Rage of a Demon King

Rage of a Demon King The eagerly awaited installment in this immensely popular saga offers a thrilling tale of danger adventure suspense and magic continuing the exploits of Erick von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery as they

  • Title: Rage of a Demon King
  • Author: Raymond E. Feist
  • ISBN: 9780380974733
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The eagerly awaited installment in this immensely popular saga offers a thrilling tale of danger, adventure, suspense, and magic, continuing the exploits of Erick von Darkmoor and Rupert Avery as they are caught in a war for the survival of their world Feist s newest saga has a freshness of vision Publishers Weekly.

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    1. Wow! This book has it all! Magicians, demons, serpent-people, elves, Dragon Lords, dwarves, alternate dimensions, magical portals, romance, deception, revenge, sea battles, mountain battles, battles of wit, fire oil, catapults, flaming moats, political intrigue, and even evil cannibals!Sometimes I have seen where people say that Feist's series starts losing some steam around this point, but this was an action packed climax for the Serpentwar Saga. And, I say climax as it was so intense, but ther [...]

    2. Finished this almost a month ago, and I've started the next one in the series now (though that's going rather slowly at this point).In theory, this should have been the most exciting of the four books. It had big battles, showdowns between wizards and demons, the destruction by fire of an entire city, and the deaths of a lot of loved characters. And yet, in execution, it wasn't that great. I liked it less than either the first or second books. Everything went pretty much the way its supposed to [...]

    3. I'm probably going to go slightly off the range with this, so please keep with me.I've ticked the 'hide spoilers' button for this review, but I'm not sure why I have done so really. The plot development and dramatic conclusion on this novel were screamingly predictable; but I want to make something clear: I don't necessarily consider that a negative. There was something familiar in the way the plot panned out, and while I don't disparage the lack of exciting twists, I do strongly dislike the tas [...]

    4. There is a reason why Raymond E Feist is one of the most popular fantasy authors and that is because he is just so brilliant and that his work is uniquely origional & captivating. Rage of a demon king is the third book in the 'Serpentwar Saga' and it takes the reader on a thrilling & exciting journey to Midkemia. I love another author called 'Janny Wurts' so the fact that Janny has written books with Raymond Feist is so ironic, such as Daughter of the empire, servant of the empire and al [...]

    5. This third book in the series gets back to the all out action that I just loved in the first.War has come to Midkemia. The Demon Queen's hordes have landed and the plans for the defence of the kingdom move swiftly. But Pug the magician and his friends begin to realise that something doesn't quite add up. Why is the Demon Queen so intent on reaching the fabled Sethanon? A sinister presence lurks behind her beautiful face. And while they struggle with the big picture, Eric struggles with falling i [...]

    6. Third book in Serpentwar series combines everything you need from fantasy - good story with twists, magic, epic battles and romance. Best in the series so far :)

    7. A fun book, but nothing transcendent about it. This is basically the climax of two books of buildup in the Serpentwar series: the long-feared massive army finally arrives for a colossal invasion.Though the army in question includes hundreds of thousands of people, almost none of them are actual characters. The plot in this book is not so much "man vs. man" but "man vs. nature", with the invading army as a faceless, implacable horde against which the heroes must simply resist. Feist justifies thi [...]

    8. The third instalment in the Serpentwar Saga is something of an amalgam of the previous two books. Rage of a Demon King's chief focus is on the war effort between the Kingdom and the vast, invading army of the Emerald Queen. Feist handles the drawn-out conflict effectively, with soldier wunderkind Erik von Darkmoor appearing a more rounded protagonist than he was in Shadow of a Dark Queen. His merchant friend Roo Avery, whose wiley opportunism made for a superb, imaginative and different kind of [...]

    9. Book 3 in the Serpent War Saga sees battle joined between the army of the Emerald Queen the forces of Krondor. In this instalment much of the political threads of the previous two books are put aside for battle after battle as the inferior numbers of the defenders attempt to hold back the large hoard of attackers. In parallel to this the wizard Pug and Miranda are joined by Marcos (who wasn’t dead after all) and try to find out what is really behind the struggle and to deal with it. The two d [...]

    10. This one had a better pacing than 1 & 2 and for me was more interesting. I find Roo and Eric boring so far, though at this point it is through their backgrounds and on to their parts in the war which are more interesting. There is also more about all the previous characters and descendants. It was great to finally see more Pug and Tomas. This series is a part of a much bigger series and so far has been a very long and winding road. New characters over every turn with a few recurring. Everyth [...]

    11. I enjoyed this one more than the last, not because the war begins and it has more action, but because it no longer focuses on Roo. This one flicks between Erik and the battle and the magicians Pug, Macros (he's back!), Miranda and Nakor who are attempting to work out what's going on. We lose a few significant characters from previous books and once again the Kingdom gets its butt kicked, but we also find out more about the Gods and Lifestone from earlier stories to further the over-arching plot [...]

    12. War is coming. The serpent priests and various demons from another dimension are heading to the kingdom and so they need to prepare. We follow some of our favourite characters, who all seem to have remarkable aging properties, as they prepare for an invasion, and our disloyal friend Rupert as he continues to make great wads of money but then has to give it up for the war effort.Really good fun, and the descriptions of the invasion as it progresses are good stuff.

