The Secret Path

The Secret Path Adam didn t believe all the stories about Spooksville Adam has just moved to the small town of Springville The first day there he meets Sally who tells him the city s real name is Spooksville becau

  • Title: The Secret Path
  • Author: Christopher Pike
  • ISBN: 9780671001810
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • Adam didn t believe all the stories about Spooksville Adam has just moved to the small town of Springville The first day there, he meets Sally, who tells him the city s real name is Spooksville, because of the all the spooky things that go on in it Adam doesn t believe her until they team up with Watch and go in search of the Secret Path a magical path that leads to oAdam didn t believe all the stories about Spooksville Adam has just moved to the small town of Springville The first day there, he meets Sally, who tells him the city s real name is Spooksville, because of the all the spooky things that go on in it Adam doesn t believe her until they team up with Watch and go in search of the Secret Path a magical path that leads to other Spooksvilles Together, Adam, Sally, and Watch will take the Secret Path and pass through a dark doorway On the other side they will find a terrifying Spooksville where there are huge spiders, living skeletons, evil black knights, and a witch who just loves to make dolls out of kids.

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    1. “Listen to Mr. Realist,” Sally mocked. “He doesn’t believe in ghosts even though a tree almost ate him an hour ago.”During the ‘80s and ‘90s Christopher Pike wrote some really good books for young adults, and also for much younger kids. The Spooksville series is aimed at the later. His young adult books were marked by some good writing, and his content appealed to teenagers who were a bit more mature than the average young adult. Here, Pike began a marvelously fun series for pre-te [...]

    2. THIS WHOLE SERIES MAKES UP MY CHILDHOOD. zOMGI think I started to love reading after I finished one Spooksville books to another. I was in 2nd grade.After a few years, I pretty forgot about this series. When I came back to it, I thought I might not like it as much as I did before because my reading tastes have really grown then. But nope! I re-read through them all and I still find myself falling in love with Sally's clever and often time funny witty retorts, Cindy's kind gentleness, and Watch's [...]

    3. I read when I was still a kid. I almost forgot what the plot is but I still know who the characters are. I'm trying to find a copy of the series because I already gave my copies to my cousin and she lives far away from us. Sad to say, even doesn't have a brand new copy of these books. I miss Sally, Cindy, Watch and Adam (sigh!).

    4. The Spooksville books by Christopher Pike were the books that got me into reading when I was younger. They have a definite soft spot in my heart. I even reread a few every year - they're kids books for sure but I still love them.

    5. So even though I loved Pike's non-series books when I was younger, I had never heard of this series. That probably has something to do with the fact that I was too busy devouring Goosebumps and, later on, Fear Street books to really look for other horror series. But when a TV show was added to Netflix this past week, and it said it was based on a book series by Pike, I actually shrieked with joy! Super excited to see if it was worth my time. Well, I think these books are more for ages 9-12, at l [...]

    6. I was thrilled to hear that this series had become a television show (on "The Hub") as the books were certainly a favourite of mine growing up. After becoming a bit despondent by the television series - (Hey! They cut out all the awesome characters and why is Ann Templeton a kid?! *breath* I can deal with on) I felt the need to reread this series again in my grand old age of 27 to validate my amazing memories of reading and re-reading this in my younger, better looking, carefree sorta days [...]

    7. Adam just moved to Springsville, but soon finds out from his new friends it is actually called Spooksville. The adults call it Springsville, but all the kids know its real name is Spooksville. Adam doesn't believe this at first and definitely doesn't believe all the things his new friend is telling him.But when they team up to find the Secret Path, Adam goes from a non-believer to a believe very quickly.I just looking through books at my local library and saw this one. I decided to check it out. [...]

    8. Adam has just moved to Springville which kids call Spooksville, some adults too. The day he moves to town he meets Sally and then she introduces him to her friend Watch. Together the three of them take Bum, who used to be the town mayor's directions and follow the Secret Path. The path takes them along the life major events of a witch that used to live there years ago. When they reach the end of it they end up falling into a different Spooksville. One of many actually and are captured by the wit [...]

    9. Loved this author as a kid, so I was super excited when I saw this series. Yes, it is a little spooky, but that goes with the title. I loved that it was kind of fast-paced but the read was not rushed in the storyline.

    10. Really surprised I never read the Spooksville series as a kid seems like I would've been obsessed with these books. Decided to start with book 1 "The Secret Path" and so far I'm intrigued. I really loved the first half of the book, but I found myself having a hard time suspending disbelief in the 2nd half. Overall parts of the book seemed a little darker than your average "Goosebumps," so maybe for a slightly older audience. I liked what I've read so far, so I definitely plan on check out more i [...]

    11. Cuando tenía diez años estos libros me introdujeron definitivamente a la lectura.Primer libro de la saga Fantasville; que consta de veinte y seis libros en total.Cuya época era difícil conseguirlo a todos —hoy en día también—, por lo tanto nunca había leído el primer libro.Es aquí en donde conocemos los tres primeros protagonistas que acompañan durante toda la saga —falta Cindy pero ella recién aparece en el segundo libro—, los cuales se tratan de Sally Wilcox, Watch Waverly y [...]

    12. Oddly I was introduced to the books though the show. I saw some random episode once cas I was watching my little pony (I'm a brony deal with it) and the stone or like one of the more drama episodes came on I didn't think a lot about it but I did like it and did a little wiki searching on the show I fell in love with the description on the evil house (episode not book I didn't even know about the books at that point) it reminded me of my favorite episode of the also cancelled show my babysitter i [...]

