Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues

Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues Dixie has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time The day she happens upon the dead body outside a fancy mansion is no different She s had her fill of homicide investigations so she le

  • Title: Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues
  • Author: Blaize Clement
  • ISBN: 9780312340933
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dixie has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time The day she happens upon the dead body outside a fancy mansion is no different She s had her fill of homicide investigations, so she leaves the gate keeper s corpse to be found by somebody else Unfortunately, that somebody else sees Dixie leaving the scene of the crime, and the fatal bullet might have evenDixie has a knack for being in the wrong place at the wrong time The day she happens upon the dead body outside a fancy mansion is no different She s had her fill of homicide investigations, so she leaves the gate keeper s corpse to be found by somebody else Unfortunately, that somebody else sees Dixie leaving the scene of the crime, and the fatal bullet might have even come from her own gun To make matters worse, the owner of the mansion is Dixie s new client a scientist who is either a genius, insane, or both whose pet iguana is under her charge All that, plus a feisty calico kitten that needs some TLC, means that time is running out for Dixie to cat nip this case in the bud and collar the killer.

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    1. Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues, is book 3 in the A Dixie Hemingway Mystery Series. This is one of the series that I have been reading out-of-order as I have come across the books. I started with one of the later books in the series and was immediately drawn to the character of Dixie and her world in the Florida Keys.This book doesn’t involve the usual cats or dogs, but instead an iguana. The reader is led on a twisting chase of government agencies, bioterrorism, biochemical weapons, secret lab [...]

    2. This is #3 in the cozy mystery series starring Dixie Hemingway as sleuth, but it's the first one that I've read. Dixie, a pet sitter in Florida (and no, not related to THAT Hemingway) receives a strange call from an Irishman wanting her to feed his iguana, Ziggy. She shows up at the mansion at the address she's been given only to find that her "client," an odd scientist, has no idea who she is. What's more, his guard has just been shot dead and his nurse immediately disappears with a number of o [...]

    3. When I'm feeling groggy and brain-dead at the end of a workday, and I want something light and entertaining that doesn't insult my intelligence, these cat sitter mysteries hit the spot. The third installment was interesting, with a really good (if improbable) story, but as with the first two books, it ended up as an average-but-not-great three-star read for me. In this one, Dixie, our heroine, gets a phone call asking her to drop in and feed a rich guy's pet iguana. Unfortunately, the guard at t [...]

    4. Pet sitter Dixie rides her bike past a rich house with a guard. She is going to take shelter from the rain in the guardhouse, until she sees the guard is dead! She returns to the place later to realize that the person who hired her over the phone last-minute to take care of his iguana lives in that house! This was the third in a cozy mystery series. I'm really enjoying the series, and I really enjoyed this one. Dixie has a bit of romance happening in this book (with two men!). It's tame, but I'm [...]

    5. I can't get enough of this series. The plots are intriguing, gritty, and suspenseful. At the same time, Dixie is a hilarious character with quips, statements, and thought processes that will leave you cracking up. She is wry and smart, though she makes a lot of natural mistakes. It prevents her from being the unknowable narrator, an untouchable character. I thought the mystery in this book was particularly strange and bizarre, with lots of twists and turns.

    6. I did not like the actual mystery part of this story as much as the mysteries in the first two Dixie Hemingway stories. However, I very much liked that this book delved more into her personal life (and that she had reached a point where she actually has a personal life). As I just saw pointed out in another review, sometimes the books can come across a bit preachy about various topics. Also, sometimes I find descriptions of characters kind of cringeworthy (stereotypes). However, the author has a [...]

    7. Very judgy. I hate it when authors let their prejudices show, especially when it's not central to the story or the character. That's how you know the author is inserting themselves into the book. Doubt I'll read more of her stuff even if the mystery aspects are interesting. Just too distracting.