    13. Third volume of a four-book series, this novel is basically one long battle with some progress with Roo's and Erik's individual stories. Revelations and intrigue abound with some further character development.It's worth reading the previous two volumes to fully comprehend what this book is about and, although not a great fan of books about battles and fighting, I found it important to see it through to the end (640 pages plus). The fourth part awaits.

    14. Too much happening to too many un-charismatic characters whom I could only muster some empathy towards one or two and whos deaths only touched me a little, and still I continue to explore

    15. Hooray! After the disappointing book 2 of the Serpentwar Saga, Feist returns to the style and characters that I love his writing for.

    16. This series just gets better and better (like Nakor). The number of pages in the entry is incorrect (there are 642).

    17. Rage of a Demon King is the third in the Serpentwar Saga and the penultimate book in that series. As such it might be surprising that the great and final battle takes place in this book and not the next one. In fact it surprised me all over again, despite this being my seventh time reading the book. It does explain why I keep switching Rage of a Demon King and Shards of a Broken Crown around whenever I'm making lists or schedules. And it also made me realise how much ten years away from these bo [...]

    18. In Rage Of A Demon King Feist goes above and beyond all expectations, and lifts her writing to a new level alltogether. The brilliance of this novel can only be compared with his debut novel, Magician, and even then Rage of A Demon King is victorious. My favourite Feist novel up to date, definately a must-read and one of the most intriguing, breath-taking and indulging fantasy novels ever written. Just when I thought I couldn’t be amazed anymore, I find such a work of beauty.The first part of [...]

    19. So this was the third book out of six and this book was just confusing and I really couldn't grip what the book was about. I hope the fourth book is better :)

    20. A loyal soldier and a wealthy merchant have served bravely in the flames of an enduring war that is ravaging their land. But swords, bows, wits and courage will no longer be enough to defeat the scourge that is descending upon their home. For a foul and terrible thing has escaped from a world already devoured to feed on one consumed by chaos—an insatiable nightmare creature of dark and murderous nature which seeks to own and corrupt the very source of life itselfThe final conflict is joined, p [...]

    21. Top notch from Feist! As epic as his quests are, it is that adventurous spirit that pushes me to keep reading. This book was no exception and it was definitely a fantastic (excuse the pun) read. The amount of magic, lore, and fantasy elements were spot on. From start to finish, I felt I was being pulled further and further into the world of Midkemia and their struggle against a very foreign and determined foe. One of the best things about this book is the epic battles. Every description and tact [...]

    22. I can never decide if I like this book more or less than the second one in the series. One thing that has always impressed me about Feist is how he doesn't mind killing off main characters, or places, even before the end. It's hard to have read the Midkemia books from the beginning, and watch as the characters you've come to know and understand, disappear from the stories for forever. Of the places that you can envision in your minds eye Part of me wishes that Arutha had still been alive for the [...]

    23. I love Raymond E Feist. This book was a HUGE improvement on Rise of a Merchant Prince (mainly for the reason that you couldn't see what a sleeze Roo was). Since there are 4 books in the series I was expecting the Emerald Queen's army right at the end of the book. But No. They arrived about half-way through, maybe just before half-way. Very, Very Exciting!! Eric became a Captain, and helped evacuate Krondor before the enemy arrived, then fought them all the way back to Darkmoore. Roo didn't reall [...]

    24. This is a solid addition to this series. This book is a result of the build up from the last two, and it was nice to get into the proper action and main conclusion of the story. I definitely enjoyed stepping away from Roo's story, and spending more time with Erik, and the magicians. This branch of the series is definitely more about the 'little people' and not the royal family, as the books usually are. The royal family characters in this series are nowhere near as likeable as Arutha, Lyam, Borr [...]

    25. Don't read this book. You will cry.I was going to leave my review at that, but decided that was probably poor form. I cried a lot when reading this book and I'm still not entirely over it.War has come to Midkemia once again. The armies of Novindus and the Emerald Queen have reached the shores of the Kingdom of the Isles, and not everyone will get out of this war alive.Erik and Roo return as our central protagonists, fighting the war and keeping his family alive respectively. Pug and Tomas are at [...]

    26. Feist keeps getting better and better.: After reading the Riftwar cycle Feist became one of my favorite fantasy authors, Riftwar was a truly brilliant and original fantasy series unlike any I'd read before. I then started reading some of the books that came after the Riftwar and before the Serpentwar, although these were good I felt that the charecters weren't as endeeing or interesting enough to keep you caring about them too much and alot of the established Riftwar charecters died off.I had my [...]

    27. Well, this is such a complicated book with so many characters and 3 different story lines to follow that this is certainly not a book for the YA who wants a happy go lucky fantasy Dystopian novel. This has so much detail it's wonderful and the character development is great.The only storyline that had me perplexed was the demon and Gods and the part of the story that followed Pug, Miranda, Thomas and Calis and Nakor toward the end of the book. It delt with them trying to close/find rifts into ot [...]

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