The Tenth Good Thing about Barney

The Tenth Good Thing about Barney My cat Barney died this Friday I was very sad My mother said we could have a funeral for him and I should think of ten good things about Barney so I could tell themBut the small boy who loved Barney

  • Title: The Tenth Good Thing about Barney
  • Author: Judith Viorst Erik Blegvad
  • ISBN: 9780689712036
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • My cat Barney died this Friday I was very sad My mother said we could have a funeral for him, and I should think of ten good things about Barney so I could tell themBut the small boy who loved Barney can only think of nine Later, while talking with his father, he discovers the tenth and he begins to understand.

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    1. When you raise a child, or teach young children, there is bound to come a time when a beloved pet dies. Given that the life cycle of animals is short, it is often the first death a child will experience. This story is first person narrative of a young boy trying to comprehend and come to terms with the death of his cat, Barney.They’ve decided to have a funeral and, the night before, the boy’s mother tells him to think of ten good things about Barney.At the funeral, attended by both parents a [...]

    2. I finally read this book after years and years of hearing it hyped as the perfect book to help a child deal with the loss of a pet, so I expected a lot.It's not a bad book. I've always liked Judith Viorst's wry voice that seems to capture children's unsure moments so perfectly, and Barney has a lot of that.The particular details of the story are even good -- I love that the boy's mother wraps Barney in a piece of cloth before they bury him. I love that the boy's best friend attends the funeral t [...]

    3. I love Juith Viorst's funny books, about the frustrations of being a kid. But I treasure this one, about death.A beloved cat dies, and it's sad. The viewpoint character is a little kid, and it is tough for the kid to understand how to handle grief (I am honestly not sure about the gender of the child, nor does it matter). Mom suggests that the kid make a list of all the things that made Barney the cat special. Both parents are clear that it's ok to be sad, that the loss is real and that they are [...]

    4. OK, so my kiddo enjoyed this book, but we won't be reading it again. I have two main issues with the book: 1) Dealing with the death of a pet, which is sometimes really hard for kids. Perhaps we read it to soon (he's 5), but it's not the easiest topic to cover gently & tactfullyankfully Viorst did a decent (not stellar) job. This brings me to point 2) I dislike that she is so wishy-washy about Heaven, God, and Christianity in general. I get that she has personal convictions (or lacks them), [...]

    5. The classic picture book of a little boy who's cat has died. He's having a hard time and his mother tells him to think of 10 good things about Barney, his cat. So he begins to think. Here's what he comes up with:Barney was: BraveSmartFunnyCleanCuddlyHandsomeOnly once ate a birdIt was sweet to hear him purr in my ear.Sometimes he slept on my belly and kept me warm.But the boy falters. That's only nine. He can't think of anything else. His father is going to work in the garden and invites him to c [...]

    6. A young boy experiences the death of a pet cat, Barney. His mother suggests that he comes up with a list of ten good things about Barney to share during his burial. he comes up with nine. The boy goes through many different emotions and with the help of his father, he is able to come up with the tenth thing.Viorst does a nice job of capturing the many emotions and questions that a child might have when experiencing the death of a pet. I also think the advice of the parents given in this book mig [...]

    7. This book is another good resource for helping children understand the concrete and biological aspects of death. It is about a pet, so doesn't directly address loss of a person (which can be a pro and a con), but it is positive about expressing feelings about a loss (both sadness and good memories.) It does touch on the idea of Heaven, but doesn't really take a stance on it: "We don't know too much about Heaven, he told Annie. We can't be absolutely sure that it's there." The book starts up once [...]

    8. When the family cat dies, Mom tells her son to think of ten good things about Barney in tribute. He can only think of nine, and struggles through the book to come up with a tenth thing. Generally, this book is a nice idea for kids when their pet dies. Unfortunately, that tenth thing might not be so comforting to some children. And if you are going with the concept of cat heaven for your kids, this book will not support that idea at all. So be sure you read this first to determine the appropriate [...]

    9. We just lost our cat and this was a recommended book to check out. There really could not have been a better book to check out. We too plan to bury our cat in the yard under a tree. I have not yet read the book to our daughter (nearly 5) as I wanted to check the book out for myself - and to be honest I was a puddle of tears at the library flipping through. I think now that things have settled a little bit - we are ready to read this great little book as a family. In addition the illustrations ar [...]

    10. Judith Viorst: Judith was born February 2, 1931. She is an American author, newspaper journalist, and psychoanalysis researcher. She is perhaps best known for her children’s literature, such as The Tenth Good Thing About Barney, and the Alexander series of short picture books which includes Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. She is a 1952 graduate of the Newark College of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

    11. Classic book about pet death. Just a tad too old for Natalie (3 years old), but would be more suitable if we had a direct need for it. Our cats are getting up there, so I like the idea of introducing this type of book occasionally before the crisis.

    12. It's always hard when something upsetting happens in a child life. I find books can be so comforting at times like loosing a pet or a loved one. I like the story and how it circles back to growing a tree. We planted plants for each of our dogs who died and my kids really liked it (although we didn't bury the dogs so it's just a tree in their honor) The one thing I didn't like and why I didn't use this book when our pets died is the questioning of heaven. I get it. We do not know a lot about heav [...]

