Wolf He came in the early morning at about half past two His feet padded along the balcony slinking silently past the closed doors of the other flats No one glimpsed his shadow flickering across the curt

  • Title: Wolf
  • Author: Gillian Cross
  • ISBN: 9780140348262
  • Page: 475
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • He came in the early morning, at about half past two His feet padded along the balcony, slinking silently past the closed doors of the other flats No one glimpsed his shadow flickering across the curtain or noticed the uneven rhythm of his steps.But he woke Cassy.And in the morning, Cassy is sent away She lives with her nan, but whenever the mysterious stranger comes shHe came in the early morning, at about half past two His feet padded along the balcony, slinking silently past the closed doors of the other flats No one glimpsed his shadow flickering across the curtain or noticed the uneven rhythm of his steps.But he woke Cassy.And in the morning, Cassy is sent away She lives with her nan, but whenever the mysterious stranger comes she is packed off to stay with her mother It s happened before, over and over again, and there s never any explanation.But this time it s different This time she is being followed And the wolf who stalks her through the streets of London disturbs her waking mind and intrudes into her dreams.

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    1. This book has left an odd lasting impression on me.I remember the vaguest of outlines. I remember the pages of italicized text driving me mad at age 8. And I remember my determination to finish a book titled 'Wolf.' (As they were my favorite animal and current obsession child things.)Some of the imagery of this book has stuck with me to this day. I don't recall the circumstances but I remember reading in awe as this room was described:An empty room, perhaps a bed in the corner, furnished with a [...]

    2. Cassy lives with her grandmother. Her practical, sensible, responsible grandmother. Her mother is a dreamer, unable to look after herself let alone her daughter. And her father, well, no one ever talks about him. Cassy has learned that if she isn’t told about something then she shouldn’t ask, it obviously isn’t her business. But every now and then Nan will decide, suddenly and without warning, that she should go visit her mother. Stay with her for a few days, or maybe a few weeks, until sh [...]

    3. Cassy is having nightmares and something very strange is going on at her home. Every time the mysterious knock sounds at the door, Cassy is sent from her grandmother's house to live with her flighty and eccentric mother until her grandmother comes to get her. Why? Why won't anyone tell her what's going on? What do wolves have do to with all of this? An interesting and intriguing tale. It's not at all what you think it might be; definitely worth a read.

    4. Wolf is an incredibly easy and quick read. I wasn't sure what I expected from it, given the title and cover, and the fairytale references at the end of almost every chapter, but also given the fact that it's subtitled "Playing with Reality" in my course list. It's probably best -- if you're interested in this book -- that I don't say too much about that, because it really could spoil the atmosphere of the book.Suffice it to say that it didn't really turn out the way I expected from the cover, et [...]

    5. Cassy didn't choose her life but circumstances being as they are -things find you no matter what.Despite Nan's trying to keep her safe,Cassy still discovers secrets she may not like or live through.With a need to be stronger and more trusting of a few special people she works her way through some mysteries that need to be solved for her to continue on.

    6. I'm teaching this at yr9 for the first time in about 7 years so needed to re-read it. It's a great story as adults are assured of a great read as well. And it has captured the interest of the students so that's a great bonus in this day and age.

    7. I read this book in my year 8 English class at school. I seemed to remember it didn't have very much of an impression on me as the story seemed too confusing and the character were deathly annoying. In fact, admittedly, I decided to re-read this book because I thought it would be bad. Although I hate to say this, I was wrong.Perhaps the reason that I didn't like this book back in year 8 was because it was a bit hard to understand exactly what's happening. One of the things that I disliked about [...]

    8. I actually like this book, which is good as I usually do not like books read for academic purposes. This however, is great being analyzed as it is better to go into the real deep meaning of it that many would not notice or get when they first read it.At first, it was dragging but towards the 3/4 point, it gets more and more exciting and fast-paced you don't even realize how much you've read. It also had a very naive and annoying main character, which I think she was created to be so to create mo [...]

    9. The book wasn't what I thought it was going to be. I thought I read this book when I was 9, I think I got the wrong book, I was expecting this to be about a mystical wolf, a wolf which was made out clay and wood a little girl made once, it came alive but as it grew older it became more evil and problematic, but it was secret to the entire family, in that book they also lived in a squat, eventually the wolf was found and kicked to death by the grandmother of the house *I think* not sure, my memor [...]

    10. I cannot really properly review this, I only have a dim memory of the feeling of this book, but that feeling is so strong that I feel compelled to write about it anyways. This is a strange book, it's eerie and fantastical, glimmering and menacing, while still taking place in regular old modern day America. The strange and mysterious situation that the main character finds herself in permeates the book, soaking tension and unease into every page, even when the lurking conflict is something that's [...]

    11. In this book there is Cassy the main character and then Nan her grandmother. Cassy has a mother but she lives with Nan because her mother can't really take care of her self so there is no way she could take care of Cassy. Every once in a while though Cassy is told by Nan that she has to go stay with her mother for a little while because Nan isn't feeling well or something. So in the beginning Cassy is told she has to go live with her mother and Cassy doesn't like that so her and Nan argue a litt [...]

    12. Cassy lives with her gran until she is sent to her eccentric mum's London squat, shared with a couple of weird actors. Cassy agrees to take part in their travelling show called 'Wolf'. Oh bloody hell, talk about Little Red Riding Crap! This was one of the worst pieces of garbage that I've ever had the misfortune to pick up. I'm just glad I got it in a trade and didn't buy it new!!! Cassy's mother is the most annoying childish woman and her dancing round the room and being stupid all the time gra [...]

