The Demon Headmaster

The Demon Headmaster On Dinah s first day at school she senses something is wrong The kids work even during playtime and are neat and behave well but what is the secret of the Headmaster s control over them and why are

  • Title: The Demon Headmaster
  • Author: Gillian Cross
  • ISBN: 9780192753748
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • On Dinah s first day at school she senses something is wrong The kids work even during playtime, and are neat and behave well but what is the secret of the Headmaster s control over them, and why are they afraid

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    1. d by Demon Cross really means Mean and Scary. There are no actual demonic entities, and no souls are eternally damned in the making of this book. In fact, it isn't even very scary -- rather unrealistically so, given the premise. I mean, imagine you are little kid at a new school. Your new foster brothers drop ominous hints and are clearly afraid of the headmaster and other students. On your first day, all the other kids are strangely regimented and won't speak to you. You get physically manhandl [...]

    2. The demon headmaster is a very spooky book that will captivate children from the start. Dinah Glass starts at a new school and finds it to be very out of the ordinary. None of the children play typical games in the playground; they just stand around in circles, memorising multiplication tables and dates of kings and queens of England. Her two new foster brothers seem very nervous of the Headmaster and she soon finds out why when she meets him herself. Tall and thin in his black gown, with white [...]

    3. I first picked up The Demon Headmaster when I was in Grade 2, and of course, my grade 2 self loved it. It contained everything suspense, supernatural, action, and most importantly, an evil villian that was easy to relate to. I mean, it's not uncommon for a 7/8 year-old to have dreams of world domination.It’s been quite a few years, and this book has been imposed onto me as a compulsory reader. The following is written from my current perspective.Firstly, I have to say that I didn’t enjoy thi [...]

    4. Second Review: 4th July - 5th July 2016So, this is a pretty famous series, but it's also very average. Not too say I didn't enjoy myself or Gillian Cross' crazy tale of hypnosis in an eighties' English comprehensive school, but the characterisation isn't brilliant and the writing middling. However, for its target audience I do recommend and if you wanna check it out too, it's all good!First Review: August 7th 2014 On the surface, The Demon Headmaster is a ever so slightly depressing, creepy book [...]

    5. I haven't revisited this classic since I first read it in the 80s. It is certainly as good, and as creepy, as I remember. Unlike my 80s self though, I did feel some sympathy towards the Headmaster, and feel that if he were in charge of running Britain rather than the current 'coalition' government, the country would be in a much better state. And if the Headmaster was in charge of schools today there would be no texting in class, smoking, etc, etc. Just good old fashioned Learnin' Stuff. With a [...]

    6. It IS for children, which is probably why I didn't like it much, the main idea -about an evil headmaster.c- is nice, but in general, it wasn't to my liking.But I think kids would enjoy it, I like the questions in the school contest thingy, although I couldn't get any of them, lol.And Black banana how I like cursing using food instead of other bad words XD

    7. My second review is of Gillian Cross’s story, The Demon Headmaster. This story is largely set in a school environment which is ideal in allowing students to utilise their imaginations as it’s a setting they are familiar with. The story follows Dinah Glass, a new student at school, and she finds it a very strange place right from the start. The children seem different; the games they play aren’t those that Dinah expected. In fact, the children seem to spend play time just memorising facts a [...]

    8. 'The Demon Headmaster' by Gillian Cross is an exciting story that both boys and girls would enjoy. It is the first of a series of books based on Dinah's war with the headmaster of her school, who uses his powers of hypnotism to try to take over the whole country through television. Dinah and her gang named 'SPLAT', who are immune to the headmaster's powers of hypnotism, plot to stop him. This book is suitable for children of 9 years and above, because of the theme of hypnotism which may be sligh [...]

    9. I think this book surmised my feelings of my own Headmaster lol!The series stars Dinah Glass, later Hunter, as she comes to discover her new school might not be that normal after all. She soon teams up with The Society for the Protection of our Lives Against Them, also known as "S.P.L.A.T." A group of children who, for some reason, are immune to the Headmaster's mysterious powers. These include the de facto leader and organizer Lloyd Hunter. Who can be a bit arrogant and sometimes jello of anyon [...]

    10. Gillian Cross' "The Demon Headmaster" is the first novel in the Demon Headmaster series. Dinah Glass is a young, orphaned girl who is taken in by the Hunters, a sweet family with two boys close to Dinah's age. Upon her arrival, Dinah soon learns that the two boys, Lloyd and Harvey Hunter, have strong feelings of discomfort regarding the school in which they attend. Through further conversation, Dinah gathers that the main target of the boy's animosity is directed towards the school's Headmaster. [...]

    11. Dinah Glass starts a new school where things are very strange. The children act in a robotic and unnerving way, seemingly lead by the strange, fierce and intimidating headmaster. Dinah begins to suspect that something is not quite right in the school, particularly surrounding the headmaster. When she voices her concern to her peers they all reply with exactly the same phrase, 'the headmaster is a wonderful man'The story unfolds and Dinah finds that her suspicions were correct, this is no ordinar [...]

    12. I think this book is very good and i see where he gets the name demon headmaster from.I don't have much to say about this book compared to the rest of the books I have reviewed but I have to finish it by saying it is a great book and I hope to be reading the next ones soon.

