Buried Alive: The Biography of Janis Joplin

Buried Alive The Biography of Janis Joplin Electrifying highly acclaimed and intensely personal this new and updated version of Myra Friedman s classic biography of Janis Joplin teems with dramatic insights into Joplin s genius and into the

  • Title: Buried Alive: The Biography of Janis Joplin
  • Author: Myra Friedman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Paperback
  • Electrifying, highly acclaimed, and intensely personal, this new and updated version of Myra Friedman s classic biography of Janis Joplin teems with dramatic insights into Joplin s genius and into the chaotic times that catapulted her to fame as the legendary queen of rock It is a stunning panorama of the turbulent decade when Joplin s was the rallying voice of a generatiElectrifying, highly acclaimed, and intensely personal, this new and updated version of Myra Friedman s classic biography of Janis Joplin teems with dramatic insights into Joplin s genius and into the chaotic times that catapulted her to fame as the legendary queen of rock It is a stunning panorama of the turbulent decade when Joplin s was the rallying voice of a generation that lost itself in her music and found itself in her words.From her small hometown of Port Arthur, Texas, to San Francisco s Haight Ashbury, from the intimate coffeehouses to the supercharged concert halls, from the glitter of worldwide fame to her tragic end in a Hollywood hotel, here is all the fire and anguish of an immortal, immensely talented, and troubled performer who devoured everything the rock scene had to offer in a fatal attempt to make peace with herself and her era Yet, in an eloquent introduction recently written by the author, Joplin emerges from her ugly duckling childhood as a woman truly ahead of her time, an outrageous rebel, a defiant outcast and artist of incomparable authenticity who, almost in spite of herself, became to so many a symbol of triumph over adversity.This edition also contains an afterword detailing the whereabouts of a large and colorful cast of characters who were part of Joplin s life, as well as We Remember Janis, a new chapter of poignant and affectionate anecdotes told by friends.

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    1. Many of the false and fanciful notions I had about Janis Joplin were formed after watching Bette Midler’s rendition of her life in the movie, The Rose. In the midst of a large project involving photographs of my family in the 1960s, I came to this book seeking answers to questions that had arisen during my research. It was the lack of mention about the information I sought that brought me greater understanding in the end. Specifically, I wanted to know if Joplin ever recorded the song "The Ros [...]

    2. Read for my Women's Lit class at Alma. Meant to be a study of the biographer's emphasis of certain aspects of a pioneering woman’s life; but as a junior English major who was not very well read at all, I seriously couldn’t think of anyone. I remember hearing “Bobbie McGee” playing at a party or on the radio and thought, “Hey, there’s my assignment. That’ll work, and I’ll get to read about Janis.” And it is actually quite true – despite the fact that admittedly I was looking f [...]

    3. Buried Alive was originally published in 1973, less than three years after Janis Joplin's death. As her publicist and personal friend, Friedman cannot and should never be expected to be objective or unbiased in her account of Janis's life. While it is impossible to remove any writer from their subjective place in the world, it remains an absurd demand of any biographer who is as close to their subject as Friedman was. Once the writer makes their place in the story clear, it is irresponsible for [...]

    4. O livro é muito interessante, porque é escrito por uma amiga muito próxima de Janis. Sua história é triste é linda.Achei a tradução ruim e o livro tem erros de digitação recorrentes.

    5. Where do I begin with this one? When I noticed this book on the library e-book website I was excited. I was sure that a story about a celebrity that was "larger than life" would make for a good read. A book about Janis Joplin? A no brainier, right? How could you go wrong? Well, here's how:First of all, the book read more like a text book to me rather than a novel. There was so much information ( a lot of it with little relevance) just thrown on the pages that it was almost chaotic to me. I think [...]

    6. I had a bit of difficulty getting into this book at first. To me, the author came off as almost bitter.Skimming over the big events of the sixties, such as Monterey, I was starting to wonder what was the point.Just as I was beginning to wonder if I'd even get through it, as I was becoming certain the story was more about the author than Janis, it turned a corner. From that point on, I was intrigued.The author knew a softer, gentler and more ambitious side to Janis than what is usually thought. I [...]

    7. Of all the rockers who died young -- including Jimi Hendrix -- Janis Joplin has always been my favorite. This biography of her, written by her publicist and close friend, says explicitly what we already know from Joplin's music: that she was a tortured soul who had many, many demons. What's incredible with Joplin was that she was able to channel all that heartache to create something beautiful and lasting, which most people plagued by the self-doubts that she had are, obviously, are unable to do [...]

    8. It's been over 30 years since I read this book but I loved it when I read it and would consider reading it again. I recently saw a documentary on Janis Joplin which refreshed my memory regarding this book.

    9. This book is a bible for each and every Janis Joplin fans! Myra Friedman lets you know everything there is to know about this fantastic musician. Very up close and personal!

    10. Great story and detailed description of Janis Joplin's life and misery. Truly showed her emotions and the despair and loneliness she felt.

    11. Quise leer este libro a raíz de haber leído sobre él en Mujeres que corren con lobos y por estar interesada en Janis Joplin. Según este libro es una buena biografía, a diferencia de la mayoría.La edición es de los años 70, y la traducción la verdad deja un poco que desear, debido a algunas interpretaciones literales. Es posible que el original en inglés también tenga una lectura un poco caótica.Por lo demás es bastante interesante conocer como fueron su vida personal y su vida artí [...]

    12. The best book to know the real and tormented Janis Joplin. A little confusing, mixing dates. I´ve read the Spanish version and the translation is not very good

    13. I think the author Myra Friedman did a great job writing buried alive biography book about Janis Joplin, mostly because she did know Janis personally, the biography talks about how she grew up in Port Arthur, TX and how much of a rebellious teen she was. it also talks about how she became the amazing singer she was. she was such a free spirit and this biography really tells you about that. I think Myra Friedman wrote this biography because she wanted to tell the world about what are amazing pers [...]