    8. Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues: A Dixie Hemingway Mystery (Dixie Hemingway Mysteries) 5.0 out of 5 stars An Incredible Story, March 16, 2014 This review is from: Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues: A Dixie Hemingway Mystery (Dixie Hemingway Mysteries) "Even Cat Sitters Get the Blues" by Blaize ClementDixie Hemingway is a cat or rather a pet sitter since her days at the police force have come to an abrupt halt following the sudden death of her husband, Todd, and her beloved daughter, Christie. It's a [...]

    9. i just started it this morning and really like it so far. i wish i got it in order, but i ordered teh first two from teh library then there are a couple more after so thats always goodher husband and daughter died in the previous books, will find out when i read those, and she was a cop but now she is a pet sitter. she got a call from someone claiming to be a owner of a iguana named ziggy, but that morning she ran into a lady with a dog named ziggy and she told her she would be pet sitting a igu [...]

    10. This is the third in the Dixie Hemingway mysteries. Dixie used to be a cop, but when her husband and child were killed in an accident, she couldn't handle the job anymore and became a pet sitter. She lives in an apartment on a family property, with her brother and his partner living next door in the main house. She is still dealing with her grief around her loss, but has a way of stumbling into situations that involve murder and police.In the book, she has been called and asked to go and feed an [...]

    11. I love this series! So unique, interesting & fun to read! Dixie is "real" and you can relate to her problems and her thought processes. I love the pet angle because she is a pet-sitter these are not hers or how they help solve mysteries. I only have one more to finish until another comes out & sad. I think this series is worth the money,time & effort to read. Thanks Dixie!6/13/15:I just finished reading this again because I wanted to read all the books again to be fairin my reviews t [...]

    12. Read it in a day. Just what I needed for a do nothing Saturday. Still entertaining. Still fun. I can't wait for the next one. Sad to know there are a limited number. If you like cozy mysteries, don't miss this series.

    13. Well, close to 4 stars, anyway. It's definitely a "cozy" mystery, and heavy emphasis on pets (this time the main one is an iguana), but Dixie's sad recent past and struggle to feel "normal" again lends a grittier element to this than many cozies.This time, Dixie arrives to feed an iguana, only to find out that the owner IS home (though chronically ill) and did not call her. This, shortly after Dixie finds the guard in the estate's guardhouse shot in the head and doesn't report it, reluctant to g [...]

    14. Dixie Hemingway just wants to do her job of pet sitting but keeps getting in the middle of trouble. So when she sees a dead man in a guard shack, she lets someone else call the police to report it. There was another car who may have seen Dixie and she gets a real surprise when she finds that her new client lives in that house. The man who lives at the house is very sick and claims that he did not contact her to take care of his iguana. He is not telling her everything and there are definitely so [...]

    15. This was the third book in this series and a very good mystery. I like this series, they mystery was interesting and kept me guessing until the end. I also like Dixie the main character, she's a pet sitter and throughout the book there are little tidbits and advice for care of pets, like iguanas and kittens. My favorite character in book was Ziggy the iguana I never thought I would like a lizard but after reading this book I can't help but loving them a little. One other thing reading the books [...]

    16. #3 in the Dixie Hemingway series. Dixie is a former sheriff's deputy, who left the force after her husband and toddler were run down and killed in a parking lot by a senior citizen who lost control of his vehicle. Now Dixie works as a pet sitter on one of Florida's laid back keys. Her world revolves around her clients and her gay firefighter brother and his police undercover partner - oh, and of course the annual body she encounters.Dixie Hemingway gets a mysterious call to care for an iguana na [...]

    17. Book 3 of the Dixie Hemingway series was pretty much a formula book, but seeing as how I had read the other two that came before it, I decided to continue the series. A few of the characters are beginning to "flesh-out" a little (her brother, Michael; Tom, owner of the retired greyhound, Billy Elliott; and Guidry, the cop/future lover). Scenes of her evenings watching sunsets seem to be getting repetitious in each book, but then, since I don't live in FL, maybe they are just that spectacular and [...]

