Krondor: The Assassins

Krondor The Assassins New York Times bestselling author Raymond E Feist returns us now to a place of unparalleled wonders a sprawling kingdom coveted by enemies on all sides a bustling center of commerce and magic vibran

  • Title: Krondor: The Assassins
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist
  • ISBN: 9780380803231
  • Page: 181
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • New York Times bestselling author Raymond E Feist returns us now to a place of unparalleled wonders a sprawling kingdom coveted by enemies on all sides, a bustling center of commerce and magic, vibrantly alive and eternally in conflict This is Midkemia, where great heroes are bred, and its glorious center In Krondor, Prince Arutha, newly returned from battle, is concerNew York Times bestselling author Raymond E Feist returns us now to a place of unparalleled wonders a sprawling kingdom coveted by enemies on all sides, a bustling center of commerce and magic, vibrantly alive and eternally in conflict This is Midkemia, where great heroes are bred, and its glorious center In Krondor, Prince Arutha, newly returned from battle, is concerned about a rash of unexplained assassinations that plagues his capital city And so he commissions his most trusted agent, Squire James, formerly the thief known as Jimmy the Hand, to discover the source of the deadly epidemic The answers seem to lie far beneath the streets in the dank depths of Krondor, where a terrible war rages in secret between two rival criminal gangs those who call themselves Mockers, and others in the thrall of a mysterious being known as The Crawler But the deeper the Squire delves, the closer he gets to the true nature of the horror that has left untold dead in its wake And unless James can prevent one last, unthinkable slaying, the nightmare forces of corruption and deceit will destroy his liege and reduce his beloved Krondor to ruins.

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    1. Middle of a three book series right in the middle of a 30 book series. While I love Feist, I keep getting nervous that I am going to hit a bump in the series and I will encounter some material I don't like quite as much. Luckily, that did not happen here.Honestly, this is the first part of the series where the books are starting off a little slow and the story is not sticking with me quite as much. That is likely a result of the first book in this trilogy being based on a video game and the fact [...]

    2. Much better than Kronder: The Betrayal (which was more like a direct and lazy novelization of the game), Kronder: The Assassins gets back into interesting subplots and intrigue.

    3. As per usual, you get a better feeling with the first book of a series than with the second. I don't know exactly why, but the most controversial book or books in a series are the middle ones. The beginning can always be three things: amazing, meh and worst ever. Based on that, you decide whether you're going to read it. Amazing usually indicates you are going to love the other books also. If you like it enough to start it, you're probably going to invest a lot of yourself in that installment. T [...]

    4. I've been going back to series that I love and reading some of the books that I missed (for whatever reason) when they were first released.We have Prince Arutha and very briefly Pug, Pug's son William and the true star of the book Squire James (formerly Jimmy the Hand) who just happens to be my favorite character in the 30+ book series.It's a stand alone novel - the plot centers around a war that rages in the underworld - the Mockers are being challenged by someone known as the Crawler. So we've [...]

    5. - review kan spoilers bevatten-Na de strijd om de Levenssteen en het offer van een magier genaamd Patrus waardoor een scheuring kan worden gesloten keert Prins Arutha terug naar de hoofdstad om deze in "puin"terug te vinden. Er zijn vele brute moorden geweest onder leiding van ene kruiper en de snaken missen hun leider de Oprechte man, zou hij zijn vermoord? En golf van meer geweld wordt gevreesd. Nog steeds zijn de boeken van Feist volgepakt met actie, avontuur en humor. Vooral het laatste maak [...]

    6. It was awesome but of course I think all his books are awesome and for those I haven't read I'm sure they are. My all time favorite author, hands down. The characters are unique and vivid, the story-line entrancing. Can't wait to read the next one. This is a long series of books including several sagas and it is best to read them in order so I have been told though I have yet to do so.

    7. excellent book fast paced exciting, the characters you cant help to love (I have my favourites) now reading Krondor Tear of the gods

    8. I was so excited to see another story about Jimmy the Hand and Arutha, two of my most favorite characters in the book. And to finally see what happened in William's youth was also a good surprise.So far, these series are slowly becoming the most entertaining while I can observe the development of the mighty Prince of the West and his almost brother, Duke of Krondor.

    9. New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist returns us now to a place of unparalleled wonders--a sprawling kingdom coveted by enemies on all sides; a bustling center of commerce and magic, vibrantly alive and eternally in conflict. This is Midkemia, where great heroes are bred, and its glorious center KrondorPrince Arutha--newly returned from battle--is concerned about a rash of unexplained assassinations that plagues his capital city. And so he commissions his most trusted agent, Squire [...]

    10. It was a real relief returning to this series after pausing for a while to read the abomination that is S. by Doug Dorst. Don't touch that, it's utterly crap.Assassins continues a period of writing for Feist that you can tell was very difficult. The flow and grandeur of his usual prose is somehow missing in this series, I don't mind admitting. It doesn't really detract, to be honest. The story rumbles straight on from Betrayal quite neatly. If anything the plot in Assassins is more stripped down [...]

    11. The upright man is gone. The mockers have been eliminated from the city, and something dark comes for Krondor. Royal visitors from another kingdom have come to the city- the prince, princess and king of Oslako. On a hunting trip it soon becomes apparent that these royals all have a mark on their heads. At first it seems that this is to start a war between the Kingdom and Olasko and it seems the nighthawks are behind it. But nothing is as it seems in this novel.(view spoiler)[ Following a number [...]

