Shards of a Broken Crown

Shards of a Broken Crown The terrible Emerald Queen is vanquished but the war in Midkemia is not yet won as the remarkable Raymond E Feist concludes his magnificent Serpentwar Saga with Shards of a Broken Crown a spellbindin

  • Title: Shards of a Broken Crown
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist
  • ISBN: 9780380789832
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • The terrible Emerald Queen is vanquished but the war in Midkemia is not yet won, as the remarkable Raymond E Feist concludes his magnificent Serpentwar Saga with Shards of a Broken Crown a spellbinding tale of magic, conflict, and treachery that sees the rise of a new threat from the ashes of defeat, an evil poised to strike mercilessly at realm triumphant but weakened byThe terrible Emerald Queen is vanquished but the war in Midkemia is not yet won, as the remarkable Raymond E Feist concludes his magnificent Serpentwar Saga with Shards of a Broken Crown a spellbinding tale of magic, conflict, and treachery that sees the rise of a new threat from the ashes of defeat, an evil poised to strike mercilessly at realm triumphant but weakened by war.

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    1. In this book, Pug is all like:Another great book from Feist - this one wraps up the Serpentwar Series and is almost more of a full book Epilogue than a final chapter (I hope that description makes sense). I think that might be one of the main reasons I didn't go the full 5 stars on it - it was great, but after how much the last book blew me away, I wasn't feeling the full score for this one.Also, I wish Feist would have been a bit more creative with names. I know he is trying to honor past chara [...]

    2. The shadow of the Riftwar Saga hangs heavily over this series. I couldn't make any judgement on the series as a whole until I finished Shards of a Broken Crown. But now that I have, there grows in my mind a sneaking suspicion that Feist's ghostwriter had a lot to do with the writing of this final, fourth volume in the saga. I mean, there has to be a reason why the gradient of quality between the Riftwar Saga and this cycle of books is so great.There are three major problems with this book, all o [...]

    3. Σε αυτή τη σειρά ο συγγραφέας επιστρέφει στην κλασική του συνταγή και μας μεταφέρει το χρονικό ενός μεγάλου πολέμου στον οποίο εμπλέκονται πολυάριθμα στρατεύματα αλλά και οι πανίσχυρες μαγικές δυνάμεις, δημιουργώντας ένα αποτέλεσμα ιδιαίτερα ενδιαφέρον. Στο πρώτο βιβλί [...]

    4. To be honest, I don’t know what Feist was thinking when he wrote this novel. It’s like he put everything he had into the previous one, Rage of a Demon King, and was now left to tie the knots of storylines that were half-developed, or spin a new beginning and end to plotlines that were already long passed their due time, and had no inspiration whatsoever to do this in the marvellous way he knows how to. It’s very peculiar how Feist portrays his greatness as master of the fantasy genre in Ra [...]

    5. Please, please it can't end here!: This is a book that hits you at many different levels. Primarily it is about people finding about themselves and being able to live as people within the shadows of legends or of course legends themselves. This has a normalising effect on the characters and you end up seeing them as ordinary people effected by extra ordinary circumstances. On another level it is a great military campaign, the kingdom of the west has to fight a two front campaign and no one but F [...]

    6. This was a perfectly satisfactory conclusion to a good, but not great fantasy series. The loose ends are all tied off quite nicely, and there is the distinct promise of more to come. On that, it looks like Feist has made much more of Midkemia, and when I can't find something else to grab me, I will probably turn to these books. They aren't great, but they are dependably good.In this series, the character of Erik dominates the first book, but his character is rather thin, and by this book he is r [...]

    7. Pug's amazing, Nakor's amazing, Jimmy and Dash's (and Arutha's) struggles with constantly living in the shadows of their forefathers is incredibly relatable to me and everything is just so masterfully done. EXCELLENT end to the Serpentwar.

    8. The end of the Serpentwar. It was a pretty solid ending overall. I liked that this book focused primarily on Dash and Jimmy this time around. I find/found Dash's character to be incredibly charming and interesting, and his inevitable decision at the end of the book seemed right to me. Mostly this was one big wrap up for all the dangling plot threads from the last big traumatic book in which a whole bunch of characters died some fallout, mostly picking up the pieces. And finally setting the stage [...]

