The Promise

The Promise Nancy and Peter bury some beads in the sand and this becomes a bond that brings them together

  • Title: The Promise
  • Author: Danielle Steel
  • ISBN: 9780751550061
  • Page: 211
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nancy and Peter bury some beads in the sand and this becomes a bond that brings them together.

    One thought on “The Promise”

    1. Published in 1978 and my 1st DS book. Re-read and still enjoyed it. "the early morning sun streamed across their backs as they unhooked their bicycles in front of Eliot House on the Harvard campus."Nancy, an aspiring artist and orphan, and Michael, from a wealthy background, promise to love each other always. Nancy is not who Michael's mother would choose for her son & expresses her distaste and disapproval for this relationship. Michael, has always been the dutiful son to his widowed mother [...]

    2. Re-readYep, still in love with this. I wish there was an epilogue though. :/-----January 28, 2014The last time I read this was a decade ago and that was before my paperback copy was never returned to me. Luckily, I found an e-book. Thank you techy gods! I think I decided to re-read this because I was curious to know whether or not the twentysomething me would still love it. I was only a high school sophomore then so what the heck did I know about "good" books anyway. At first, I thought it would [...]

    3. Gotta admit that at the beginning I did not like this novel much ,but as I kept on reading it just caught me with the specific details and the dramatic changes that happens to almost every character in this novel .Danielle Steel sure is a great and talented writer to write such a fascinating novel ,this was my first book to read by Danielle Steel but it sure is not going to be the last.

    4. In the book the Promise by Danielle Steel we are taught many life lessons, we learn that no mater what incidents happen in life it goes on and eventually you'll get through it, your taught that if you care about something or someone enough the love will never fade away. The main characters in the book Nancy and Michael are young and madly in love with each other, Michael's mother though is not a fan of Nancy and doesn't approve of her as Michael's girlfriend or wife. Late one night they decide t [...]

    5. The Promise by Danielle SteelMichael Hillard and Nancy MacAllister are to be wed but the car accident prior to the weddingleaves others to wonder if they will keep their vow. He is an architect and she is an artist.His wealthy mother disapproves thoughThey will be separated but will it keep them apart?He is appalled that his mother have a private eye find out about Nancy's past=like it was her fault who her parents turned out to be.On their way to get married the car crashes and he's unconscious [...]

    6. The Promise, Danielle Steel عنوان: پیمان، نویسنده: دانیل استیل؛ برگردان: فریده بیگدلی، چاپ پنجم، 1372، انتشارات کلینی، 356 صکتاب با عنوانهای: «پیوند»؛ و «بر بالهای عشق»؛ نیز منتشر شده استنویسنده: بانو «دانیله فرناندز شوئلین دومینک استیل»، که در ایران و سایر کشورهای جهان به اختصار و به اشتبا [...]

    7. o my god seriously this was my first book ever the story the lines it was justo my god have no words . just hooked my with love stories for ever . i still carry the paperback copy of this bold its even smells old but when ever i look at it i remember the days i kept think abt this book :)

    8. I've not long read 'Accident' by Steel which also featured a Car Crash as one of the main plot points. And whereas I couldn't put 'Accident' down, The Promise fell flat. I think the problem was the characters just didn't have much personality. It was hard to care about them. I didn't find the reasons they gave for the choices they made very believable. The whole Nancy/Marie thing was weird. It was strange that she had coaching to change her voice but in the end I understood why that was in there [...]

    9. Very romantic story. I first read it at age 15 and really loved it, read it again as an adult and thought it was silly. Why wouldn't he want to look for her grave? But okay, allowing for that, and how easily the main characters get everything they want or think they want, this is a fun little romance. Danielle Steel is a dreadful writer but this book is OK, if you have to read one by her this is the least nauseating. I think she had help with this one, at least I read that that was the case.

    10. A poor girl marries a rich boy and is unacceptable to her new mother-in-law. When she is in a car accident and terribly disfigured, her mother-in-law pays for her reconstructive surgery on the condition that she will disappear from her son's life. This was a TV movie (and Ms Steele wrote the books afterwards) with Kathleen Quinlan and Steven Collins.

