The Starlight Crystal

The Starlight Crystal It is years in the future Paige Christian has been given the chance to join the crew of the Traveler a special spaceship time capsule designed to circle the solar system and study the changes

  • Title: The Starlight Crystal
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780671550295
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It is 200 years in the future Paige Christian, 18, has been given the chance to join the crew of the Traveler a special spaceship time capsule designed to circle the solar system and study the changes on earth throughout two centuries But an awful thing happens to the earth and the Traveler.

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    1. I'm usually such a Christopher Pike fanatic - this year I have an evil plan to read books by him I haven't yet, and re-read books by him I have but never reviewed.It's all laid out obsessively so, which is how I usually am with most books. I have to say this first book of the year, though - The Starlight Crystal - it and I didn't have chemistry or sync.He writes well, of course, as he always does, but here there was a stroke of melodrama behind some of the dialogue and emotions. He doesn't typic [...]

    2. I love Christopher Pike. I have been reading his books since I was 11 or 12 and I am almost 30 now. His books are amazing, filled with colorful characters, unique settings and amazing stories. And The Starlight Crystal is no exception.It's probably my most favorite Pike book and it's one of his least well-known. The story is not a typical Pike story and the blurb on the back does not do it justice. Nor does the cover.Paige Christian is an 18 year old girl who has just fallen in love for the firs [...]

    3. I have read this book four times and I still adore it. If you like your sci-fi mixed with Eastern philosophy and epic multi-world, multi-lifetime heroes like in the Matrix trilogy, definitely check this out. Don't be put off by the fact that it's marketed as a cheesy teen horror novel- that couldn't be further from what it is. ____________________________My review from my book journal when I was 12 (I was an aspiring book review columnist): "Pike's best book, full of wonder, grief, inevitability [...]

    4. Christopher Pike is a King.I have said this "ironically" in the past before, but I have had a crazy year, and returning to these favorites (thank you Megan and Rachel) helped me get through it.Thank you, CP!

    5. Heaven only knows how many times I've read this book, though the last time was well over a decade ago. I remembered how much I loved this book, but I had forgotten how utterly depressing it is. Reading it was like reading 200 pages of chapter three of New Moon, gut wrenching pain. Except this is worse, because there isn't just a metaphorical death to deal with, it is total loss. I had also forgotten that this was the period in Pike's writing career where he went off into eastern philosophy as th [...]

    6. I had read The Starlight Crystal when I was twelve and my curiosity in Cosmology and Physics was only just budding, it helped to put a more personal spin on the same topics I was reading from Hawking and Greene. This book is perfect for young adults who are tired of the same "Romantic Fantasy" or for the nerdy little girl who wants to read about a deeper love than teen vampires. To my younger self this book had a great influence in my personal ideology: We are all microscopic in the eyes of the [...]

    7. I don't remember Christopher Pike sucking this bad. In fact, I remember him being a guilty pleasure read as a teenager. I guess it's good to know that my reading tastes have matured so well.I found this book pretty stupid. In fact, I only finished reading it because it was so short and I was kind of hoping that there would be some grand epiphany at the end and suddenly everything would make sense.

    8. Teen Creeps made me read this! I missed reading this when I was a kid but I know I would have LOVED it. As an adult, it feels a little rushed, especially the romance (it is short AF after all), but I have to give Pike tons of credit for taking on such an ambitious idea and getting it done in like 200 pages. If this was written in 2018 it'd probably be a trilogy with 1000000000000% more internal monologue and hand wringing, so I'll take the short version any day.

    9. It is two hundred years in the future and 18 year old Paige Christian has been given a chance to join the crew of the Traveler, a special spaceship designed to circle the solar system at near light speed. One day aboard the Traveler is equal to ten years on Earth. It is a time capsule as well as a spaceship whose purpose is to study the changes on earth throughout two centuries, and then return home. Something awful happens to the ship and the Earth and the years pass, billions of them, and stil [...]

    10. The Starlight Crystal is a very thought-provoking novel, and perhaps - as I went into it blind - one of the strangest books I have ever read. Although it is relatively short, it packs a lot in. Description was sacrificed, but I still adored the tone and style of this book.Even though the characters were easy to imagine and create a bond with, the insta-love was a little bit of an issue. As most of the book focuses on Paige Christian wanting to get back to Tem, I think the gravity of their love c [...]