    14. Oddly (since I read this book) I was never really a Joplin fan. I liked some of her musicund humor in the use of her "Lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz" in a Mercedes Benz commercial, was conscious of her as an artist, was aware of her as one of the 4 who died '69 through '71 (Brian Jones, Jim Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and Joplin). I wasn't however one who really cared for the majority of her music, or the style of music she represented. I was however touched by the tragedy and waste of/in her [...]

    15. Janis Joplin was one of the most compelling figures of the 1960's. Her unforgettable voice and stage presence made her an electrifying performer and her lifestyle epitomized the ethos of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. In this biography, her publicist, Myra Friedman sets out to tell the full story of this woman who so personified what many people think the 60's were all about. Friedman paints a picture of Janis as a tragic figure chronically misunderstood; perpetually seeking love and acceptance [...]

    16. As an insider-outsider in Janis Joplin's terribly short life and career,Myra Friedman brings a bracing mix of skepticism and affection to the world of rock and roll, circa late Sixties. She offers a convincing portrait of a woman trying to find herself as an artist while battling a host of private demons. Joplin comes across as a stormy, endlessly needy and demanding personality, wounded by early rejection and all too willing to play into the hot mama stereotype presented to her by the sexist cu [...]

    17. 1st Read: July 9, 1996 - October 28, 1996 (** Rating) Another book which took a long time to read. I could relate with Janis' disposition a lot. Overall, it wasn't a bad book. 2nd Read: July 23, 2017 - July 26, 2017 (*** Rating) Absorbed myself into this one at every break at work and at home before bed. Enjoyed it very much this time around. I saw a lot of similarities to Jim Morrison in Janis and I believe all she really needed - more than love - was a psychiatrist and someone to keep her spir [...]

    18. Let me start by saying Janis is my hero. idol. Not because of her choices in her drug use but because she was "herself". This book was an awesome look into her life and it was believable as it comes from someone who was close to her and there in friendship and business matters. Having said all that it was written way to formally for me. I loved what I was being told but the words left me trying to figure out what exactly was being said. I am a pretty intelligent person and mostly was able to fig [...]

    19. I borrowed this book thinking it was one I read as a kid and my Grandma threw in trash because it had lesbianism in it and drugs.n't remember what the title was I got half way through and really thought this biography was stupid and contradictory. Plus the version I got Was all messed up and I literally had to guess as to what the words were.e font didn't transfer to overdrive I guess. Total waste of time And then all of a sudden like 3 ppl were on the list to borrow itwow. It talked about the t [...]

    20. I think this book reveals more than Peggy's. I mean, there are Janis's conversations with her doctors! Myra has no the slightest respect for Janis! I don't think she would have like it. I know Peggy's book show some of her sexual secrets, but remember that even Janis "tried" to create a sexual image of herself. Anyway, I can't say this book is bad, because it is not at all. I think that it would be much better if Myra had not put her personals thoughts on it. I recommend read some others biograp [...]

    21. Myra Friedman had mountains of knowledge, both personal and professional, about Janis Joplin, and did a good job illuminating a sad, crazy, charismatic life. I just wish she had shown more than told about Janis' personal experiences both on and off stage. A little more interaction both sexual and personal, with her friends, colleagues, lovers and fans would have added tremendously to my understanding of this touching, talented woman.Being of that age I loved the fervor and excitement she brought [...]

    22. It was a very interesting read. Myra may have known Janis better than anyone so it is fitting that she should write Janis' biography. It wasn't the most well-written book, but Myra did a great job capturing the real Janis Joplin. I wished she would have expressed more of her feelings about Janis' death at the end. I wanted to know more about what happened after her death as well. I thought it ended very abruptly. Great, interesting read though.

    23. Buried Alive is a moving and disturbing account of Janis Joplin's life. Written by her publicist, who knew Janis well, this book definitely shines a spotlight on Janis' erratic behavior and personality. I was somewhat disappointed that the author glossed over Woodstock and Janis' participation there. However, it was well written and filled with personal observations and experiences with Janis as she traveled to stardom.

    24. More in the vein of a memoir than of a biography Buried Alive does a really good job of telling Janis' story. Too many reviewers have an idealized notion of who Janis was but Friedman lived through much of it and doesn't wear the rose-colored glasses the others do. She brings out the person behind the personna, a characteristic that's key to a good biography. I thought it worthy of three stars but Friedman's setting aside the conventional idol worship earned the fourth.

    25. Written by a woman who knew Janis well, Buried Alive is a harrowing account of the short career. Though brilliant, Joplin was a profoundly unhappy person. She, nevertheless, left an unmatched legacy. Friedman introduces music lovers to the woman who was tender, vivacious and, at the same time, self-destrictive. A moving and honest portrait.

    26. This is another sell out bio with not much substance - lots of filler about the times, not much actual detail. Sam Andrew has stated as such and he would know. Go for Alice Echols as the definitive, David Dalton for the every day functioning on the road, Echols or Ellis for interviews with the key players. 9 feb 20156 dec 2015

    27. The amazon reviews of this book are very disdainful, but the reviews here seem a bit more positive. Hmm. Well, I'll give it a go----------------------------------------------I'd say this is the most evocative biography of Janis Joplin I've read. But it's also the most negative. So I'm torn.

    28. This was a well written account of Janis Joplin's life written by someone who knew her.It contained interesting information. The author did not glorify her. She told the good, the bad, and the ugly.I found it to be a bit wordy at times. I did have moments when I couldn't put it down, but I also felt like it took forever to get to the point.

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