    13. A book for teaching children about the circle of life and how our pets go back into the soil and help new plants and animals live. The pictures are subdued and simple, but the story of a boy sad about his pet dying doesn't invite much fancy illustration. Thankfully, it's not a huge tear-jerker since the story starts after the cat has died. I could use this as an introduction to composting and the recycling of nutrients for my students.

    14. Lovely simple illustrations with muted colors. Barney the cat has died which leaves his family sad. For the funeral, a suggestion of saying 10 good things about Barney might help but the child can't think of 10. During an argument with his sister over whether Barney is in Heaven or in the ground, the dad takes his son out to the garden to plant flowers and in doing so gives a lovely interpretation of death.

    15. A simple but poignant story about the loss of Barney, a loved family pet. Children often wonder what happens after death, and we often struggle with what to tell them. This book presents a simple alternative to "Barney is in heaven" that is still beautiful. I really like the way this book deals with the grieving process. Having a funeral and talking about Barney doesn't make the grief go away - and that is normal and ok. For:Coping with deathContrasting different views (afterlife vs no)

    16. Genre: Contemporary RealisticRecommended Grade Level: Early PrimaryThis is a bibliotherapy book to use in dealing with the death of a pet. I liked that there was an application- naming 10 good things about the pet, but I didn't like the boy and his neighbor's argument about if heaven was real or not.

    17. Thoughtful and concise. The grief of a child over his dead cat Barney, as he processes the event and the loss of his friend. His parents validate his feelings, and give him comfort by holding a cat funeral, where they let him tell the family good things about the cat. Sweet and melancholy, as he accepts that Barney is gone and ponders life without him.

    18. This is a sweet story about a boy whose cat passes away. He is very sad. His mother encourages him to come up with 10 good things to say about the cat.

    19. This book not only explores some of the big questions kids may ask (about heaven and where we go after death) but gently introduces the concept that life is a cycle.

    20. This is an excellent book to share with children who have lost a pet or family member. Viorst's sharing about telling 10 good things about the deceased could apply to adults as well.

    21. In this story a child's loved cat, Barney, dies, so the little boy is very sad and cries a lot. His mother says they can have a funeral for his pet, so to think of 10 good things about Barney to say at the funeral. By the morning of the funeral, he had been able to think of only nine. Later in the day, when the boy is helping his father in the garden, he learns something important - and something especially nice about Barney.This is a great story for children grieving the loss of a pet.

    22. This book is about a young boy whose cat, Barney, has died. He is very sad about it, and isn’t able to do the things he normally likes to do, like eat dessert and watch TV. He just keeps thinking about Barney, and how sad he is that he has died. The boy’s mother tells him that they can have a funeral for Barney in the morning, and asks him to try to think of ten good things about Barney to share at the funeral. The next day, they have a funeral in the backyard, but the boy can only think of [...]

    23. A little boy's cat has died. He is very sad. They have a funeral for the cat. The boy's mother asks him to think of ten things about the cat, Barney, to tell at the funeral. The boy can only think of nine. The boy has cookies with his friend Annie after the funeral and they argue over whether the cat is in heaven. The boy's dad says maybe he and maybe he isn't. Then he shows the boy about planting seeds in the garden and how the cat will become a part of the garden now that it is in the ground. [...]

    24. It is a tricky situation for a book to deal with the subject of death whether it be a pet or human, but I find that this book does it with grace. Using simple illustrations by Erik Blegvad, Judith Virost has successfully navigated this touchy subject. This story is centered around the death of a cat named Barney, and its owner is having a difficult time coming to terms with the loss. The plot guides the reader through the child's recovery and ends with a very appropriate ending that would be sui [...]

    25. This is a children's book meant to express what it's like to deal with the death of a beloved pet. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It was ok. I like that it wasn't set up with a religious angle in mind. I think it can be hard for young children to grasp ideological concepts when dealing with grief. Some are ok with it and that's great but for the ones who don't get it there should be a simpler answer. However I also think that this book runs a bit low in the feelings department. I guess could [...]

    26. I've always loved Judith Viorst's writing, and this is a tender story about what happens when a little boy's cat dies. It's a touching introduction to a difficult subject, since the passing of a child's pet is often their first experience with death.

    27. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney is a book about a young boy whose cat passes away. Understandably, he's incredibly sad and really cannot function because he is burdened with grief. His parents hold a funeral for Barney, and the boy thinks of 10 nice things to say about Barney. He can only think of 9 to start. When his friend comes over, they have a debate about life after death. And with a little help from his father, the boy gets a perspective on death and figures out the 10th good thing abou [...]

    28. The young boy's cat, Barney, passed away and the family was to hold a funeral for the special animal. When his mother prompted him to say ten good things about his beloved cat, the boy only stated nine, not being able to think of a tenth. After hearing wise words from his father, the boy finally was able to tell his mother the tenth good thing about his dear cat when she tucked him in that night. Judith Viorst and Erik Blgvad did a decent job at depicting a child's feelings towards losing someon [...]

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