    11. I will do this man a disservice or.ybe just not be entirely fair by not copying what I say for all of his other books. So far, I come away with the same gratitude that I was able to purchase his books and read them. I simply love them.What else can I say about Mr. Christopher Pike that hasn't already been said? Each novel that I've read, I've been so enticed by (to say the very least). He creates wonderful characters, a thrilling and creative story while not getting overly complicated with it as [...]

    12. Remains my favorite Christopher Pike story to date. The concepts are perhaps a little too deep - a blend of science fiction, mysticism and spirituality - to fully be given justice in a YA novel. Nonetheless, the idea of a young woman who travels to the end of the Universe and the end of Time itself and lives through two Creations - I have never read anything that comes close to such a stirring love story. For at the heart of it, the book is a story of love (as all Pike's books are) - and no sill [...]

    13. This is my favorite book ever, I read it in the late 90's and have read it many many times since then. I have gone through at least 4 copies of the book, 2 that I loaned to friends who fell in love with it also so I gave it to them and one copy I actually wore ragged until I had to buy a new one. There seems to be two types of people who read this book, you either think its weird and no big thing - or you are absolutely stunningly amazed at how well planned and developed and freaking brilliant t [...]

    14. 3.5 stars. TeenCreeps podcast brought me here and despite it losing some of my interest towards the last third of the book, this was a conceptually fascinating premise with pretty good writing. Lots of philosophy and depth to the plot, but the characters needed a bit more fleshing out early on in the book.

    15. There was a time when this was my favorite book in the world. I reread it so many times I lost count. It was EPIC! With ALIENS and TIME TRAVEL (SORT OF) and SPACE and DEATH and LOVE and CLONING! I think this is where I learned about relativity. Thanks again Christopher Pike.

    16. One of the most thought provoking and imaginative books which I read as a teenager. It has the optimum combination of science fiction and romance.Don't remember much of it, but it was one of those books which you know you really like, and have no idea why.

    17. Fast read. Kept me entertained. I didn't want to put it down. It gave a different spin on death and the beginning of everything.

    18. A fun scifi novel, but goes in too many places to be a great read, please not it's a fun read, but the story line is a bit convoluted.

    19. This is a very interseting book for certain people. I gave this book a 4/5 because of the following reasons.They get off topic to muchWay to much muchy love stuffAnd it gets boring and you dont really know what they are talking about and you just dont feel like reading it anymore. ( trust me i stoped this book like 3 times)this girl is in collge and she meets this guy and they soon fall in love but she forgets to tell him that she is going on a trip into space with her father. But of course she [...]

    20. No. NO!!!! Paige, you little @#&%!!!! Who do you think you are, offing the entire frickin' human race???? You deserve to be boiled in oil. Murderer!!!!! die die DIE!!!!!Yes, this is a rant. I'm sorry, I just can't help taking Paige's betrayal personally. I mean, really, the girl was responsible for wiping out our ENTIRE race!!!! That's not something to be taken lightly. And she thinks we'll remember her as the worst murderer of all?? well, what else should we call her?? She is what she is. T [...]

    21. I prefer Pike thrillers to his science fiction stories. The few books I read that qualify as sci-fi are more on the fantasy side of the genre. The Starlight Crystal begins a few hundreds years into the future and ends many lifetimes later. The names Alosha and the Shanti are mentioned so I wonder if that has anything to do with Pike's middle age trilogy which I have yet to read. At the heart of the book is Paige, a young woman who falls in love a week before she is scheduled to embark on a space [...]

    22. I was given this book by my boyfriend because he loved it as a kid and wanted me to understand his perspective. I must admit the sci fi elements were a bit over my head but I still found it to be a beautiful story. Despite all the physics, it's a timeless love story and a story about humanity and creation.I used to be really afraid of dying, it made life feel so pointless. But this book can really inspire wonder in all we do not know about the universe and other planets/species/races. Cloning wi [...]

    23. I loved this book when I was in 6th and 7th grade. Nearing my 30 year mark I decided to track this book down and reread it. I remembered much of the story and loved it even after all of these years.One of the first sci-fi books I devoured with a love story that didn't seem forced when I was younger(and wasn't too keen on such things). A story with a lead that stuck with me for years, even if she was at the back of my mind. Honestly I can't seem to really place in words how much I enjoyed this st [...]

    24. I first read this book 9-10 years ago when I was in elementary school. For at least 5 years I have wanted to read it again but couldn't remember the name of it or who the author was. I am so glad I found it. I am in love with the story. Every moment keeps you interested and I didn't want to stop until I was finished. This is a book that really makes you think and question everything you know. Pike really grabs the reader's attention filled with love, loss, aliens, and space travel. Absolutely wo [...]

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