    18. So far, I have read the first three Cat Sitter books in order. I bought them for my wife a few Xmases ago. These are "chick" books, but dudes can dig them too. The universe Blaize Clement creates for Dixie is a good one to spend some in. Basically this book more of the same as the first two. Dixie stumbles on a body and continues to have feelings for two different men. What makes this one different is the plot. It's a really good and unique one. In this book, previously met characters get more i [...]

    19. "Pet-sitter Dixie, a former sheriff's deputy on leave after the death of her husband and daughter, finds a corpse in the gatehouse of a mansion, but leaves the body for someone else to find. Her new client, a mysterious scientist wracked by pain, owns the mansion, and Dixie ends up caring for him and his pet iguana as she tries to solve the murder and juggle her conflicting feelings for heartthrob Lieutenant Guidry and seductive attorney Ethan Crane."This was my least favorite of the series. I s [...]

    20. If you love animals this is the mystery series for you. Dixie Hemingway, a former law enforcement officer, is now a pet sitter on Siesta Key. Her problem is that she keeps coming across dead bodies. This story is no different when she finds a guard dead in a gate house. This time she doesn't report it knowing he would soon be found. Wrestling with a guilty conscience she goes about her daily chores. She shows up at a new client to take care of an iguana named Ziggy. She is shocked to find that t [...]

    21. When the going gets tough, this wimp reads cozies. I like this series because the animals aren't superheros or crime solvers. When they do foil the bad guy, it's because they like to roll in stinky things, or because they are afraid of strangers. Of course, the protagonist gets involved in crimes in only vaguely probably ways, and takes risks no one would ever take, but if she didn't, there'd be no novel. This plot is especially weird and convoluted, but I frankly need me some unreality right no [...]

    22. Ughhhhh! Some of the reviews on are maddening! Case in point, this was complete drivel! A total mess of a book. Totally implausible, stupid and a waste of time, yet it has almost a 4 rating. Why?!! Who are you people that think this is a good book?!I liked the first book in this series. It was a cute, enjoyable piece of fluff. But each book got progressively worse w/ this being ridiculous to the extreme and (what's a synonym for utter bullshit?). Nothing made sense or was believable. Very disap [...]

    23. This book is about a woman named Dixie Hemingway, who is an experienced pet sitter that is very devoted to the pets she agrees to take care of. She has been struggling to come to grips with the loss of her husband and daughter four years before. This book is able to stand on its own, its clean, and has an HEA. These are important aspects I consider when rating a book.I enjoyed this and will continue with the series.

    24. 3rd Dixie HemingwayDixie is at it again, pet sitting and getting involved with murder. A mysterious call leads to a client that didn’t hire her and a dead security guard. Dixie puzzles what mysterious ailment is afflicting the client, why his nurse ran away with the packages from the refrigerator and who did kill the security guard. During all of this, Dixie begins to date again, 4 years after the death of her husband.

    25. The problem with series and continuity isif you read them back to back and in order inconsistencies are really annoying. I loved this story for what I learned about iguana's but as the third book in the series in which she is distressed by having killed A man when, in fact, she has killed two one in book 1 and one in book 2 so really she should not b making a big deal all through book three of how hard it was on someone to kill another human being as if she had only killed one.

    26. What a fun read! It reminds me of the "Cat Who" series. I will definitely look up more books by Blaize Clements. I have to confess, this is the first cozy I've read in forever. Most of the time I'm reading non-fiction crime or some sort of thriller. This book was a total escape and fun read - especially if you like animals!

    27. I enjoy this series a lot, although Dixie was a little annoying this time. I agree that declawing a cat is wrong, but I didn't need a lecture every other paragraph. I'm also not sure what I feel about the love triangle. But overall, I still think the plot was interesting and the atmosphere of Sarasota and the Keys felt like I was there. I will continue to check out these books from my library!

    28. I am so enjoying this series. I'm seriously addicted! Loving the development of the characters, loving the aniamls, and I seriously have a crush on MIchael and Paco, LOL. I know, I shoud be crushing on the detective and the lawyer, the single blokes, but Michael and Paco make me *sigh*. Off to read the next one now!

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