    11. First book I ever read because I was bored. I was grounded in high school and I stayed up all night to finish it. It was great! I went on to read Danielle Steel for several years. I loved the way she described the women in the stories and the places they went and where they lived. Just beautitul!

    12. This is the very first book I read by this author and fell in love with her style of writing as I could 'picture' the story unfolding in my mind. Years later I saw the movie and although it was good I could honestly say that the book was so much better and I have been reading her books ever since.

    13. I'm always amazed at the lengths snooty matriarchs will go to, just to keep poor, deserving girls from marrying their sons.


    15. This was a reread for me. I enjoyed it as much as I did the fist time years ago. I love DS books and I am glad I agreed to do this for a buddy read.

    16. The PromiseAuthor: Danielle SteelMichael Hillyard and Nancy McAllister are madly in love. Michael met Nancy at a Boston Gallery where her work was being shown. She is an artist and he is a famous architect. He asked her out and fell madly in love with her. Nancy wasn't too quick to jump into a serious relationship. Her mother had left her as a young child in an orphanage. She just abandoned her. Nancy had not really healed from it. She doesn't want to trust or love anyone. Michael kept asking he [...]

    17. I promise to love this book forever and alwaysI read The Promise for the first time after my aunt recommended it to me when I was nineteen years old. There is a Bollywood movie (Yeh Vaada Raha) inspired by this novel that I had always loved as a child and my aunt told me that the original novel is even better I spent months browsing every book store I walked into, knowing that Danielle Steel is a world famous author and surely big bookstore chains would carry her entire collection. This was of c [...]

    18. a) I’m too old for this kind of drivelb) This wasn’t drivel when it was written back in 1978c) I’m too hardhearted and cynical to understand LoveChances are that the right answer might be option c.After the thundercloud of This Divided Island, I wanted some cotton candy fluffy clouds. The Promise was one of those books that Chitrakka made be get for her from V K Library. It was the rage back then. Longlongago. I think I even tried to read it as a teenager, I do have vague memories of some [...]

    19. I'm pretty sure I've read many fairy tale books as a kid. But this- this is the first novel I've ever read and I was only about 8 or 9 years old that time. This book started my love for Danielle Steel and her books. I remember crying a lot of times while reading this (especially at the ending) and going to school and telling my classmates to read it because it's so good and it's a love story and I'm such a hopeless romantic freak, blah, blah, blah. I remember how this book was passed from my Mom [...]

    20. Okose first four chapters of the book had some of the worst dialogue I have ever read in a book for adults. The first chapter is supposed to be filled with the dialogue of someone who just got an advanced degree from Harvard and yet the conversations sounds like Middle School kids:"I love you.""I love you more.""I love you even more."Holy crap I kept waiting for someone to take it to infinity.Then, the dialogue in chapter four had me wanting to put forks in my eyes. But an amazing thing happens [...]

    21. یه داستان عامه پسند میخواستم بهش امتیاز دو بدم اما سه دادم چون داستان روونی بود. به نظرم دانیل استیل جزو نویسنده هایی هست که ادبیات پاورقی آمریکا رو تشکیل میده.جالب بود که ببینم ادبیات پاورقی آمریکا چجوریه.از اول داستان میشد آخر داستان رو حدس زد.یه داستان عشقی که با اینکه میدو [...]

    22. If you like the way Danielle Steel writes then this book should not disappoint you. It seems obvious what is going to happen near the start of the book. But what isn't so obvious is how. Some twists along the way kept me interested. Easy to read. An enjoyable read too. Will definitely read this one again several time in the future.

    23. My wife and I both had our seventh grade teacher read this book to us. Years later, I was in a band with the authors son for a few weeks before he was kicked out for drug use. Oh yea, the book It was pretty awful.

    24. My first DS's book. First read it when I was 13 or 14. Fell in love with it. Some promises are meant to be kept. & cherished. <3

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