Graveworm GRAVEWORMBy night he creeps through cemeteries By night he violates graves By night he sleeps with the dead And by night he stalks new victims His new victim is Lisa CoombesAVEWORMHis message to Tara

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  • Title: Graveworm
  • Author: Tim Curran
  • ISBN: 9780987240040
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • GRAVEWORMBy night he creeps through cemeteries By night he violates graves By night he sleeps with the dead And by night he stalks new victims His new victim is Lisa CoombesAVEWORMHis message to Tara Coombes is simple He has buried Lisa alive Her air is running out It s time to play the game And if Tara doesn t do exactly what he says and perform every gruesomeGRAVEWORMBy night he creeps through cemeteries By night he violates graves By night he sleeps with the dead And by night he stalks new victims His new victim is Lisa CoombesAVEWORMHis message to Tara Coombes is simple He has buried Lisa alive Her air is running out It s time to play the game And if Tara doesn t do exactly what he says and perform every gruesome appointed task, the next time she sees her sister, she ll be a corpseAVEWORMHe dances with the dead and it is through his mouth that they scream Description from back cover of trade paperback edition

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    1. When her sister Lisa gets abducted, her abductor forces Tara Coombes into a sinister game. What depths will Tara sink to in order to get her sister back? And will she be able to return from those depths in one piece?Tim Curran has been one of my go-to horror authors for the past few years. It was free on the Kindle one day a few weeks ago so I attacked it like a feral child on an old man in a dark room.Graveworm is a tale of desperation and insanity. In order to find her sister, Tara Coombes has [...]

    2. Updating 8.4.17-the Kindle version of this is FREE today! Go get you some Graveworm!GRAVEWORMThis book was disgusting. Seriously disgusting. It made my stomach turn. We're talking grave-robbing, necrophilia, madness, and child abuse. And that was just the beginning. So what does it say about me when I say that I really enjoyed it?! It says that I am a horror loving gal and if you love horror, (and think you can handle these kinds of subjects), this is the book for you! Graveworm is a quick read [...]

    3. UPDATE: 05/08/17. The Kindle edition is currently gratis. No idea how long for, though. I don't knowI just don't know.I think 'Tim Curran' has outdone himself with this novel. Just when I think he can't write anything more disturbing, he seems intent on proving me wrong. Again.When Tara Coombes returns home from work - to an empty house, she knows something isn't right. That suspicion is answered when she goes into the kitchen and is presented with a scene that is the epitome of hell. From that [...]

    4. 4.5Okay, I just realized that I never actually "reviewed" this book, although I have read it about 4 times by now. That could be simply because I can't think of how to review this without spoiling the entire taleAnyhow, this is horror in the true sense of the word. What does it say about me that this is one of my favorite Curran reads, and it is deeply disturbing on many levels? Basically, I have some pretty "disturbing" tastes in books ;). Seriously, this one is simply so original and contained [...]

    5. This is Black Voltage series number 17.The book contains:009 - "Graveworm"283 - Deleted Chapters303 - "Cold Cash"317 - "Hunger Pains"The cover is by Keith Minnion.This is copy number 50 of 72 signed and numbered copies signed by Tim Curran.

    6. Tim Curran does it again with this grotesque tale of grave digging depravity. A woman is kidnapped and held by a deranged psycho who wants nothing more than to play a twisted game of murder and mayhem. Get ready for this one. The game is afoot and it’s time for a Tea Party with Worm!In addition to the classic Curran creepy, crafty prose, this one had a Laymon-esque flair to it. Solid 4 Stars and Highly Recommended. “his pink tongue wormed at his lips, hungering for the giddy intoxication of [...]

    7. Like a Cannibal Corpse song in book formThe title of this book showed up on my Kindle in ALL CAPS. It was fitting, because Tim Curran’s style is like somebody screaming in your face. This is unflinching, no-holds-barred, extreme, brutal, visceral horror. GRAVEWORM reminded me of a Cannibal Corpse song, transcribed and extended into a book-length descent into depravity. The opening is heavy, and it only gets more intense from there, never letting up at any point. It’s gross, slathered in ever [...]

    8. Graveworm by Tim Curran4/5In the right hands, horror is a powerful genre of storytelling, able to evoke raw, deep rooted emotions, such as fear and terror, and in the case of Graveworm, disgust, repulsion and nausea to the most extreme degrees.Something lurks through the graveyards and cemeteries in the small hours of the night, committing unspeakable acts and transgressions, looking for victims both dead and aliveAs horror fans, we crave stories that can elicit these feelings and emotions. But [...]

    9. I almost didn't read this one because I was a bit turned off both by the cover of the book and by the title, thinking it was B-movie type monster horror. Once, I dug into the novel and got past the sudden burst of gore that kicks it off, I realized that the cover and title were metaphoric representations of what was happening, I settled, as much as you can settle, into a disturbing tale of human behavior.Curran follows a thread straight from the tradition of "Psycho" but adds to it layer upon la [...]

    10. Did not work very well for me at all. The shock value of the gore, filth and violence in the beginning wore off rather quickly and turned into the kind of over-the-top almost cartoonish flavor of old buckets-of-blood-movies like Texas chainsaw II (which I frequently came to think of). After that, the book got repetitive rather fast, same scenes with small variations does not shock the second or third time and the long wordy description of exactly how bad something smells, looks or feels have the [...]

    11. This book was just incredibly meh. It has promise, but just couldn't deliver. A sketchy man kidnaps a women's sister and the woman must now play the kidnappers game to get her back. The kidnapper is some freak involved in necrophilia and other disgusting acts you'll learn about through the book. The early parts of the book that establish the kidnapping are interesting, it's only afterwards that it all goes downhill from there.Our main heroine turns into an emotionless husk determined to do anyth [...]

    12. Holy crap, talk about disturbing. Language, necrophilia and oh so much more. It is a train wreck of a book, but in a good, nasty, I need to wash kind of way. This book is wrong, and that's what makes it so good. It is extreme horror and if you are even slightly easily offended, do not read this book. I personally found it really good just like all of Mr. Curran's work.

    13. The gore in this book is overwhelming, but worse is the overuse of the word "Atavistic". Please get a thesaurus and put it to use!

    14. I have to start by saying I really enjoy Mr. Curran's work. This novel was a little different, but has the same Curran as we've come to expect. All the dark, gritty, excellent and highly detailed descriptions, and cringe-inducing scenes, but this one's more of an INNER novel. By that I mean, we see what is going on in the characters' minds, and Mr. Curran does this flawlessly. It's sick and twisted and well done. Kind of Psycho meets The Texas Chainsaw meets Curran.

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