Amalia: Diary 3

Amalia Diary When Amalia is verbally assaulted in a racist incident it affects her deeply Her family friends and new boyfriend help heal her self confidence and restore her faith in other people

  • Title: Amalia: Diary 3
  • Author: Ann M. Martin
  • ISBN: 9780439095488
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • When Amalia is verbally assaulted in a racist incident, it affects her deeply Her family, friends, and new boyfriend help heal her self confidence and restore her faith in other people.

    One thought on “Amalia: Diary 3”

    1. While this book was not the best in the series, it was refreshing. You don't see a lot of books for this age group touch on the subject of racism, and when they do they're very rarely about Latino people. In that was it was necessary, welcomed, and appreciated. I just wish it had had a little more substance, a little more oomph. Fare the well, Amalia! I wish I knew what happened to you after you FINALLY got past 8th grade!

    2. Amalia is hate crimed.Amid various party-related plotlines (Amalia and Isabel are planning a party for their family, Sunny and Ducky are planning a going-away party for Dawn as she prepares to spend another summer in Stonybrook), Amalia is assaulted by some drunk girls who call her racist names and spit on her. She is shaken to her core. She's never experienced such open hatred based on her race. She feels diminished and disillusioned. In the end, she realizes/decides that dignity isn't somethin [...]

    3. This book could have been better. I liked it but it was also not the best. Although Amalia's diaries are my second favorite ones.I never really liked Ann M. Martin books and I still don’t. This series was okay but it was not the best series I have ever read. Anyways I still recommend the series.

    4. I really enjoyed this whole series of books. (I'm a sucker for books written as diaries). With this perticular book you can really feel Amalia's pain along with her happiness.

    5. Another boring one for the blog. The CD series as a whole is best when Sunny or Ducky narrates. Maggie and Amalia are just kind of bland.

    6. This book deals with racism, but I am not sure how effective it is. A fine installment for the series, however.

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