    9. I find that this was not as good as the prior book in the series. While interesting it wandered much more in scope, and in character views, and I think this affected my view of the story. I read this as an ebook and found that there was no break between viewing the story from character to another and this caused confusion several times. I would read about Eric fighting and giving orders on the field, and the next line would be Patrick being hailed at the palace. This was not a chapter based sepa [...]

    10. When I first read this book, years ago, this was my least favorite of this particular quartet. I like the brothers, Jimmy and Dash, but I couldn't really get into "the brothers' tale."Rereading it now, though, I was quite pleased with the story, for the same reason I enjoy Feist's other stories. I liked watching the rebirth of Krondor, like a phoenix from the ashes. I liked watching Jimmy and Dash come into their own, and watching the men from Novindus embrace the concept of a nation.I did find [...]

    11. Really struggled with this book. Not sure if this is because there was quite a gap between me finishing the previous book be starting this one. I just found that I didn't really care and I had to force myself to finish. Very little tension and even though old characters, such as Pug were included, they did not feel as developed to me. I loved this series but am not sure now whether to continue. Will leave for a bit and then try the next saga and hopefully find my interest reawakened

    12. And haste again won. It was quite enjoyable to read about warfare and different schemes to keep kingdom together and then in the middle of book out of nowhere came some mystic black power which appearance felt to book story and style likes nails on blackboard. Book badly needs refurbishing and reediting to make it more enjoyable as the story was great.

    13. Essentially a book-length epilogue to the epic confrontation in "Rage of a Demon King", this book bothered me more the more I thought about it. While not overtly unpleasant to read, everything about it is disappointing.It had the potential to be really interesting: a story of trying to rebuild a devastated land in the midst of a three-way war. Feist could have combined the military story of Erik von Darkmoor, the economic story of Roo Avery and the political story of Krondor's ruling nobility in [...]

    14. Where to start? This book, the last of the (1 book too long) 4-book Serpentwar Saga has a lot to enjoy. Finally we see Pug and Tomas entering a real war at the right time, and actually fighting alongside each other. Kind of. We have two brothers, the grandsons of Jimmy the Hand, finally growing in to two very likable, well developed characters with differing values and distinct personalities. Nakor features far more prominently, which would usually be only a good thing, but for the reemergence o [...]

    15. This book follows the aftermath of the demon's defeat. The armies of the Kingdom are stretched and the Emerald Queen's forces have decided they want to carve out a new kingdom for themselves. Dash and Jimmy feature more prominently in this book. Feist tends to focus on a couple of characters in each book and these 2 are mischievous like their Grandfather Jimmy the Hand so they were fun to follow. The evil in these books is never completely vanquished and at times I'm not sure how it ever could b [...]

    16. I liked this one because I found Jimmy and Dash, who were big focuses in this one, a lot more interesting than Erik and Roo, who were big focuses in the previous few. Because I found the characters interesting it gave back some of the magic of the series I felt in the beginning, but this book 4 was a lot of aftermath and set up for more to come after what felt like a weak climax. It does the job well enough that it makes me want to continue the series and feel that it looks promising when I had [...]

    17. Enfin ! ENFIN ! Après 4 mois, je suis enfin parvenu à me traîner (c'est vraiment le mot) jusqu'au bout de ce quatrième tome. Deux-trois chapitres de plus à la fin du tome 3 auraient suffi à boucler le cycle, plutôt que de le traîner en longueur pendant 650 pages -_-'Et pourtant, les trois premiers tomes étaient géniaux.Maintenant, j'espère que le cycle du Conclave des Ombres saura reprendre sur de bonnes bases :)

    18. Having read the first three books in this series, it only seemed appropriate to finish it. Like the previous volume, this novel is basically a lot of battles as a new foe takes on the forces of the Kingdom. The war takes place in a number of locations and involves all the main characters, focussing mainly on Jimmy and Dash, who both acquire new and exciting roles by the end of the book.I could have done with more non-fighting plot but this book is OK as it stands.

