The First Christmas

The First Christmas With words from the King James Bible and illuminated pages of silhouettes set against glowing colours this volume brings the nativity story to life

  • Title: The First Christmas
  • Author: Jan Pieńkowski
  • ISBN: 9780141382746
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With words from the King James Bible and illuminated pages of silhouettes set against glowing colours, this volume brings the nativity story to life.

    One thought on “The First Christmas”

    1. This book has been around for years. It was recently updated to this cover from a older cover of red but the story and the pictures remained the same. It tells the great story of the first christmas story with very interesting and creative illustrations. Jan Pienkowski is amazing and through his other books like the nutcracker and Meg and Mog you can see this beautiful work.

    2. Disclaimer: we're a family of atheists. But this book wow! The illustrations are breathtaking. With the text taken directly from the King James bible, any criticism of the text by other reviewers is misdirected (take it up with the church!). This is just a downright stunning book.

    3. This is an absolutely beautiful edition of the Christmas story. The King James version is the text, and the illustrations are breathtaking. The silhouettes against a colored background are in a style that made me expect to see the Bremen Town Musicians show up. Although they are not done in the right time period or location for the story, they have such an effervescent quality to them that it adds to the timeless meaning of the Christmas story. This is definitely worth adding to your Christmas l [...]

    4. Text from the King James Bible telling the story of the first Christmas, coupled with wonderful pictures? Yes, please! This is a gorgeous book! The title and embellishments on the cover are in metallic silver, pressed into the blue cloth (there's no dust jacket) and the pictures are wonderful, like watching a shadow puppet play of the nativity. I like how different the pictures are: instead of Mary always being with her head bowed, a veil draped over her, she is depicted as hanging up the laundr [...]

    5. With text from the King James version of the Bible, this picture book tells the nativity story with stateliness and words that will be familiar to many. The great joy of the book is the silhouette illustrations by Pienkowski who has created images that glow on the page. She combines her black silhouettes with colors that shift and seem to be lit from behind. Her detailed cut paper art is awe-inspiring and adds just the right touch of wonder to the story of the birth of Jesus. Recommended for all [...]

    6. This was a nice text storybook about Mary Joseph and Baby Jesus and the History of his birth and the environment where they were. BUT the illustrations although nice are not accurate to the time frame of the story.

    7. The illustrations in this book are so unusual and cool for a religious book. All the people are in sillhouette--which I like because it allows the child to use his or her imagination. In the picture where the Angel Gabriel appears to Mary, she is hanging up her washing. My son was taken aback and said that is not how it is supposed to be--she is supposed to have her hands folded and praying! So I guess this book is not for traditionalists, lol.The words are taken from the Bible, but we spent a l [...]

    8. Uses the words of the Gospels of Luke and Matthew to present the story of the birth of Jesus.Beautiful paper cut silhouettes relate the story of the Nativity according to the Gospels of Luke and Matthew. They appear to be back-lit which adds to the dramatic effect of the illustrations. Modern day scenes are used to tell the story. Illuminated letters begin the verse on each page. This is a re-issue of a book that was originally published in 1984. If you need Nativity stories, purchase this one. [...]

    9. The text is the King James Version of the birth of Christ directly from the Bible. The language in this passage is beautiful, in my opinion. The artwork is unique and stunning. This book is probably best suited for older children, ages six to ten or older, because of the formal language patterns and sophisticated artwork.I borrowed a copy of this book from the Children's section of our local public library.################

    10. Amazing illustrations from Pienkowski to bring the story of the birth of Jesus to life (text from the King James Bible- and as such this book probably represents the most direct bible reading I've ever done). The illustrations are intriguing- almost Grecian at times, almost subversive, but the use of silhouette is fantastic.

    11. The silhouette illustrations are beautiful, and he tells the story entirely with verses from the King James Bible.

    12. I liked it, but Flannery didn't, and considering that it's a kid's book, that's a bit of a fail. I think it was the KJV reading of the story that lost her.

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