    13. I turned back to my children's books collection after being disappointed yet again by adult fiction. This is a complex story about serious issues. Cassy's mum is a bit useless and has gone to live in a squat in London, leaving Cassy behind with her Nan. Every so often Cassy is shipped off for a visit with her mother. She's never met her father, there is some mystery there. When Cassy goes to visit her mum this time, she has moved in with an older man and his son. The three of them make a living [...]

    14. Cassy vive con su abuela, pero a veces, cuando extraños visitantes se presentan en el medio de la noche, la joven se ve forzada a visitar a su madre, cuyo estilo de vida, alocado y sin reglas, Cassy reprueba. Sin embargo, en esta ocasión, su visita está rodeada de hechos extraños, como la sustancia amarilla en su bolso, o el hombre de la capucha que ronda la casa y el misterio más grande de todos: por qué nadie menciona nunca a su padre.Una versión moderna de La Caperucita Roja en la que [...]

    15. This book (not this edition- mine doesn't seem to be on here) was part of a set of YA books. This was one of the last ones I read as I wasn't a fan of the werewolf horror books which is what I assumed this was. How I wish I hadn't. I really love this book, even though it is not gruesome there are moments where even now at 16 years old I shiver with fear and the anticipation leaves me racing through the pages. The writing unlike Cross' other works are almost lyrical when describing the 'wolf' and [...]

    16. Cassy a child that lives with her grandmother one day she went to look for her mother but no one open the door, her mom had moved to another house, but she dindt really care because this was'nt the first time. Sunddenly she started to have dreams about flowers but they became nightmaares with the wolves. One she appeard in an abandoned house and a wolf wanted to come in. Everytime that this happend in her grandmothers house, her grandmother would sent her back to her moms house and no one would [...]

    17. I thought this was a very well written tween/ ya novel. The story was interesting even for someone of my age so I can imagine that those two groups would find it likeable. The leads were compelling to say the least and if your looking for something for your child to read there is no sex/ romance in this book. It's about a girl finding it in herself to love her mother and also uncovering the secerts that surround her father. The ending was a tab abrut but still fit with the novel. I would reconme [...]

    18. I didn't like this book at all. It is supposed to be a YA novel, but it feels much more like a middle grade novel. The main character's age isn't made explicit I think, but she came across as a 12-year-old, which makes the story all the more unrealistic. I've noticed that people really like the atmosphere of the novel, but I really need something to ground the story for suspension of disbelief to work, and I couldn't find even one aspect of the story that I found believable.

    19. I like that in this book for middle schoolers I was never quite sure (until the end) what was going on: is Cassy a werewolf? Is her father? Why does her grandmother with whom she lives a middle class life with school, electricity and a washing machine send her off to stay with her mother who lives in a filthy squat and doesn’t—until now --have a job? Unfortunately, I found the riddle more prosaic than I would have preferred.

    20. WOLF IS DEFIANTLY ONE OF THE WORST BOOKS IVE EVER READ!!!If I could give it zero stars I would, but I don't think I can do that so I won't do that:(Basically, wolf is about this girl named Cassie who lives with her grandmother and is really reliant on her. Then her grandma sends her to her mums house, (who is homeless??) and Cassie finds this yellow thing in her bag which turns out to be a bomb. Then her dad tries to kill all of them.So basically DONT READ IT!!!!!

    21. This missed out on five stars because of a lacklustre, rushed ending, and some annoying dream-sequences.Otherwise, I loved the character dynamics and the things it said about family, and about how we perceive people and the assumptions we make about them. Also, props for the positive view of unschooling.

    22. I have to admit that I read this years ago and can only just about recall the very outlines of Wolf and so my review is based upon the lasting impression of the book I have carried with me. I have to say, I can't remember enjoying it too much or really liking any of the characters, but I can remember being very impressed with the way Cross became rather inventive towards the end with the plot.

    23. A YA retelling of the Red Riding Hood tale set in 80s London. After reading Siobhan Dowd's Bog Child, which deals with the nuances of sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, I found the villain a caricature, more bogeyman than fully fleshed character.

    24. once I started reading this book again I remembered it- as a child I loved the story troop in their moongazer van, and I remember the scream. Cassie always annoyed me but I remember forgiving her at the end. I loved Goldie's impracticle room.

    25. Even though this is young adult fiction, this book was so gripping! Not a long tears but couldn't put it down as I couldn't work out the twists and there is a brilliant metaphor running through it.

    26. Although Wolf had a lot of literary devices embedded into it, the plot only picked up pace towards the end novel, too late in the story to keep me thoroughly engaged. Wolf did have a complex plot which kept me reading until the end so overall I gave Wolf 3 stars as it was still a good read.

    27. I remember borrowing this from the school library 2 years ago for a week and reading it in one sitting. Loved it from start to finish even though the story really didn't affect me much. But I will forever remember the experience of reading this book.

    28. Maybe you have to still be a child to enjoy this. Was one of the books left on my shelf that I never read as a kid. It was crap. Complete utter crap =/

    29. Themes of good and evil in each of us. Strange and intense, this book asks, "What is the real world?" I identified with Cassy who's sense of reality is shaken.

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