    12. The Moredhel army has been thwarted in their mission to get hold of the Lifestone. Back in Krondor, a spate of murders and attempts on a visiting dignitary's life get Prince Arutha concerned. Jimmy the Hand employs his considerable skills to uncover the reasons and arrives at the conclusion that Nighthawks are to blame once again. Their pursuit takes him, along with William and Arutha, to an abandoned fortress in a desert, where things get out of hand. Mostly because, in addition to hundreds of [...]

    13. Second book in the Riftwar Legacy is another top notch fantasy/adventure. Story continues with more woes for Prince Arutha and the city of Krondor. Death and mayhem continue and a visiting Duke and his family are targeted for magic and murder. It's up to former thief Jimmy The Hand, now Squire James, to team up with Magician Pug's soldier son William and tough army captain Tregger to enter the den of snakes and do their best to make sure the assassin Nighthawks and their sinister allies are ripe [...]

    14. A big improvement from the truly atrocious "Krondor: The Betrayal" (#1 in this series), which read like a bad transcript of a watching somebody play a 1990s computer RPG.Like its predecessor, this volume is based on the late '90s Krondor games (which are in turn based on Fiest's world and previous books). There are still hints of the videogaming origin like "we have to complete this side quest before we can go to the next area", but the pacing is much improved, and it actually feels like Feist's [...]

    15. What an ominous ending!! I liked this middle book even more than the first book! It was a lot more exciting! Jimmy the Hand is a wonderful creation and William is quite likable as well. Not to mention the surprise cameo of my favorite character, Amos Trask! The plot unfolded more creatively and in a much more exciting manner than the first book and I am interested to see how everything will be solved in the third part - though, really, this book did not seem to connect to Krondor, The Betrayal a [...]

    16. Book 2 of the Legacy of the Riftwar. While I still enjoyed reading it, and while it's definitely better than book 1, the plot is actually very short and the sequence of events felt very rigid and scripted - most probably because there's a computer game behind it - causing events and situations to be a bit awkward in fiction. Jimmy is as entertaining and endearing a character as always, but Prince Arutha felt like a shadow. There are some pretty good scenes, but most of the rest of the book are j [...]

    17. Very light book to read. I liked it . Jimmy the hand is the main hero and we get to know Willian , Pugs son.Feist is really a unique writter and in this saga he tries to go back in history and tells us some facts that were missing in the serpent war saga, nothing extraordinary but gives us some more time to know somo characters that we love like jimmy the hand that are old and die in the serpent war saga .Lets see this evil in the third and final book of this saga .

    18. Deze keer een boek met Wiliam in de hoofdrol, de zoon van magiër Puc. Uiteraard komen er ook andere personages in terug en werkt Feist zijn wereld steeds verder uit.Spannend en vermakelijk, maar het boek is echt een tussendeel in de Krondor-trilogie: het haakt in op het deel ervoor en werkt naar het derde deel toe, waardoor het op zichzelf geen duidelijk begin en einde kent. Opvallend is dat Feist de hoofdstukken in dit boek steeds vaker met een cliffhanger afsluit.

    19. this book and the two other parts of the krondor trology are easily said the three best books ive ever read i read these 3 books in a months time not counting the time between buying each one of them just to say how absorbing they are for lovers of fictional adventuring stories its is almost like lord of the rings but written better than jrr tolkien wrote LoTR, no offence tolkien ;) but to my taste it is. i strongly advise fiction lovers to read them.

    20. A good read. If you like Raymond E. Feist, you'll like this. Probably not as good as Magician but I enjoyed it better than "Krondor: The Betrayal" as it had lots of well described action, magic, plot twists, intrigue and of course Jimmy the Hand up to his usual mischief. I'm not sure yet about Pug's Son William- have a feeling we'll hear more from him in the future. I thought the Wraith-hunt at the end was particularly good.

    21. I really dont understand why Feist would go backwards in the story at this point, at the End of the Sepent war series the characters in this book wer old with children and grandchildren, ten this book and the one previous go backwards to when Duke James was still a squire, confusing to me, because I like my epics in chronological order. Otherwise the book was ok

    22. I'm glad to gte back to some of the old characters or Krondor and Crydee. I think I made a mistake of trying to read Feists books in the order they were written rather than reading them chronologically, so I jumped ahead and have now made it to the middle. I love Jimmy the Hand and Locklear and I'm glad we're getting to know Arutha and William a little more.

    23. Not one of his best, but still good. My reading was a bit broken up so perhaps I missed something, but it seemed like the idea of making a spy network kept being brought up as though it was a new idea. I kept thinking 'yes, we've been over this, just get on with it'. Not a typical response from me when reading R.E.F. books.

    24. I picked this book up from my local library simply because I'm fond of Midkemia. This book stars Jimmy the Hand which most everyone who had read the Riftwar is fond of and I certainly am too. I don't feel that this is the top of the genre compared to Feist's earlier work but overall I still find it a fairly enjoyable read.

    25. I have played the krondor games, and it might be nostalgia which can turn anything average into something amazin, but I have to say it. I loved this book, I simply couldnt put it down.It had the effect of wanting to know what happens next. I am not entirely sure about the literary merit but it is definitely one that I would recommend to anyone.

    26. A better book than Krondor - The Betrayal, although that is not saying much. This one still has more than its share of the clunky, poorly thought-out dialogue and narration that Feist is well-known for. Still, the story isn't bad and I have to admit I like this one, or at least was less annoyed by it.

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