the information easy for a child to absorb.

    3. Reading Rainbow: Watch the Stars Come Out.Descriptions of the illness/cramped quarters on the journey were stressful but this was enjoyed overall.

    4. Great book that follows a Swedish family on their journey to Ellis Island. Easy text and great illustrations.

    5. Summary: America is made up of immigrants from around the world. The Long Way to a New Land tells the story of a Swedish family who is facing starvation and the troubles of money. The family faces many troubles throughout the summer, including drought and lack of production from their animals. The family is forced to gather materials in the forest to eat, that they usually would not eat because it causes them to be ill. The family soon receives a letter from family who made the trip to America, [...]

    6. The "hunger years" in Sweden, along with the promise of farmland and jobs in America, lured thousands of Swedes to make passage on steamships crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Carl Erik and his brother, Jonas, immigrate with their parents. As Sandin tells the story of their journey from Sweden, young readers can learn what it was like for these young boys to leave their homeland and travel to an unknown country.

    7. This book is about immigrates who came from Sweden to America century nineteen. Also this book is about poor family how sieved children and change life. I like this book because this book is about immigrants family life in new land.

    8. this book is about Immigrant who came to America from Suidan. It's good for learning about Immigrant how people came to America and why they were coming. I think it is good book for me and I understand what about say this book.

    9. I think the long way to new land is non fiction book. They came to America for better life because they didn't have lot of food. They are from sewdis. They ate bark and mass. They didn't have lot of money.

    10. The book is about a immigrant family. That leave their country because the farm was dry and the family didn't have money to buy food. they decided go to America for a better future.

    11. This book is about immigrants family.They were lived in Sweden. They didn't have barely food. I like this book because I learned how to move another country.

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