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  1. What a great book and a blast from the past! Like for many, the spies were my favourite part of MAD magazine, but I hadn't thought about them for years before I stumbled across this collection. I knew nothing about Prohias or his career, so the background information was very interesting, as were the pre-Spies cartoons. Great to be reminded of the simplicity of good visual gags. The Spies now have a new convert in my 12 yo too!

  2. Spy vs. Spy Omnibus isn't the complete Spy vs. Spy - Mad Magazine's Coyote/Roadrunner answer to the Cold War has been going on since 1961 and would make for a book twice as thick - but it does feature the complete works of Antonio Prohias, their creature, for Mad. In addition to each of his Spy vs. Spy strips, there's a selection of his cartoons for Cuban newspapers, sketches, his non-Spy Mad features, book covers and other merchandise, selected Spy vs. Spy strips by other artists who took on th [...]

  3. A tricky one to rate. The historic context on creator Antonio Prohias was excellent. I didn't know his background as a Cuban political refugee (a cartoonist there too, his drawings drew some potentially deadly attention from Castro). It was fun to read different perspectives on his journey--landing in the United States, not speaking English, showing up at the MAD offices and launching one of their best-known features.On the other hand, while I always read Spy Vs. Spy as a kid, it was never my fa [...]

  4. I love these 2 jerks so much. Being able to read over 300 pages of them made my day. I was also happily surprised to find several written portions talking about MAD magazine and the creator of the spies, Prohias. It made me feel like I was a kid again procrastinating from my homework on Sunday night by reading comics. If you want to take a long bath in nostalgia and watch how the spies changed [and yet stayed so much the same] through the decades, read this.

  5. Reading 300 pages of Spy vs. Spy is nearly impossible, but the individual strips are still (mostly) terrific, the art's impeccable, and MAD created a beautiful and loving tribute to Antonio Prohias with this book. A worthwhile purchase for any fan of Prohias, the Spies or MAD.

  6. The artwork is good and Prohias' ability to tell a story through the pictures alone is remarkable. I kept being reminded of Charles Schulz saying that the job of a cartoonist is to draw funny pictures.

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