    13. The Secret Path – Adam is a new resident to Spooksville from Kansas City. He and his dad are moving things out of the moving truck into his house when his dad hurts his back and sends Adam to the local 7/11 to get some cold sodas. While Adam is walking home he meets an unusual girl named Sally.Sally is full of all sort of interesting stories about the town in which Adam is now living in. Adam is skeptical about nearly everything she says as they are walking back to his house. Sally meets his [...]

    14. My name is Adam, and Sally may be the craziest girl I've ever met. She says monsters and witches exist, and people frequently disappear around here. She says Ann Templeton is an evil witch, but I don't think she's that evil. Another new friend, Watch, is showing me the Secret Path which supposedly leads to other dimensions of Spooksville. The path follows the life of the original witch of the town, and maybe we'll find some of the lost kids at the end. However, there's also a possibility we'll b [...]

    15. Es más un 3,5.A mi me rememoro mi infancia, y creo que todos aquellos que nacimos en los 90's nos mueve sentimientos e historias pasadas, nos recuerda a los cuentos de la cripta, escalofríos, la cosa, entro otro montón de series de televisión que relatavan aventuras de chicos. Por eso digo que merece mucho la pena.Si bien no es aterrador, es una buena historia infantil, porque es tierna y llena de niños valientes, con ese toque de aventura, fascinación y por supuesto la intriga de enfrenta [...]

    16. To be honest I started reading this because my sister was reading the series and she said the books were good, and I read this one and it was… fine?Nothing spectacular, although it was a fun little adventure to spend an hour reading about. Sally is just such a downer though. I mean, she’s right usually about things, but sometimes that gets annoying. Also she’s so hot and cold about how she feels about Adam that it got old very quick.I like Watch, but he’s just so reserved that it appears [...]

    17. El inicio de una larga saga de cuentos juveniles (26 libros en total) escrita bajo el pseudonimo de Christopher Pike, quien en verdad es Kevin McFadden y el nick que usa lo extrajo de Star Trek. Adam Freeman acaba de trasladarse a vivir con su familia a la ciudad de Springville, mas conocida por los niños y adolescentes con el nombre de "Fantasville", al llegar conoce a Sally, una niña encantadora que pronto le explica los pormenores de su nueva cuidad. Al principio el niño es incrédulo, per [...]

    18. I've been looking for these books forever to write my review! I could remember just faint things about them, but never their title or author until I stumbled upon them while browsing .This series, from what I remember, seemed like a sub-par R.L. Stine Fear Street saga. More scifi, less horror, and with reoccurring characters. The main character I didn't really care for, but the side kicks, especially Watch and Sally, were fun to read about.I must have been at a low point when reading this as a k [...]

    19. I discovered these books after my interest in Goosebumps was waning. I only read a few of them but they were definitely pretty well written and imaginative as these things go.The Secret Path itself is the first book, introducing Adam, a new resident of Springsville (or Spooksville as the kids who know better call it) to his two new friends Sally and Watch, and the crazy mysteries of the town which may or may not have many parallel Spooksvilles from alternate dimensions that blend into one anothe [...]

    20. Anche di questa serie ho ricordi ormai vaghi. Però da bambina avevo una venerazione per Christopher Pike e non potevo farmi scappare qualunque cosa avesse scritto.Mi ero innamorato del primo libro e avevo letto avidamente tutti e dodici libri che la Mondadori aveva pubblicato. Poi come al solito si erano interrotti. Un'abitudine che avevano spesso al tempo. Chissà, prima o poi - come ho fatto per gli Animorphs - potrei recuperare anche i volumi mancanti di questa serie.

    21. I always loved Christopher Pike as a kid, and this series doesn't disappoint. It has apparently been reissued with new covers (not what is shown above). The stories my have been published decades ago, but the creepy, spooky stories will be enjoyed by today's young readers interested in "scary stories". I'm looking for books for my kids book club that are in the "scary/horror" genre, and I think this series fits the bill.

    22. 3 1/2 stars. After binge watching the first season of Spooksville, I just had to read the first book in the series. Although quite different from the series (aren't they always) this was a fun book that I could see kids enjoying. It is creepy and just a bit gross in places. It would be perfect for Halloween reading.Adam, Salley and Watch are too much fun.

    23. This book mainly talks about Adam's fisrt adventure in spooksville. He made two friends here and entered into a different world. In the end,he and his new friends beat the evil witch and return to his home safe and sound.A good happy ending.It is a short story.The character in this book is very funny.You'd like to read more books about them.

    24. Mi abuela me regaló este libro hace casi 11 años. Hace menos de dos meses encontré dos más en una librería en Capital y casi me muero muerta.Como me 'fragmento', podría decirse que soy un 50% Sally, 25% Watch, y 25% Adam. Es imposible no encariñarse con ellos.

    25. i first read spooks ville secret path when i was in 3rd grad and i loved it, it was the best book i'd ever read butt i dont have any time to read book 2 :( some times i try butt i never finish the book

    26. What a great introduction to this series. I, sadly, am reading these books as a 21 year old and not a child, but I don't think it matters. The characters are great and the story is suspenseful. I was very pleased and am excited to read the rest of this series.

    27. I used to read this when I was a kid, didn't realize 'til now it was published almost a month after my birth date! Cool. I used to love the cover, though now I've no idea where that book is in our house. lol

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