    19. Concludes the serpent warA little disappointed as the plot was developing well but then was resolved by pug saying I've had enough. I felt cheated

    20. So far, this one is the best book of all the saga. Sometimes I missed the intervention of some of the characters and I wished something more from the ending, but the story of two brothers Jimmy and Dash, grandchildren of famous Jimmy The Hand was the most interesting so far, since the adventures of Arutha on his multiple quests. I surely detested the death of so loved heroes, and the stupidity of others, but it maid only better the raise of the worthy ones. Sadly, for me, the previous books made [...]

    21. The demon is no more. The enemy has been routed. But all is not well . . .Winter's icy grasp is loosening on the world. The Emerald Queen's vanquished army has its broken back to the Bitter Sea. And treachery is its only recourse.A lackey has declared himself Lord of the defeated, amassing the still fearsome remnants of a ruthless fighting force together for one final assault on a weakened, vulnerable realm.For the warriors who remained steadfast against terrible numbers, for the courageous soul [...]

    22. I started this book with anticipation. After the huge finale from the previous book, where would they go from here? I was interested in the idea of an entire book being centred around after the climax of the series. Usually there's just a chapter at the end of a book, or snippets added around the beginning of a new story, but with this there was an entire story dedicated to what happens after. How they pick everything up and get on with their lives. I can imagine lots of people think it doesn't [...]

    23. Recently, I re-read the Riftwar Saga. It held up reasonably well over time, though when I first read them I was young enough that it didn't register how few female characters were present, and how underdeveloped they were. There were some plot elements that didn't hold up well either, but it wasn't too bad.I remember that at some point I had stopped reading Feist's books, but I couldn't remember why. Possibly I just wasn't interested in the next generation of characters - I seem to recall not be [...]

    24. The end of the Serpentwar Saga, and a tagged on affair at that.I feel like Feist intended this series to be a trilogy but landed himself a 4 book contract. "Shards of a Broken Crown" feels like nothing more than an add on mod, and perhaps if given an extra 20,000 words at the end of "Rage of a Demon King", Feist could have wrapped it all up in a trilogy.As much as I love Jimmy and Dash, the dastardly grandchildren of Duke James of Krondor/Jimmy the Hand, their larger presence couldn't distract m [...]

    25. What a struggle this was. The only reason I'm not giving this book 2 stars is because of lingering affection for Feist as the author who introduced me to fantasy. I don't even know where to start. It took me 11 days to finish this book, compared to the 2-3 days it took me to read the others. The storyline was convoluted, made very little sense at times and Feist just seemingly pulled things out of thin air to shape a narrative! For example, Patrick turning into a raging wildebeest of stupidity. [...]

    26. To all the die-hard fantasy readers out there, if you haven’t already read this book, or this series, you must do so immediately. Right now. Go!Raymond Feist has been on my ‘to read’ list forever, but I never actually got round to reading any of them. When Shards of a Broken Crown dropped onto my desk, I have to admit I was a bit hesitant – I wanted to read the series from the beginning, starting with Magician. However, the likelihood that I would read (I don’t know how many books) wit [...]

    27. I really enjoyed the characters of Jimmy and Dash in this one and I feel like it might have been a bit better book had it just stuck with their viewpoints through the whole thing. But it jumped around so much, sometimes I forgot what was going on in other places. Overall it was a decent book, but I felt like it was one book too many and that the Serpentwar Saga was dragged on too long. I think it would have been much better as a trilogy. It really felt as if it could have ended after Rage of a D [...]

    28. Final in the series. Starting a couple of months after the previous one left off this book was picking up the shattered pieces of the Kingdom. The general has named himself king in on part of the Kingdom. Krondor is burned ruins. Kesh wants to expand their borders. Kingdom soldiers are tired and war weary. This book was kind of slow moving to start off with, as pieces of the West were slowing being put back together. I really wanted someone to punch Prince Patrick in the face what actually happe [...]

    29. Whenever it comes to a book series, I always attempt to assess each book based upon its own merits and not necessarily with the series as a whole. I am finding that difficult with this book.This is the fourth book of the Serpentwar Saga and the I-lost-count-many-books-ago book taking place in the universe housing Midkemia.The events of the previous book left a satisfying ending, however it also left the characters faced in an unstable political situation. This book seems written to put this situ [...]

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