One thought on “Sunshine and Showers”

  1. RelationshipsA story away from the likes of Bert, as the other 4 sagas,one of hardship and pain, love and relationships, intermingling with lots of children and happiness.

  2. Brilliant read, love this author's workThe author made this book an enjoyable read can't wait to read more. The characters are great and believable fantastic read

  3. Books Well I've enjoyed all the books from this saga well written every book with a mystery and a romance well worth 5 stars

  4. The novel 'Sunshine and Showers' is one with many character's who's lives all intertwine the majority of the story is fairly predictable; until in the end when a surprises arise. This story is based post world war one and is about the hardships of lower class in the time. It talks of the effect the war had on a few people of different classes who all suffered in different ways. It is a romantic and family based novel which is suitable for ages from 15 years and older as their are some underlying [...]

  5. I've enjoyed a couple of books by this author, but this wasn't one of them. The story meandered back and forth between quite a few characters. It was very mundane with little excitement or anything to push the story forward. At best it was an okay read.

  6. A few too many characters and a few too many tidy coincidences spoilt this book for me. Everything was just a little bit too convenient and also quite predictable - a book that I plodded through and whilst I didn't dislike it, i didn't look forward to picking it up.

  7. Thought it was going to be a really good book but about two thirds of the way through I started to get bored, lost track of who some of the characters were and it all got a bit predictable. I did enjoy the first half or so though!

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