    13. I remember being enthralled by this book as a child (not literally, of course), and the unusual concept (view spoiler)[of world domination through hypnotism and child automatons (hide spoiler)]. It's held up surprisingly well. I had to reread after seeing a certain Doctor Who episode one too many times

    14. OMG! This book - it brought back all the memories of watching that TV show and more, loved it so much I bought book 2 the next day, here's my full review: youtube/watch?v=0s44X

    15. The headmaster is a neat man who hates mess. His students are all very obedient. Obedient as in speaking only when they are told to, doesnt play when it's break time. Dinah's about to find out.

    16. I remember watching the TV show of this in the 90s but I hadn't read the book.It's well-written enough and the premise is extremely creepy, but I'm not sure what children today would think of it. Somehow it seemed kind of dated although I can't point to anything specific that seemed to place in the 80s (when it was written). Also, something that never struck me when I was watching it on TV is that the boys seem surprisingly normal despite everything. They keep saying they're scared, but nobody s [...]

    17. I enjoyed reading this book for the first time as an adult, but it is definitely a children’s book, with a easy storyline to follow. It is probably quite a good book for primary school age kids to read as it isn’t scary and the vocabulary is fairly simple.

    18. For the first book in our Kid-Lit challenge for 2016, we wanted to pick quite a special book to both of us and in the end, we decided to go for The Demon Headmaster. This was one of my personal favourite books from childhood and I also used to read it to Chrissi when we were kids (one of the many I read to her!). Again, I was slightly worried about reading this book as an adult and although I didn’t love it as much the second time around I still believe it’s a wonderful piece of children’s [...]

    19. A good read. A storyline that will keep you at the edge of your seat, drinking in every word, wanting to know what is going to happen next. It is about six friends setting out to discover the under lying reasons behind this new craze-The Hunky Parker craze. It seemed that it was everywhere; this ugly, slimy looking pig’s face had this unique ability to put people in a trance. People going crazy buying Hunky Parker t-shirts and trainers to pencil sharpeners and books. It was weird. It was then [...]

    20. I loved this book when I was younger, and I especially loved the television series. Who could forget those horrible green eyes of doom? Yuck.Despite this long lost love, I'm not too sure if this book is a good one for adults to return to. I remember finding it so exciting in my younger days, but reading it this time, I felt a bit depressed! I didn't feel a great deal of suspense as I read; there definitely should have been some there. I didn't have much feeling for the characters either; no love [...]

    21. Dinah has just been fostered by the Hunter family, and all she wants is to keep her head down and get along. The Hunter boys - Lloyd, who is Dinah's age, and Harvey, a few years younger - don't seem very welcoming, although their parents are nice. But Dinah's biggest shock comes at school. The children act like robots and the prefects are hopped up on their own power and think nothing of doling out cruel and unusual punishments for the slightest infraction. But the headmaster - he's the really d [...]

    22. "The headmaster is a marvelous man and this is the best school I've ever been to."This 1982 children's novel was in the library at our primary school, and I have a very clear memory relating to it. It's now regarded as something of a classic, and has a number of sequels.Rather than a demon, the headmaster of the title is a psychotic hypnotist with a penchant for orderliness, and he wants to take over the world or the country, anyway. A small group of children, who call themselves SPLAT, plan to [...]

    23. I had to read this book due to a task in my university course to redesign the front cover of it, but I'm glad I did. I never read these books as a child, but I can tell why they were very popular, both when it was published in the late 80s, and then later when it was revived with its own TV show on CBBC. While this book didn't completely captivate me when I read through it now, and there were a few leaps of logic that I found unbelievable and even slightly annoying at times, I think this is a ch [...]

    24. The Demon Headmaster is a witty entertaining story in which the headmaster of a school has demon powers and wants to take over the world. He has piercing light green eyes, which he normally hides behind dark-tinted glasses — removing these in order to hypnotise his victim(s). Dinah Glass (the main character) moves in with Lloyd and Harvey Hunter and at first does not like them. Soon she discovers that at her new school, the Headmaster is very strange and she finds herself saying things like, " [...]

    25. In het Nederlands gelezen: Het demonische schoolhoofd.Erg goed geschreven boek dat spannend blijft tot het eind, en de wisselwerking tussen de kinderen is erg leuk. Er zijn regelmatig grappige stukjes in het boek; met name de gekke scheldwooren van Lloyd, zoals "gebakken bloemkoolworsten!", zijn erg leuk. Maar de hoofdnoot is toch spanning. Het gaat over Dinah, die in een pleeggezien woont bij de tweeling Lloyd en Harvey. Als ze op school komt, merkt ze dat de leerlingen bijna als robots gehoorz [...]

    26. Dinah an orphan finds herself cast into unfamiliar territory when she is placed with a foster family. Used to playing the system and concealling how clever she really is from her peers and elders, Dinah now feels the system is playing her and that somehow it is all connected to the head master of her strange new school. Relying on her suspicious new foster siblings Lloyd and Harvey, can Dinah and the rest of the splat club get to the bottom of everyone's odd behaviour at school and foil the evil [...]

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